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Anupama 18th August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Anupama 18th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Anupama gets nervous imagining Kinjal and Dholakia in 2 colleagues sitting in Vanraj’s cafe. Bank executive insists her to sign the business loan documents soon or else it will take 25-30 days to get the loan approval. Anu questions him about EMI. He explains her about fixed and floating interest rate. She signs the documents. He says she will get the loan in 4-5 days. Anu returns home and informs that she signed loan documents. Vanraj asks if she read the documents first. Anu nods yes as executive told it will take 25-30 days else, she wanted him or Bapuji present there though. Vanraj says he had to buy groceries for cafe. Samar says their property tax problem will be solved. Baa asks what happened to Kinjal. Vanraj asks if Dholakia misbehaved with Kinjal as he usually tries to molest and insult women in open. Anu sits silently. Vanraj realizing Dholika really misbehaved with Kinjal gets angry and holding a hockey stick heads to punish Dholakia. Anu stops him. He says he will not spare a rogue who dared to misbehave with his daughter. Anu says they will punish Dholakia not just physically but in sa more severe way. Baa, Mamaji, Pakhi say they should break Dholakia’s extremities first. Anu continues explaining her reasoning when Kinjal walks in and asks why did she inform family about it. Anu asks why not, her whole family is with her as its not her mistake. Vanraj says he will not spare Dholakia. Kinjal says he doesn’t want to exaggerate the issue as society will shame her instead. Nandini says its called victim blaming. Anu explains with many examples why victim shouldn’t be blamed and asks Kinjal not to worry when her whole family is supporting her. Pakhi informs how the boy who had insulted her once fears since Anu punished him, etc. Mamaji and Baa comments next. Read Full Written Episode

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Online Anupama Written All Episodes Updates

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