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Anupama 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Anupama 23rd August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Episode Start: Baa thinks Anu will prepare rakhi and she will prepare sweets. She then thinks she is a saas/MIL and should prepare sweet with her bahu/DIL. She calls Kavya. Kavya asks if she called her and why she is so sweet today. Baa after much talk says they both will prepare sweets for rakshabandhan. Kavya denies and walks away. Nandini then sees Anu making rakhi out of a thread and chats with her. Anu asks her to check with Samar if her business loan amount is transferred in her account. Nandini asks her to relax as money will be transferred. Anu thinks there won’t be any nazar/evil eyes on her family. Samar returns tensed and inorms her that money is disbursed from bank but not transferred into her account. Anu walks to Vanraj’s cafe. Vanraj gets a call that his cafe chef Vinod met with an accident and rushes to hospital. Anu panics thinking how can she make such a big mistake. Samar calms her down. She asks him to call Bapuji. He tries and informs that Bapuji’s phone is switched off. She vomits in tension and he serves her water. He then asks what will they do now. She says hiding truth is like lying, they need to inform everyone whatever the consequences are. Read 23rd August Full Written Episode

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Online Anupama Written All Episodes Updates

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