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Episode Start: Shiva tells Sidhi that Akka Bai had gotten the video of that accident so she could threaten me whenever she wanted. This video will prove that I was innocent, I will be free from Akka Bai’s clutches and she can’t hurt Sonal. Sidhi says what if Akka Bai leaves Sonal? Shiva says if I have to become her servant then I will for my sister, I will do anything she asks me if she leaves my sister alone, will you be with me? Sidhi says always and holds his hands. Yashwant thinks my kids will have to separate, why God? Sidhi talks to Vailash and says I can’t let Shiva become Akka Bai’s servant again, you just have to do your duty now. Vailash says how will you do all this alone? Sidhi says just trust me, I will make everything fine. Akka Bai asks Bhavin to keep an eye on Sarkar and make sure he does nothing with her. I just want Shiva under my wing again, I want my power back and then I will get Sarkar married to Sonal. Sidhi arrives there. Akka Bai is stunned. Sidhi says I have an offer for you. Akka Bai says I don’t trust you so I don’t want to listen. Sidhi says if anything happens to Sonal then Shiva will burn down your politics, he would most probably kill Sarkar, you would lose Shiva forever. I know you are dying to get Shiva back but if anything happens to his sister then your plan would fail. So I suggest that you free Sonal and I will trade her place. I am standing in front of you so do anything you want, just leave Sonal. Akka Bai says you thought you would say all this and I would agree? She asks Bhavin to take her away. Sidhi says you thought I came empty-handed? If you don’t leave Sonal in 20 minutes then the inspector would release the CCTV which proves that Shiva is innocent. When the whole village knows the truth then your politics would go down the drain, I know your power is everything to you. When everyone knows that you exploited Shiva and lied to everybody then you will lose all power. So just leave Sonal. Akka Bai says if you have the proof against me then why are you still here? Sidhi says because I love Shiva, our marriage was fake but my love is not. Leave Sonal otherwise the people will stop trusting you. Bai shakes her hand and asks Bhavin to call Sarkar. Vailash locks Shiva in the room and gives him Sidhi’s letter. He reads that she would stop Akka Bai, she would save Sonal. We are together in this so I will stop her now. Sonal comes back home. All rush to her. Shiva asks if she is fine? She nods. He asks where is Sidhi? She says I don’t know, I didn’t meet her. Akka Bai called Sarkar and asked him to leave me. Shiva says what deal she must have done with Bai? Vijiya says the jewelry is missing from the locker. Shiva says maybe Sidhi wants me to do something. Scene 2 Shiva tells Jalwa that we have to do this together. She must have gone to Akka Bai’s house. he comes to Bai’s house and looks around. The men don’t allow him inside. He finds a bangle in the garden. Shiva says Sidhi is showing me hints, she wants me to work with her as a team. Sarkar and Bai bring Sidhi to their warehouse. Bai says you will die here and Shiva would think you left him. I will kill you here. Sidhi says you act smart but the death is near you. You might be smart but you can’t hurt me even if you tried. Bai says what are you saying? Shiva enters there following Sidhi’s hints. Sarkar points the gun at Sidhi and asks Shiva to not move at all. Shiva says don’t hurt her. A gunshot is fired and Sidhi falls down. Shiva rushes to her but it’s Bai that got shot as Sidhi pushed Sarkar away from Shiva. Shiva sees Bai lying on the ground and says I was yours so why did you have to do this? The inspector takes Sarkar away. Shiva holds unconscious Sidhi in his arms and says I love you a lot, nothing will happen to you. Shiva is holding Sidhi’s hand in the bed. All family members are there. Sidhi wakes up so all are happy and leave to pray. Shiva smiles at Sidhi and thinks if she heard me confessing my love? Sidhi asks what is he thinking? Shiva says so much happened between us, I don’t care about troubles but when I saw you in trouble. When I saw you fine, I had my life back. Sidhi says we always mistrusted each other. Shiva says I never tried to clear things with you. Sidhi says it’s not your fault, I kept blaming you for thing you didn’t do. Shiva says I heard what you didn’t say. Sidhi thinks if he knows about my love? Shiva says yes, we will talk about love. He calls Soni and says you like Kiran right? I will accept him for you. Soni hugs Sidhi and leaves happily. Sidhi smiles at Shiva and says I know what your heart is saying. She caresses his face and says I love you a lot, I can’t stay away from you anymore. Shiva gets emotional and says I love you too. They hug each other tightly. Sidhi lies in his arms. In the morning, all family members pray in the mandir. Shiva tells the family that Sarkar and Bai got arrested. Sidhi prays to always be with Shiva. He holds her hand. Soni is there with Kiran. Mangala says my both kids are happy now. Episode End.
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