Beyhad 2 March 2020 Written Episode Update: To Kill Maya Addiction?

Without Maya Rudra, writing a Maya coloring book coloring book and Maya Rudra Roy’s writing is incomplete. Ananya says that there is no need for her and she goes with the staff. Maya tells Rudra: “I’m sorry, I can’t imagine anything without you. Rudra says of his life, his book, his love. She always says and hugs him. Nandini tries to change Antara’s medicine. Antara returns to her friend talking on the phone that her gym instructor doesn’t come, so she returns home. She sees Nandini outside her room and asks what she is doing here. Nandini says in panic that she disappeared into this big house and left. Antara was entering her room to show how strange she is. She jumps into her anxiety pills and coughs. Peering through the door and looking at the real pill bottle.

Rudra knocks on the door and asks Maya in her cabin, can she come in? She says sorry What he says .. This is his cabin. She says she made him his boss. He says he has planned a big launch of his book with media advertising, etc. Maya says thank you but no thanks. He reminds her of the dialogue that she does not sell her own business. She laughed He says he has arranged for a journalist to cover his story and called his cousin Aditya. Eddie walks in and introduces himself. Rudra says Eddie is a great investigative journalist and he is obliged to expose any irregularities. Rajiv walks in next and turns to Eddie and sees that he has to go through Maya’s manager, that’s it. Adi asks Maya if she can go on a coffee date. She says with certainty. Rudra took it to show him the office. Maya scolds Rajiv because he does not know that Adi is an investigative journalist; if he finds out the truth and informs Rudar he will hate him, she cannot lose Rudar.

Antara walks over to Nandini and asks if she has changed her medicine, if Maya has planned it. Nandini says this is not Maya’s plan, she exchanged pills with vitamin E. Antara snatched a bottle of medicine. The show slipped. The expert entered with Ruder and stopped and asked him what happened. Nandini says her pal was caught between her legs and she slipped. Maya takes her along. Ruder asks Antara what happened? Antara went on to ask if he didn’t hear what Nandini said. Maya asked Nandini if ​​Ruder’s mother had abused her. Nandini says she told her sari to get stuck. Rudra enters Nandini with ice cream and encourages her to flirt with her. He asks if he is happy in this house, his mother .. Nandini says he is fine until Rudra comes to her. Rudra left to make a call. Nandini tells Maya that Rudra is one of millions. Rudra changes people’s destiny, Maya says.

Eddie informs Rudar that Rajiv called and told that Maya refused to be interviewed. Rudra says he will talk to her. Adi stops him and says that sometimes deep wounds hide people from the world, and until the wounds are healed, Maya will become restless. Ruder says he’s fine. Eddie says there is a way to heal him, share his wounds with him and reveal how he feels after Rishi’s death. Ruder says he’s fine. Eddie asks why he doesn’t take her to his peaceful place and shares her sadness, happiness, everything with her. Ruder said good idea, thanks.

Rudra bandages Maya and rushes her to the room. Maya asks where she is taking him. He only tells to listen. Mishi was shocked to hear Rashi’s voice and opened his eyes. She watches the video talking about Rishi’s Maya. Rudra says that before he came to Maya’s life, Rishi was a pain, a laugh and a laugh. Rishi knew how to hide pain or life, Adi says. Rudra says that Rishi was his life before he entered Mashi’s life, so Adi advised him to show his world. Rishi is no longer there, but his memories are here. He reminded Ruder of his temperament, his miscreants, and so on. Adi also gets emotional reminiscences spent with Rishi. Rudra says Rushi was his pain medicine, but a major wound remained in his heart forever. He wanted Maya to meet Rishi. Eddie says that if she had met Rishi before, she would have loved him. Maya reminded Rashi’s words and shed tears. Adi asked why she was crying. Rudra says Rashi was so lively that he would make room in everyone’s heart, Maya worked with Rishi for a few days and hugged him. Adi says that whoever killed his rishi should lose loved ones and he should realize what has been lost to loved ones. Maya looks at him angrily. Eddie says E!

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