beyhad written episode updates 6th March 2020

beyhad written episode updates Starting the event with the reception of Maya’s new grandfather Ras Rasool, when he steps into his father-in-law, he makes a Rudra Gilt Kalash and steps into Kamkal Thali and steps into his house.
The abusive states are made for the bride .Maya says that the relationship is in the middle .So it applies to Ottum and he was entering the house for the first time after the marriage.

Rudra also spread new bed sheets along with Maya .. They have romantic moments … The scenes play the Bijie Song drama.

“Thy Tsang Yara Happy Color Bhara” Attara threw a joke that she didn’t apologize to for Maya. Saddam raid Maya MJ will have to find another way to return to Rudder. MJ warns Antara .Rudra sleeps after a long romantic moment with Maya.

beyhad written episode updates Maya and Ruder are sleeping comfortably Maya holds a horrible knife near her sleep, whose neck makes a video call to MJN more than her beloved son.
MJ retracted, saying that he had snatched Ruder from MJ, but she couldn’t do any harm to her son, Ruder. She loved it so much.
Maya says she has a lot of love and a lot of hate. She was better able to do anything than wait for the one who wins stupid love or stupid hate.

After the call is cut, she kisses Rudra, and whispers that if she dares to scratch anyone, she will end the world. That hanging sleeping rod.

The next morning, MJ had a chef-like breakfast. Allowing Rishi to go to allow Ryan to go for Antara.
At breakfast she offers him a letter. Antara is shocked to read. She is surprised to find that these were divorce papers. MJ says he has already signed on. He orders her to sign it. Your protest.

Antara cries over the divorce papers signed by MJ and says that he is his wife. MJ says she was the mother of her children but has no children in their home. Antara pleads that he should not divorce her and she can accept whatever she wants. MJ cups her face and asks her if she’s sure about it. She cries and says yes. MJ lighter up lighter.

Maya forces Rudin to wake up and thinks she’s fine: she has plans for another Mrs Roy. She smiles

beyhad written episode updates Prep: Antara comes to Maya’s house. She starts singing “Aayemeherban”. Ananya tells Aditya that Maya is dangerous. Later Maya threatens Ananya not to come between her and Rudor. The litter sees them.

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