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MJ speaks of the old owner of the house. Vikram asks him if he is speaking about Maya Ji. Look at the coincidence. She also seems like a big fan of you. When I bought this place I got photos, articles and lots of things. What is the matter? MJ takes it one step further. Maya is mine. Vikram completes his sentence. Girlfriend, lover? He must be really special. MJ asks him when he has bought this house. Vikram says that I bought it long ago but had not changed earlier due to the mid-term examination of my children. Please meet my family Maya hides. Vikram calls his imaginary children and then says that the children are busy with iPads these days. He welcomes MJ but MJ refuses. Do you know where Maya can be? Vikram replies that he is not sure but he has heard that he has shifted to a big house nearby. Please let me know if you find him. I would like to meet him also. So many people ask for it. She seems very famous. MJ shakes head and leaves. Vikram closed the door. Maya breathed a sigh of relief. This is not your time MJ, but I promise you that we will meet soon.

MJ sits in his car. Aamir says that I knew she would not come here. He is very fast. She will not hide in her house. She knows that we will come looking for her. MJ says he is only here. Now she will come out on her own. Aamir is taken in the hands. how?

Maya and Vikram begin their romantic dinner with wine. Maya says that ideally we eat sweets at the end but we are different. We will start with sweets. He offers her one. He is about to take a bite, but stops. What if poison is added to sweets? She falls silent. He says that this is the better way. He is abhaya. He says that I love you very much so that I can also eat poison for you. He eats sweets by staring him in the eye. He immediately starts swinging and falls to the floor. Maya looks like. Vikram asks her if he wants to run away after killing her. However how would this happen? Only I have a license to kill myself. Even after I die, you will stay here with me. Who wants to die though? I want to be with you He puts some medicine in his arm and grabs a glass of wine. Do you remember everything right? She refuses. he gets angry. You talk about faith, yet you do not trust that your Vikram may have some brains! When you died you went to visit your mother. You cried there! I was watching everything. In the flashback, Vikram is seen with Maya’s blood-soaked footprints near Maya’s body. Do you know why I shut you down? I want you to run outside and see what I want you to see but then you saw it! She stands Another flashback shows Vikram locking Maya in the bathroom.

Vikram asks Maya if this was her secret recipe. When you add lots of seeds it becomes poison. I had seen it and understood your plan. In the flashback, Vikram sees Maya secretly grinding apple seeds (when he referenced the crime show). He repeats his line. Crime shows are very funny. Do you know when i realized it? This was when MJ came here. If you have not recovered your memory, you will be called for help immediately. He calls his imaginary children outside and hides Maya. I only saw hatred in your eyes at that time. I then understood that you remembered everything. Maya says you killed my mother. He denied. He cut his wrist on his own. She thought she would save you after killing herself. The parents are weird. If she was alive she would have been happy but she wanted to listen! What can be done now! She tries to go back but he forcibly grabs her. She is not here because she came between us. Whoever tries to come among us will die! Do you want to leave me and go back to that Rudra? Do you think he still loves you? He gets emotional thinking about Rudra. Title track play. Vikram says that I will show you his love since the day you shot his father. He shows her a video. He overhears Rudra saying that he will kill her if he ever comes to know that she is alive. She breaks down.

Vikram wears his glasses. Hatred is a very bad thing. You cannot change the feeling after it develops. Even after what you did to me, I never hated you. I have always loved you. You keep thinking about Rudra though. Nobody loves me like you. Choose me I can die for you and I can even kill someone for you!

The MJ burns a paper under the fire sensor to trigger a fire alarm. The alarm starts ringing. Vikram tells Maya to come. MJ says come Maya. I am waiting for you Maya suddenly stops on her tracks which enrages Vikram. Can’t you hear the alarm? Maya says that it is not fire but MJ. No empty handed after he came here

MJ and Aamir watch all the residents evacuate the building. Vikram walks out of the stairs holding a child. There is a woman right next to him. MJ and Aamir sit in the car when they see a paper on the mirror. MJ picks it up. Do you think I’ll wait for you? Now I am the wind that can go in any direction. You will neither be able to see me nor stop me. I will be right in front of you, yet you will not be able to do anything. He tore the paper and leaves it in his car. Vikram smiled. He thinks about how he helped a woman take her child down. You are a very smart princess. You were very right about MJ. I am sure he will not come back in search of you after this message sent by me. He will think that you quit. The epi ends on Maya’s face.

PRECAP: Maya turns Vikram on her side. There are some sinners who hurt your princess. He hugs her. Just tell me their names. I’ll kill them one by one. He takes the name of MJ. He took everything away from me. Vikram says that they will all die. After his death I will give you another gift by killing Rudra! She angrily holds him by his collar.

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