Beyhadh 2 Written Update Episode 18th March 2020.

Beyhadh 2 Written Update Episode 18th March 2020.

Beyhadh 2 Written Update Maya opens her eyes and gets a glimpse of Ruder. He didn’t see Maya and went with Aamir. Vikram rested Maya on the bed. How could I find Ruder again? If you had seen it, you would have had difficulties again. Nevertheless, I always promised to protect you! In a flashback, Vikram and Maya show up practicing martial arts. He held her lightly from his neck but he held her firmly and defeated her. When he tried to lift her, he held her hand. I left my heart too. This defeat is such a small thing! Will you marry me and become Mrs Maya Singh? I promise I will not let you have any problems. Will you be my princess, she happily holds her hand. He hugged her. Flashback ends. Vikram says that I trusted you very much. I love you so much but you are playing games with me Why did you use me, princess? In another flashback, Maya and Vikram are shown signing their wedding papers. He gives her their wedding gift. They thanked him. Flashback ends. Vikram says my fear is enough for both of us. I will always keep you safe.

Amir and Ruder are in the ruins where they find Maya’s car. Umair tells him that he is wasting his time here, but Ruder refuses to leave until he finds a clue. The sniffer dog found a mobile phone. Umair offers to know who this phone belongs to.

Vikram opened a box and emotionally grabbed his wedding dress. In the flashback she is shown walking out of the washroom on a wedding night, but Maya disappears.

The next morning, Vikram says I have waited for years to become one for us. Now no one can stop us from being together.

Ruder asks Aamir, whose phone is this? Amir says he belongs to a VJ Singh. Ruder thinks about Maya’s full name.

Vikram wheels in Maya. She looks at her shoes in the shoe rack and then thinks about the shoes she saw yesterday (Ruder’s). Do you have a pair of blue shoes? He refused. She tells him nothing else.

Roder tells Aamir that he wants the full details of this VJ Singh. Seamless 2 Written Episode

Maya has a headache. Vikram assured her that she would recover. I am your medicine We will once again make memories that you have forgotten. She looks restless. He helps her sit on the bed. Let’s start again. Will you be my princess again? He held her hand. He kissed her hand and said, “I love you.” He closed the door of the room inside and is near to kissing. Maya again experienced some glow and removed it. Please don’t do that. He says I am your husband. We have done it before. She says I don’t remember anything. He takes off his glasses. You can’t or you don’t want to? She tells him to understand. All I needed was an angry knock at the door. I can’t wait any longer. How much longer should I wait? I’m waiting for you to come to your senses. When I open my eyes, I want to be the first.

I can’t wait any longer. I love you maya she tells him to leave her It hurts her to realize that she is her husband. I have a right for you, he swallowed her with one hand and grabbed her with the other. He let her go into shock. The brightness of her past is disturbing her. Walking into the room, Vikram said. Maya shook there.

Seeing a picture of Ruder R Shea I’m sorry bro. MJ Potts on his head. It fools us all. Not your fault. Rudra says I’m wrong. I was so blinded by his love that I couldn’t see anything. I fell into his trap. You even showed me a picture of him but I chose to trust him. You told me that you doubt it, yet I blamed you. I’m sorry Dad, I won’t let you complain to Dad anymore. I will kill Maya with my own hands. Ruder, who loved Maya, is dead. Rudra takes revenge for her brother’s death. I’ll ask the reason behind doing this once before! MJ says there could be no greater cause for Rashi’s death. Rudra says it is Maya’s death. Until I kill, I will not be comfortable, but I will definitely ask why he did it all!

Maya woke up and took notice of decorating her room with balloons. Vikram fired a balloon to get his attention. He has a sorry note for him when he explodes on many of them. Each balloon carries the same sorry note. He tossed a balloon hanging from the chandelier on top of it. Notes fall off. She wakes them up. “What I apologized for would not be enough,” he says. She explains that she just needs some time. I do not know the Maya you love. I need some time now He held her hand. Take as much time as you want. All my life is yours. They thank him.Beyhadh 2 Written Update Episode 18th March 2020.

Beyhadh 2 Written Update Episode 18th March 2020. Ruder looks at his note. She deliberately turned towards Rajiv

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