Beyhadh 2 23th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Beyhadh 2 23th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Maya cannot associate anything with Rajiv. who was that? What was he saying? She decides to investigate with security. He tries to dial the security but finds that the wire connection has been cut. How was Vikram talking to security? She tries to go outside but is greeted by Vikram at the gate. He stumbled where you were going. I was scared and thought to find you. He hugs her. You do not need to be afraid. The police has taken the man with him. Relax The doctor has advised you not to walk too much. Will you have Chef Vikram’s Special Coffee? shook her head. He goes down. Maya sits on the floor and opens a pool. Vikram looks suspiciously. He comes to the room. What are you looking for in this trunk? She says that I thought of changing. He points to their wardrobe. He asks about lehenga. He shared that this is his wedding toss. He helps her stand up. First drink coffee. She drinks it but begins to feel uncomfortable. What was in the coffee? He says it has hazelnuts. She says that I am allergic to nuts. Take my anti allergy medicine. He starts looking for medicine but cannot find it. He vomited. He asks her if she is okay? She asks for some time alone. He reluctantly leaves. Maya thinks of Vikram’s story of his accident and tells him to this day. She starts writing something on a piece of paper.

The next morning, Maya comes down while Vikram is cooking. He asks her if she needs anything. You can tell me. She assures him that she is fine. She is hiding a diary behind her back. He tells him that nothing will happen to the nuts in this house, so I was cleaning. She offers to cook for him. She shows him a list. I’ll bring him. He takes the list from her and goes to fetch it. She wonders how he is unaware of her allergies if he loves her so much. He starts scanning his study for some clues. He finds the white blood stained Kirti that Vikram had beaten and placed on Rudra’s face. It feels strange on touching it.

Vikram is running. Maya picked up a bag. As he ejects the bag from mistakes, the material leaks out. A laptop was found inside him.

Vikram realizes that he has left his wallet at home in excitement.

Maya tries to open Vikram’s wallet. He is able to unlock it with the password princess. Vikram is in the lift. Maya opens a cupboard and Rajiv’s body falls on her. His recent meeting runs in his mind.

Vikram shouts inside the house while Maya is still in shock. Vikram looks around for Maya. He runs upstairs. Maya is shivering and biting her eyes. He goes outside thinking that she is sleeping. He comes to his study to pick up his wallet but then finds a piece of cloth peeping through the door of the cupboard. He opens it. Rajiv stands in the complete opposite direction of how Vikram kept him.

Maya’s mother is thinking about Maya. It’s been so many days that I don’t even know if you’re alright or not. You have done a lot. God, whom you have trusted so much, is testing you today. You used to save me from the world but I am nothing without you today. I am sure Rudra must be looking for you. I pray that both Rudra and you are safe together. Your mother is waiting for you Maya.

MJ says that I can feel his presence. Ananya’s father says that you will keep on feeling. You know that if Rudra finds Maya, our 10-year-old secrets will end. MJ says that Rudra’s hatred is his weakness. Antara said that Rudra would never forgive his brother’s killer. MJ assured his friend that he would deal with things. Ananya’s father says that thankfully, Rudra sent Ananya to London. If she comes between us! MJ says it won’t. I’ll find him before that!

Vikram comes back to the bedroom and hummus. He pats Maya’s head. You know everything now, princess. He startled.

Precap :Vikram holds Maya. It will be perfect afternoon. He kills her using a wine bottle, pan. He tries to follow her but she pushes him and runs out of the house. She comes to the basement and is shocked to see her mother there.

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