Beyhadh 2 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Maya lost her mother, reminding her again

Vikram is now Maya asks why she is crying. You know, when I see you with tears, I also cry. He tells her to look with his own eyes. Maya says that you call me a princess but you have locked me here like an animal. Would you do that to your loved one? He says sorry He opens his chains and kisses his hand. She asks him to prove his love for her. Vikram says that I love you very much but I will not let you go out. Sorry she says I don’t want to but needs someone else. Send that man who touched me or scared me away. It hurts me a lot. He assures her that nothing that hurts her will be anywhere near her. He kissed her on the forehead and said, “Don’t worry. Maya breathed a sigh of relief as she watched him go.

Vikram touched Maya’s mother’s feet. Are you okay? She pushes herself back in fear. Maya writes help on a paper, puts some stones in it so it can be heavy. Rudra picks up from the sunroof. Aamir follows his gaze. Why are we waiting under the Maya building? “I think Maya is somewhere,” Rudra said. Amir says that we both know that he is smarter than that. She will not hide in her old building. Maya threw the paper down. It landed directly on the rudder car. They pick up the paper and look confused. Maya comes in when seen. Rudra is convinced that someone needs help, but Aamir says he may be a kid. It is not Maya. She is not weak to seek help from anyone. We went up. We saw that there was no one there. Maya wrote another note. Amar points in children playing nearby. Rudra understands in Aamir’s words. Maya throws another letter but she doesn’t care about anyone on earth. She tries to open the door to her room but is locked outside. Before leaving, Vikram had deliberately stopped using the room key. She draws a picture on the outside, picks up a thin wire, and manages to open the door. The key is to picture without sound. She’s going down. Her mother is scared but Maya tells her to be quiet. Us right away. Must go. His mother tries to get up but comes down.

Vikram is dragging Rajiv’s body for study.

Maya’s mother tells Maya that she can’t go anywhere. I have no power I am badly injured. Protect yourself Please go

Vikram puts Rajiv’s body in a freezer.

Maya refuses to leave her mother alone. She hid behind the sofa, hearing the sound of Vikram’s footsteps approaching. Maya’s mother puts the cloth back on her mouth and puts her hands behind her back to show that she is still tied. Vikram goes upstairs but then he goes to Maya’s mother. How many principles would you break? Now Maya has also understood that she has to listen to me. Now I will do something after which you will understand my point. When he lifts the knife by Maya’s mother, he begins to move upwards. He has been bounced. You will suffer She says that I will not let my daughter weaken in front of you nor become her weakness. My daughter knows what to do with it. She looks at Maya who is shaking her head. Maya’s mother snatched her wrist. Maya was stunned while Vikram kept watching silently. She is close to Maya’s mother. You do not care for your daughter, he touches her hand but makes a face when his hands are splashed on his hands. You did what I had to do more. I just had a dead body and I have to clean your blood right now. I want to meet Maya too. Let me meet her first. I’ll pack you right in later.

Maya looks at her mother’s wrist and is reminded of Rishi’s death. She regains her memory. She looks at her mother and remembers calling him Rudra. She cries.

Precap: Maya grabbed Vikram from his neck and hit him. why did you do this? You don’t trust me at all, right? How love can blossom in the absence of trust? It may be that I do not understand your methods, but I do see love in your eyes. He held her. We will now live as normal as a normal couple. He shook his head. I’ll make a special dessert for you. They hug (and the old Maya is back!)

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