Twinj : It’s Always Been You: Episode 19

Hello to everyone! Thank you all for your love, my stories are roasting with you all! Happy reading! Twinj : It’s Always Been...
episode 25 on multidesiupdates

Twinj : My Lifeline : Episode 25

Hello to everyone! Ananya here Thank you so much for all your love and affection for my stories, especially this one, which I know has grown close...

Mahabharata : Unknown Stories of the Mahabharata Characters (Part 7)

Today I am going to tell the story of the birth of Shantanu's second queen Satyavati. According to Harivamsa, in her previous birth, Satyavati...
Ishq Aaj Kal (Love These Days) - Episode 8 (The Prank)

Ishq Aaj Kal (Love These Days) – Episode 8 (The Prank)

The Eight episode of Fan-Fiction Ishq Aaj Kal is here. Recap: Rocky gets angry and slaps Rudra. Rudra gets irritated and starts arguing and...

Mahabharat: Unknown Stories of the Mahabharat Characters (Part 5)

The age of Bhishma at the end of Mahabharata war Bhishma may be around 186 years of age. Let's take a...
Second Chance (Part 3 - ADIYA's First Fighting Date)

Second Chance (Part 3 – ADIYA’s First Fighting Date)

Second Chance ADIYA's Fighting Precap: Zoya's ID card is lost, an unknown caller calls Zoya for ID, unknown person is nobody else but...
Ishq Aaj Kal Rocky Chance

Ishq Aaj Kal (Love in These Days) Episode 7 – Rocky Chance

Here is my seventh episode of Fan-Fiction Ishq Aaj Kal. Rocky and Shivangi are living together in Rocky's second house. He was consumed...
When I Fail for You: Season 2 Episode 19

Twinj : When I Fail for You: Season 2 Episode 19 on Multidesipdates

Greetings everyone!! Thank you for the barrage of love and affection that my stories have received! However, what I don't understand is that it appears that you...

Mahabharata: Unknown Stories of Characters of Mahabharata (Part 4)

Mahabharata: Unknown Stories of Characters of Mahabharata (Part 4) Bhishma in the battle of Korokshtra.... In the fierce battle...

The Mysterious Forest and Revengeful Ghost (Episode 18) Final Episode

The final episode of my fan-fiction on multidesiupdates is here. The episode starts now, Shreya is high in anger and is holding William's neck...

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Eisha Singh confirmed her return as the lead in ‘Ishq Subhan Allah’; Opens on...

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