Dadi Amma Maan Jao 11th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Ajooba Returns Home

Anjali tells Shraddha that you will not talk to me, I know you are worried about Ajooba, even I am confused, we are trapped, I am afraid, if the truth is known Will be. Arriving at Ajooba, Anjali hugged Shraddha. Arriving at Ajooba, Aaji welcomed the house and said that God saved me. If anything happened to you, you would harass me like a ghost. Sharadha and Anjali reached him.
Ajooba says Vikas take my wheelchair to the lights, look the lights are all messed up, this is all Urmila, she has my girls’ dye, everything should be fine, it’s a great day for me, In-laws are moving home.
Humility ass Rekha what she is doing, Rekha shows her custom sherwani, Namrata says that you are here and see Shlok with the veil, Rekha angrily says that this is the last time, she left there.
Ajooba thanked them for Sunderlal’s help and said that you should go home, prepare for a farewell, Sunderlal looks at Aaji, Aaji says, ‘Shraddha does not go; she will stay with us. He did something, Ajooba looked at Shraddha and Dhruv. Sunderlal said, the thing is, I forgot to tell you one thing, today we will only have goodbyes goodbye, because of this you are sick and test of soridas, Ajooba says I am fine, you are Shraddha Sunderlal Lal said that daughter is letting Shraddha stay with you. , And then take her with pleasure, and later her daughter-in-law, Anjali, will welcome them in her jewelry.
Ajooba agrees that I like the idea, Dhru says thank God. (Sunderlallal prayed to God with Shraddha, saying that I always start my day with the blessings of God. Shraddha said that I am here today too, I promised Rekha Aunty that you The house is just my sister-in-law’s house, I want to keep it, Sunderlal says I will help you fulfill your promise, and on one condition I call Papa, I will be very happy. .)
Sunderlal goes to Lal Shraddha and sucks her master’s cushion, says that you are my daughter like a girl, she looks at them and rejoices. God thinks I am your sign, Sunderlal is supporting her as her father, now once Dhruva and Rika accept her everything will be fine. “Dhruv can never be a better girl than you. To me, this marriage is real and not fake,” Sunderlal told Shraddha.
Aaji and Vikas Decoration Anjali Doli Anjali tells Shraddha to forget everything and when everything goes well, we will tell Ajooba about this fake marriage and both of you are looking for a good fight, love and not everyone agree with you.
Humility is wondering how Rekha is behaving in her usual cooking routine. SundarLal wishes a happy marriage for both Dhruv and Shloks. Pandit ji says that Dhrosa’s wife will be at home in 4 days. Prabhas is worried about that.
Ajooba hands the girls to Shloks, blesses the two gods, Anjali gets in tears, Dhruv says Papa this is very painful, its good that i have no sister, i ever told her Couldn’t see Aaji walks near the fan and falls on the forehead of kukum Shraddha, the astrologers look at him and wonder what Pandit ji has said to him.

Pre-cap: Rekha says that Anjali herself will stop coming to this house. Attacks are attacked.

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