Dadi Amma Maan Jao 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update

Dadi Amma Written Episode Pradhan is busy arranging reception for Anjali and Shaluk. Ajubah says that Vikas allow Anjali and Shalok to hide and scare. Anjali gets ready, Shlok stops her from getting Syndoor and says to me, Anjali shyly hugged her. Ajooba asked Shardha what you prepared, Shardha Shankarpali says, Ajooba gave me a taste of it, and says that it is so tasty that definitely has the effect of love with dhurka.
Ajooba says that Vikas Au lets her choose the color and says that red is for Angel, which she loves, and Orange is for Shlok. Ajooba asked Shardha, which is the favorite color of Dhruva, Shardha tries to ignore, Aji says that you cannot see that she is wearing pink, this is her favorite color.

Dhruva sees Anjali and Shlok embracing and enters and says that I can enter, Shlok says that you are already in. Dhruv says about painting anjali, Anjali says always invokes me. First you go to number two, says Dhorav.

Shlok and Anjali take the blessings of Sunderlings on Hanoli, Rikha goes on, Anjali takes her blessings for a function and Dhruv Shlok leaves with Anjali Rakha.
Ajooba says that the clock is working so slow when it is 12 o’clock, Shardha said that it is time for you to take medicine, Ajwaja says that when Anjali takes the medicine, she gives it to me and then I come to her. Will be

Rekha delivered Anjali to the office, Shlok and Dhoor think that while we are in the office today, Rekha says that Anjali switched the lights, Anjali saw an archive in which Jhawar Arts wrote the new Anjali. Welcome to the CEO, Richa told Angeli this is your gift, and this post is yours, Angel is very happy, everyone looks happy, Richa thinks that you are waiting for Angel today. But she will be busy here, Shardha says I will call Ajayi, Ajaji says that she must be busy in rituals, Shlok moves towards Anjali and says Let us be us too late, went out to Anjali and hymns Line citizens have.

Rikha signed Prabhas, Prabhas is behind them. Waiting for Paradise. Paribas stops the girl, the verse, and the dhruva and says that the shagun should be tinted and then you guys can go forcibly paint the girl.

Azaji heard the car’s horn and said that I think he was here and everyone was gone, and nobody was watching from outside, Aji says, I think it was somebody else’s car, I will call Didi, Vikas says she will come, she will be busy there. General Chat Chat Lounge Anjali says from Rakha, Aja Ajooba will have to wait for us, Rikha says that she is a high journalist and is waiting for you to be cut off and wants your pictures and if we disappoint her who will discredit us, Shardha. Called Dhru, Shardha asked where you are, Dhru told Shardha the whole scene, Shardha says that all this morning, you have been preparing and waking up, and Ajwah has not eaten anything. And he doesn’t even have drugs, Dhruvp says, “Please go to Ajooba and tell them, I want to hear everything.”

When Dhruv’s voice was upset and threw the color plate, Aji says Dhruv you will come to Shlok and Anjali later, Rikha has heard and says what will Dhruv do, her fake marriage, and now you Also want fake Holi, so let it be.

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