Dadi amma Written episode 2nd March 2020 Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Episode Update : Shraddha And Dhruv Get Married

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update RECAP: Anjali Shloks wedding. Shlok applies sindoor to Shraddha if you nead read more so Dadi amma Written episode

Dadi amma Written episode Shraddha says Ajooba I know you will be fine soon. Angeli and Shlox’s wedding rituals are lively, awaiting Ajay Shraddha and Ajooba. ajooba says that Shraddha my last wish is to see you as a bride, please fulfill it, let me marry two before you die.
Shraddha wipes her tears and wakes up, ajooba says Shraddha let me die peacefully, I could never stay calm because of all the worries, Shraddha asks what problems do I ask, ajooba says I will share you Can’t just say, the truth will be buried with me, but I want to see you both get married, Ajooba tries to convince them to get married and refuses to put on an oxygen mask. Believe me, both of you agree to the marriage.

The doctor walks in and asks Ajwa to give the injection and tells Shraddha that his BP is fluctuating, both of you please go out, he needs rest, Dhruv Shraddha is taken out of the room. Ajwa keeps calling Shraddha. An old nurse walks to Shraddha and says that she has very little time left, agree that what your unit is saying as her last wish, due to the ups and downs we started surgery. Can’t do it, running to Shraddha Sharadha, hugs her, ajooba always says I have agreed with all the wishes and I cannot fulfill her last wish, how will I survive this crime.

Dhruv says to fulfill his last wish, you have a chance Shraddha you can do it for your sake, Shraddha says that you are crazy Dhruv, what a nonsense, it is impossible, I can never do it. , Marriage is a very big thing, he thinks there is something between us, Dhruv says, listen to me, Shraddha, this is a misunderstanding, but because of this she can find happiness in her spare time. There is none of our family here, the decision is ours.

Shraddha and Dhruv got married in front of Ajooba, Ajooba celebrated for them all the rituals. ajooba says that the groom will now put Mangalsutr on the turf, Shraddha says we do not have it, ajooba says wait and ask the nurse to remove his thumb and push, and ask for black thread. , Dhruv shows that he has. Add color to this thread, and add color to it.
The Shlok also holds a mangalusatri on the Anjali. Anjali watches as Ajooba and Shraddha arrive. Ajooba asked Dhruv to impose sindoor in Shraddha. The verse applies to the shamrock on the Anjali. ajooba says thank you father, I am very grateful to you, Sharadha looks at Dhruv and starts crying.End Dadi amma Written episode

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