Dadi Amma Maan Jao 5th March 2020 Written Episode Update : About Rekha Lawrence Dhruv and Shraddha

Prabhas scolded Dhruvv saying that you are crazy, people who have seen your marriage can give legal testimony, and if it is spread in Bollywood that you are 22 years old, would you like them all? Are about A senior nurse and ward boy saw me, please say, manage. Shaggy with Ujjai. Aaji removed Shradhas Mangalsutra and threw it in the sinking; Shraddha lifted it. Aaji threw it behind him and washed Shraddhas sindoor. Shraddha thinks about her marriage to Dhruv, Aaji says never let it go to her head.
Shlok walks towards Vikas and gives him water, he sees the girl tight and walks up to him, and says he is water, are you stressing, smoking and come, I’ll take care of it here. “I was so scared, if Ajooba doesn’t all go well, I’ll never forgive myself,” Angeli says. Shlok says everyone will trust me, and see how Shraddha and Dhruv handled the situation without fear, having a difficult time, we will walk together.
Prabhas went to the nurse and raised the knife towards him. The nurse said keep him down or else I will call security, Prabhas says do not force me to do something I do not want to remember today. You did not see the marriage, Aaji and Shraddha were on the way, Aaji said, “Don’t worry I have talked to her and she will not tell anyone, violence does not work, nurse and ward boy are with us, even That we are not happy with this marriage, this fake marriage, may God forgive these children. Prabhas apologized to the nurse and said that I was protected about Dhruvv, so I took this step, saying the nurse said it was okay.
Aaji called Rekha and said everything is fine here, Ajooba is right here, make arrangements for all the girls, I will send Anjali and Shamulk right now. Aaji tells everyone that Rikha is in the hospital.
Rekha and Namrata are on the move, along with Sunderlal. Sunderlal turned to Lal Vikas, Shlok took tea for Rekha, Dhruv looked at Rekha, and thinks about what Prabhas said to him, Prabhas Aaji and Shraddha go to Rekha. Sharadha looks at Dhruv, Dhruvv sees that he has rubbed Syndor, and thinks that he did not intentionally erase her correctly, first I fell and now this. Prabhas says let me talk to Rekha Diddi.
Rekha went to one side, Prabhas said, “The master lied so that I do not understand what is happening in the hospital. He trapped my grip. Prabhas said that you do not think it is wrong, it is a fake marriage and I’ve taken care of everything, so you dont get angry.
Doctors walk to everyone and say the surgery is successful. Everyone is happy except Rikha is thinking it’s a conspiracy.

Pre-cap: Aaji tried to convince Rekha and Sharadha and gave her a fresh start. Rekha refuses to accept marriage and Shraddha.

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