Dadi Amma Maan Jao 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Ajoobas surgery successful

The doctor says Ajooba is fine, it’s a miracle that he survived, he got the hope of living, Anjali asks if we can see him, the doctor says no, no, 2 hours later. Rekha thinks that this is all a process, to trap my bet on this fake disease and everything, I will not forgive anyone. Aaji looked at Shridha, and ran away from there, all of them followed, Aaji walking towards Rakha, Sunder Lal prevented Aka from following Rekha.

Rekha tells drivers to get out and tires go, Parbhas and Namrata stopped, Rekha says it’s all a lie, I’m going to the police station in case of cheating, she married both daughters. Tried so they wouldn’t have to pay. One penny, Namrata says it’s all right, Sunderland’s fault, I’m afraid he’ll come home, Rekha says I have a daughter-in-law, Prabhas scolded Humility and gave Rekha comfort. “This marriage is an internal matter, if you go to the police it will be in all the media and all Ketan will be about the PS wedding. Rekha started crying, Prabhas said, don’t worry I will handle, sit down and we will go home.

Anjali says that 3 hours of Shlok is yet to be sensed by Ajooba, Shlok says everything will be fine, don’t worry, Shardha’s thoughts about treacherous treachery, and tears. Doctors tell everyone that Ajooba is not conscious and he wants to see Dhruv and Shardha. The newly married couple, Anjali says that both of you go fast, Shlok walks to Dhruv says, Dhruv says. That I do not want, Shlok asked why, went away. Sridha says that I will see her, Sunder Lal has stopped Sharadha saying that you are going to see Ajooba without Mangalsutra and Sondor, where Mangalsutra is, you will have to do this for your Ajwa. Must see the way he wants to recover. Shardha looked at Aji.

SunderLal says that try to understand Aajili, Ajooba has gone through major operation and she thinks that Shardha has been married and if she sees him without Mangalsutra, she will collapse. Asked to entrust Mangalsutra, Aaji removed Mangalsutra in the neck of Shraddhas, and applied his cinder, Anjali held Shraddhas’s hand and walked with her to Ajubas room.

Ajooba opens his eyes and looks at Anjali and Shardha, Ajooba says that I fought to death, because I was not only happy marrying them, I want to see their happy married life, where there is behavior and deceit. , Anjali says you relax. Shlok says you can’t go in for 2 minutes, and do this for your last wish, and you think it’s a fact, try to understand. Shardha says that Dhruv is busy with hospital bills and paperwork, Ajooba says that I think she is a naughty monkey but she is not, she is a good boy, she will take care of you, Anjali says enough now. Stay up, relax.

Ajooba says that Shardha you will do me a favor, in our ritual we name the husbands in poetry, just do it once for me, how will you stay in your in-laws house. Dhruvv says that a devotee is not for me. Shardha took the name of Dhruv in poetry, Anjali was surprised, Ajooba said very beautiful. Thinking of a happy time spent with smiles and smiles, Anjali thinks that a fall for Dhruvva has fallen.

Pre-cap: Aaji tries to persuade Rekha for devotion and Dharu, Rekha refuses.

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