Dadi Amma Maan Jao 9th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Rekha humiliates Aaji

Rekha said to Aaji, I have to say that you have great resilience and hopes, and you and your devotees have crossed all the lines. Do you not have self-esteem, Aaji says it is my helplessness. And my children’s happiness excludes me and all my happiness and happiness will be respected, and the devotees love Dharma.
Anjali said to Shlok why are you doing this, why are you forcing her when Dhruv does not want to accept the marriage, she says she is my brother I know what is right for her. And what not, and you don’t, come among us, it’ll be good for you, Anjali. Dhruv goes to Anjali and apologizes to Shlok’s minor for saying that he was mad, Shlok says where you really need to apologize where you are not. Shlok turned to Anjali and held his hand.
Rekha says love, what nonsense are you going to spoil my children’s career, and till yesterday they could not bear everyone and today they love and throw away the Aarti bag with free hand.
Dhruv says Anjali bhabi did not want to disturb anyone, it was just for the sake of Ajooba and his health, I thought that I would give him happiness and become a hero but now Villan’s, Anjali says that I I know you did a practical job, just like I do, not like Shloka and Shraddha, Dhru says thank you very much. Anjali says I am just trying to balance, will you help, Dhruv says just ask for it, I will not deny you.
Shraddha goes to Aaji, and picks up the bag and pulls everything together, and says, ‘Aaji, I do not love anyone and therefore you do not have to lose your self-respect; Rekha Aunty has no place for me. Should. This house, this house is just my sisters in the house of the in-laws, let go, Shraddha gave Rekha a cold cold.
Rekha told Shraddha, you made such a big statement, just stick to it, otherwise your health will be fine and you will come back begging. Dhruv walks in and says enough mommy, how can you be so meaningful to Anjali Bhabis Ajooba and who told you that someone mistreated me, did you talk to me, Ajooba was breathing last and we He married to save her life. Listen carefully to me, this fake marriage will continue until the nature of Ajooba is cured, and when the doctors say they are all right then we will tell Ajooba truthfully. But until then, this marriage is true and so will the predictions.
Rekha says do you have any idea what you are saying, are you trying to understand, what will you do if you need a year to recover Ajooba, keep telling people that it is Fake and who will play you the main role, have you lost it? , I will not let this spoil your career, Dhru says Amy is reacting to you, rattling and slapping, Shlok says, Mommy listen to me, if you can help Dhruv. If you do not allow, I and Anjali will not come back to this house. In all shock, Shlok says that he is also my duty now, whether you will support me with your decision or not, says Shlok If Aji lets go home, you eat something, then we will go to the hospital near Ajooba.
Dhruv says that Shraddha Ajooba wants to see us, I said I will take you, let go.

Pre-cap: Dhruv and Shraddha welcomed home as well

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