Dadi Amma Maan Jao 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Shraddha and Anjali are devastated by the death of Vikas’s

Until the police reach them, Rekha tries to call the women and says that I did not tell them to hurt the girls but only to scare them. Shraddha Sunder Lal, Dhruv, hospitalized. Anjali and Shlok arrive, Anjali sees Shraddha injured, Shraddha reaches out to her and hugs her. The doctor goes to Shraddha and says that your treatment is fine, he will recover soon but Your father and grandmother are in critical condition, you have severe anemia and grandmother has a spinal cord injury, both of which are very serious. The nature of Anjali and Vikas has deteriorated, Dhuruv very guilty, Dr. Vikas’s face closed, Shraddha looked up and ran inside.
Open your eyes, the doctor says they are a little more stable then take them to the operation theater. Shraddha tries to wake Vikas, says why you came to save me, and says that all this happened to me, Dhruv remembers not to pick up Shraddha’s phone and is in tears. Even the tears in her tears, she embraced Dhruv. “I made a mistake, I hit a fool like that, I didn’t call Shraddha, please forgive me, I can’t live with this crime,” Dhruv says.
Paribhas calls Rikha, and tells Vikas’ death, shocked Rikha, she drops her mobile, she calls the women and screams at them, and asks why you called the gangsters. , They told Shraddha and the woman suspected us, and they were slapped. We, too, so we did this in defense, and now we do not want to be part of this case, we are going underground, and we have left the money in the houses mistakenly to manage it, trying to reach it. Don’t let us Rikha break her mobile.
Rikha says I have to take that mini bag, if found, I’ll get caught. Rikha picked up her mobile, and got out of the house, and threw the phone into the dustbin. Shraddha, Anjali, Shlok, Sundar Lal, Dhruv all go to Vikas’s body, Sunderlal asks when we can take him, doctor says this is a police matter, we need to get some supplies done, Shraddha. Says it’s all my fault I couldn’t save you. Sorry, Shraddha apologized.
Anjali Shlok, Shraddha goes to Dhoori, Shraddha says we should not tell her about Baba, Anjali says yes we should do all the last rituals of Baba without them. Wants to meet you, Shlok and Anjali go to see Ajooba, the police walk in and say we need your statement so come with us to the police station, Shraddha says two minutes, Aaja Boli, of this. Take care that you are our strength.
Shraddha tells Sunderlal and left, he tells Dhoor to stay with her. Anjali and Shlok move towards Ajooba, Ajooba asks when you have returned and where are all the others, Anjali says what happened, Ajooba says Aaji warns us but we are not satisfied, and Vikas Where is it, Aaji says Anjali is resting we will call him, you too relax, Ajooba asked Shraddha, Anjali says she is making a statement at the police station, Ajooba says that these women should be arrested. , And I want to see Vikas, Anjali weep and depart, Shlok said she is with Shraddha, Ajooba says E was very injured, he should not go Was.
Finding the money on the execution, Nimrata asked what you were looking for, Rikha does not say anything, Nimrata says that Sunderlal had called Vikas’s body to be brought here, but look at the situation in this house, Rikha says okay, let’s do a quick cleaning. The inspector went in and told Ajooba sorry for the loss but we need your statement, Ajooba asked what the damage was.
The inspector told Shraddha why you didn’t call the police or anyone close for help, when you had a mobile in your hand, Shraddha remembers calling Dhruv, Dhruv says why you made such a statement to him so many times. Demanding, he needs his family now, Inspector who you are, why are you talking so much, Sharadha remembers marrying Dhruv, likewise Dhruvv, Dhruv says he is mine, says Shraddha. He is my brother and nothing else, the inspector told Dhruv to stay silent or be thrown. Outside, the inspector told Shraddha why you did not call, we could have avoided the incident, Shraddha tells Dhruv to be quiet, Inspector tells Shraddha oh, you are 21 years old, your age is yours. Problem is, we couldn’t call. The hero, he could come, thinks that I wish I could spend time with him again and pick up his phone, when I could not forgive myself how it would be.
Shlok takes the inspector aside and later requests them to record the statement, he has a statement of dementia and he will not know about the death of the sons, the inspector asks how long you will hide, says Shlok And as long as we can, can you please be happy to see the uniforms come in civil to record the statement of health of Detroit Ajooba. Shlok received a call from Sunderland to attend the funeral.
Anjali talks to the doctor about abusing Ajooba, and that means he will perform the last rites of development. Anjali says that I should not go to Mumbai Shlok, this is all because of me, if I was here I could help them. ۔
Shraddha is trying to describe a sketch artist about women. Rikha pressed on, trying to find a mini bag. Dhruv’s phone came.

Pre-cap: Shraddha calls Anjali and tells that Ajooba has left for home, Anjali is tensed up.

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