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Episode 9

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Will they die? Unfortunately it has to be that way. They will all die, except Gundogdu. Maybe a lucky Alp will live to bring the bad news to Suleyman Shah.

I don’t believe it. The reign of Suleyman Shah will be over. What a big bad world. Incredible. What if he insists on customs and not hand over the prisoners? What else can he do? Will he accept the death of his own son? What will we do if he rounds up his Alps and attack Karatoygar? I know Suleyman Shah very well, he would put his own life at stake. Karatoygar will kill both of them. Then only Ertugrul will be left. And his death… You have gone too far, Bey. Too far. No good would come out of this. You dog! If you were so scared, why did you team up with me? For the good of the tribe, Bey.

I didn’t expect it to be… What didn’t you expect? What? If a few Alps need to be sacrificed for the good of the tribe, let them be. Isn’t it so? Tell me, isn’t it so? You are right, Bey. They can be sacrificed. May God forgive all their sins. We did what needed to be done. If I didn’t convince Karatoygar to ambush the caravan he’d have run over us with his army. Our progeny would have ended. Now I we need to do is to sit back and wait for the bad news to reach the tribe. You go and wash your face, you need to freshen up. Watch out for this coward, Alpargu. If his cowardice lets his tongue loose don’t be afraid to rip it off. Everything will be alright, you will see. Suleyman Shah would not sacrifice his son. He would not sacrifice him, right? Of course not. But he would not step back from our customs either.

Sister please do not over think the situation and devastate yourself. What if he does something crazy, like trying to save Gundogdu from Karatoygar? This is what I am worried about. I will go and talk with Suleyman Shah. First he will free Gundogdu. Then I will take Karatoygar outside his fort to the place we determined. When we reach there, the rest will be up to your courage and skill, son.

An important matter is being discussed. Get out of my way. Our Bey’s orders. I told you to get out of my way. We will ambush Karatoygar at Kartal Tepesi. Let us talk outside. I promise that I will deliver my brother Gundogdu to you safe and sound. If something happens to Gundogdu if you sacrifice your brother for people you collected on the road you shall never find peace from me, Ertugrul. Bey as a father I will request one last thing from you. If you give permission, I want to entrust my daughter to you. Karatoygar is after my son and I. They have no business with my daughter. My daughter is the tribe’s girl from now on. She has no one to turn to or anywhere to go. Please be rest assured, Yenge. Stop! What do you want? I wanted to ask about a sergeant. He used to be a sergeant in my legion. What is his name? Sari, they call him Sari Bolu. Of course we know Sari Bolu. But he is not a sergeant but a captain now. Is he in the base? He went on a mission with Karatoygar. If you have a message, tell it to us.

I do, warrior, I do. Welcome, Titus. Have a seat. I read the letter Ustadi Azam sent with a pigeon. He does not want Kayis to migrate to Aleppo. Yes. He should not worry. Kayis will not migrate to Aleppo but to a place I find suitable for them. How? Their future Bey thinks just like me. He prefers to kneel in front of the Mongols rather than to be neighbors with the Crusaders. Who is this man? Kurdoglu. Suleyman Shah’s blood brother. An ambitious fool. Someone who will do anything we say, someone we can use as we wish. What about Suleyman Shah? Suleyman Shah will come to my fort in the evening and surrender. Moreover, he will bring with him the Shahzades your knights let escape. Afsin Bey! I thought you were dead. It had to be known like that, Bolu. Our state is under a big threat.

I need your help. Why is this ominous news late? Bey, Suleyman Shah calls you to his tent. Whatever happens, Karatoygar should not get the Shahzades. What if he succeeds in taking the Shahzades to Sultan Aladdin? He would be Aladdin’s favorite commander. Templars would have Konya in their hands. They would roam within the palace. The consequences would be deadly, Sari. This state was founded with great difficulty. We will not refrain from killing the Shahzades if needed.

I am ready to do anything you want from me, Bey. Thank you, I know that, Sari, I know. What a tyrant this Karatoygar is! How could he dare to kill our warriors? As if that is not enough he captured Gundogdu as a prisoner? Yes. Now, they expect me to deliver our guests. That means that the death of this rabid dog will be from us. Let us go with our Alps and make the sky fall on them. No! I will go alone. I won’t let you go alone. Did we become blood brothers for one to stay behind and cry like women while the other one is going for a certain death, Bey? The path I will be on is full of unknowns, Kurdoglu. How can I go on this road if my blood brother is not staying behind to protect and serve my tribe in case something happens to me? You shall be taking my place until I return. Put this on as well. Do not feel cold on the road. Sister… Say it, my lion. What if I can’t see you again? What are you saying,

Yigit? We survived so many difficulties together. We passed so many obstacles. We will pass this one as well. But this time we are separated. You will not be with us. What if those men take us and… Do not worry your pure heart like this. Look, this time we are not alone.

There are Beys of the tribe. They will protect us, they care for us. Always stay beside my father. Do everything he says, alright? And do not think about me. I will sit here and wait for you. There will be no sadness, do we agree? Come on. Now go and say goodbye to your friends. Go on. Father. I am just talking so that Yigit is not scared or gets sad but my mind does not believe my own words. How will it end? My girl, it has been a very long time. We went through many sorrows by running away and getting captured. This thing will finish once and for all, if God permits. Ertugrul has a plan. I found it probable as well. With God’s permission, we shall go and come back in one piece. This tribe paid a very big price for us. We can never repay them for all they did. Please let me. Let me come with you as well. Whatever happens, good or bad we should be together at the end. You pray for us, that is enough, my girl. My precious and brave daughter with a beautiful heart and a beautiful face. Just like her mother, self sacrificing and loyal. My beautiful daughter. Do not worry. Everything will be fine. What happened? What do you want? Come with us. This boil is hurting like a knife in my back. My Bey your pain is my pain. But there is nothing I can do. All I can do is to pray for you and my sons. We went through so many sorrows, so many journeys, so many battles. We had the privilege to grow old. Thank God, we have seen these days, Hayme. You are right, Bey. We saw so many weddings, so many babies so many springs. We saw so many victories. If God permits, we will continue to see more. I want your blessing. These problems are not permanent and our lives are not eternal, Bey. You always walked on the righteous path. You never bowed to tyrants. Has anyone seen a person on the righteous path getting lost? If God permits, I will see you and my sons’ return. May God be with you. My blessing is with you. Thank you. What is it? What do you want? Where do you go, where do you come from, Afsin Bey? I want to hear what you are made of from your mouth.

Dear God, please protect them, Dear God. You called for me, mother. I did. Come and sit down. Yes, mother? Ertugrul Bey? Do we have permission? Halime Sultan comes to our tent, does she need a permission? Ertugrul Bey I lied to you. Yes, you did. Do you understand now, why we had to go? Why the days we spent in this tribe are only a dream that we would wake from? You are happy here. Despite a life you lived in a palace you talk about a nomad life like a dream, Halime. Even if the whole world comes together I will not let you become unhappy. Do you understand me, my girl? I did, mother. Good. You may go now. Instead of reacting and spewing out bitter words recite God’s name, pray and fill your heart with goodness so that our fate be good as well. The problem is not my happiness. The problem is my father’s and my brother’s life. Do not worry. I will not let anything happen to your father or your brother. I will bring them back to you safe and sound. You can be rest assured. After all the things that have been robbed and taken away from me you are taking with you all that is left. My father, my brother. I beg you to return with them. Return and complete the thing that is missing inside me. If I do not return, know that whatever I had missing inside me, I found it in you. Their intention is not good, Gokce they will let my man die in the name of customs. Sister, Suleyman Shah is a human being as well. Would a human let his child be slain? Get rid of these delusions from your mind. You do not know who Suleyman Shah is. He would even burn his tribe for customs. I have to find a way, Gokce, I have to. I will not let them sacrifice my man! Dear God! Ertugrul’s Alps have prepared their horses and weapons, waiting to go.

I have things to say to you, Kurdoglu. What happened, Selcan Hatun? Gundogdu trusts you, he respects you. You know that. What about you, Selcan Hatun? I have always trusted your bravery. Thank you. What happened to Gundogdu is not acceptable. But do not worry Suleyman Shah will bring him back. No he will not. If you are brave, if you do not want Suleyman Shah to throw his tribe into fire, if you respect Gundogdu a little bit… If Suleyman Shah does something like this I would throw him into the fire myself. Now I am listening to you, Selcan Hatun. Suleyman Shah and Ertugrul will ambush Karatoygar at Kartal Tepesi. What are you saying, Selcan Hatun? I heard it with my own ears. Suleyman Shah decided to be loyal to his customs rather than his son! Do not tell this to anyone, Selcan Hatun.

And you did not talk with me we did not see each other. Alright, Selcan Hatun? What will happen to Gundogdu? We will find a solution. Go on, get out before anyone sees you. Will we let them go, Bey? We will, so that Karatoygar’s hunt can be more fruitful, Alpargu. I cleaned the tribe from all filth without drawing a sword or getting blood on my hands. Come on, get on your horse. You have things to say to Karatoygar. I swear on the horses that run endlessly… I swear on the horseshoes that sparkle… If I am scared to die for our tribe, for our Bey, for our customs may I be slain by my own steel sword, like a crop in the field. May the blue sky tear, may the brave ground sink may my name be erased from all monuments. May my forefather Oguz, my blessed tribe sue me in the next life! In this path I have taken, may God be by my side may Godsend Hıdr accompany me. Come on, Titus. Relax a bit. Today is our day. We will both get what we want. You were this comfortable when Ertugrul was going to Aleppo as well. You were this relaxed. Then we know what happened. Your soldiers’ incompetence.

Sir, Suleyman Shah. Let us not make our visitors wait. Let them in. He came alone, sir. Bring him here immediately. Let us see whether you will eat what you hope or what you find, Karatoygar. You, what are you up to, Suleyman Shah? Where are they? You will get what you want after you release my son. Do you want to be killed? Is my son’s and my life more valuable or the Shahzades? You will free Gundogdu, Karatoygar! Are you threatening me? If something happens to Gundogdu Ertugrul will take them outside Seljuk territory. You will never find them again. Not you, not the Templars you work for. If you free my son I will take them to you. Where are they? Ertugrul is guarding them so they don’t run away. If something happens to us Sultan Aladdin will be informed of everything. Shahzade wrote a letter about everything he faced in detail. How he was a captive in Templars hands for months all the tortures he went through for refusing to claim being the Sultan. How he never betrayed his state despite the torture. How you cooperated with the Templars. In short, everything. The decision is yours. Father? My son. What happened? Did you give the prisoners to Karatoygar? No. Father? Karatoygar freed you. Go to the tribe. Father, that man would not let you live. Do as I tell you, Gundogdu. Go now. Father. Be quick. Go on. I said go! What happened, Akcakoca? Is there someone inside? What is happening here? What is this outrage? Get out of the way, Akcakoca. We want to see who is inside. What is it to you? I said get out of the way! The things we heard are true! Stop! Stop! Stop! What do you think you are doing? Our sons have died, Mother Hayme.

All because of them! They ambushed the caravan but you hide it from us! So you violate our customs and our Bey. Shame on you all! That is enough, Mother Hayme. You are saying customs but how many more lives shall be sacrificed? Where are the bodies of our sons? Where is Suleyman Shah? My son has died, not yours, Mother Hayme. Everyone in this tribe is my child, my heart! A tribe can only stand strong when they are united. If there is no unity, you would be condemned to lose against the enemy and be wiped out! Has Suleyman Shah Bey ever put his own live before yours? Has he ever put his own sons before yours, has he ever chose a path other than the goodness of the tribe? Whatever he does, he does for the welfare, for the future of the tribe. Breaking the unity of the tribe while he is gone, to cry out mutiny is this what you see befitting for yourselves? If you try to crush the customs you will be crushed one day. From now on, anyone stoning them would be stoning me! Anyone who faces them, would be facing me! Let this be known! Come, my girl! KARATOYGAR INN They are playing with you. How did they learn our relationship, Titus? Ertugrul. It was a matter of time for him to connect the dots. God damn!

I need to kill them all. What will happen to the letter Shahzade wrote to the Sultan? My friends in the palace will make sure that letter is not seen by the Sultan. I hope so. They will see who the game and who the hunter is. God forbid, I was scared that something may happen to you. If something happened to you, what could I have said to Suleyman Shah? Stay here until they return. We can be companions while waiting for our loved ones to return. With prayer, with belief, with patience. This tribe has survived through so many hardships. All the pain is still here in my heart. God knows that I have never felt so desperate in my life. My two sons my man… I lived through so many hardships in this short life of mine. People who want to kill my father and brother the states who wanted to use them because they were Shahzades the nights we rotted in dungeons. I lived with the anxiety of losing my loved ones every day I breathed. Ertugrul Bey woke us up from that nightmare he put us in a beautiful dream. Mother Hayme I found the peace I yearned for my whole life in your tribe. Your wish is accepted. Now it is my turn, Suleyman Shah.

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