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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-20 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’


Thank God, you are better, right? Thank God, Hayme. We have more meals to eat, more days to see. Yes, if God permits, we shall have our grandchild in our arms soon. It was time anyway. This is the only joyous news I heard. We used to yearn for a grandchild for years. Gundogdu and Selcan will make us live through that joy. May God give them the chance to see their own grandchildren. If God permits. If God permits, Bey. The Emirate of Aleppo can be seen. Put down the banner, bring the tribe flag! Rahman! Bring my horse! We need to enter our new homeland on a horse.

Here you are, Bey. Thank you, God. You did not leave our tribe without a Bey. What is the situation? Bey, the front door is guarded very heavily. There is another door… …at the back for provisions, we may be able to enter from there but… …I don’t know whether we would be able to get out. People who heard that the vizier is being tried have gathered. The guards are having a hard time containing them. They are convinced that Sahabettin Tugrul is tried unjustly.

If we can somehow take the vizier out we can run away in that turmoil. -That is all I can say, Bey. -Do not listen to him, Bey. We don’t know where the dungeons are. It is very hard without help from inside. If you ask me, we would be caught before we even reach Sahabettin. What news do you have, Bey? I will tell you. First we should go to the lodge and see how Halime is. Yigit. Ertugrul. Poor Girl. Please do not worry, Numan Efendi. When we reach the palace Halime will be much better. Hear ye, hear ye! Hear ye, hear ye! Hear ye, hear ye! It had been decreed that our highness Giyaseddin El Aziz’s… …vizier Sahabettin Tugrul has been collaborating with the infidels… …and the verdict is that he is to be executed. -Sahabettin is our father! -He would never do such a thing! Bey, let me go and kill them. To set an example.

The execution shall take place today during the afternoon prayer time. Master… …our fellow Muslim brother Sahabettin Tugrul is been subjected to… …various slanders and is being tried. Our hearts ache deeply for him. What do you suggest we do? He Who saved Jonas from the stomach of the fish… …Hiob from the worms eating his wounds… …Joseph from the well… …Moses from the Nile… …and The Last Prophet from the cave… …would save our brother as well if He wishes to. We shall take refuge in Him. God, Who turned the fire Abraham fell into a rose garden… …would turn the dungeon where Sahabettin Tugrul is, into a womb.

Those who wait tyranny, murder and betrayal to emerge from there… …would be bewildered when a resurrection emerges. Do not worry, Turkmen. When I finish with you, you will not remember any pain… …from the things I did to you. Hello, young man. -Who are you? -Yigit. What are you doing here, Yigit? -I was not doing anything bad. -Were you looking for someone? Would you like me to help you? Yes. Then tell me, who are you looking for? -My Turgut Agabey. -Who is this Turgut Agabey. He is a very powerful warrior. He is very tall, he has very strong arms. So he is very powerful. Do you like Turgut Agabey very much? Yes, I do. He is a very good man. Come. I am not comfortable leaving you behind like this, Hatun. I don’t want to. It is God’s will, Bey. God forbid, what if something happens to the tribe… …during the migration, what would they do without Akcakoca? Come on, let us go in. Everyone thinks that this is the wisest decision, Bey.

You gave the best decision like a Bey. May God help them. Amen. Are you two ready for the journey? We are, Bey. We are. Come on, then. -In the name of God. -In the name of God. May God be with you, Hatun. May you have a clear road. Halt! Who are you? I am from the Bozok branch of Oguz, Bey of Kayi tribe, Suleyman Shah. We are going to the homeland Aleppo Ameer Giyaseddin El Aziz gave to our tribe. We are here on the order of El Aziz. You are not to enter the city… …and we shall escort you until you leave the Aleppo territory. -Let him go, he is not a traitor! -Let him go! Lay Halime down there. -Murderers! -Let him go! -You are the real murderers! -Traitors! -You cannot do this! -You murderers! -Traitors! -Murderers! -Traitors! -Murderers! Vizier, do you have a last word? Do not remember me as a traitor! Whatever I did, I did for the future of our people. Quran is my guide and God is my witness! My head is up! My cause is God! If I need to die for this cause… …whether in sleep… …or with an axe! What will we do, Bey? Will we return? We cannot turn back now, Wild Demir. The tribe must have started the migration. We should not worry them. Rahman! Yes, Bey? Is there a place we can stay around here? Have a look around.

Yahya! Come with me. What will happen now, father? Won’t we go to Aleppo? Do not worry, my son. Your brother Ertugrul will bring us the news sooner or later. Then we will get to know the truth about this issue. What did we hope when we started the journey and look what we found. I am sure something happened to Turgut. Do not say things like that, my girl. Do not fuel your anxiety. Brave women of Kayi… …shall stand strong like a mountain… …so that the brave men of Kayi can roar like a mountain lion. Mother Hayme is right, Aykiz. If there was a problem, Ertugrul would have surely found us. I know that she is right as well. But this time Turgut went without even saying good bye. That is why I feel anxious. My brave girls. Please be rest assured… …they have overcome so many battles, so many troubles. Even if they are in trouble, even if they are in distress, they will come back. AMANOS MOUNTAINS TEMPLARS CASTLE Aykiz. My Aykiz. What are you doing here? Turgut. My Turgut. -Turgut. -What are you doing here? My Aykiz? What are you doing here?

My son! The voices you hear are not real! Do not surrender to them and go. Whoever you are hearing… …is not in the dungeon with you now. You have to resist the poison they gave. How? How? Hearts can only be satisfied with reciting of God. God is your friend and the rest is in vain. Run away from the lies they gave you to take refuge in the truth. What do I need to do? Recite with me! My Turgut. Our journey is long. Our destination shall bring us joy, if God permits. Come on, Hatun. You should smile. Should our child see his mother frowning when he is born? That is it. You will give birth to our child in our new homeland. -If God permits. -If God permits. Aleppo will bring peace to us. Vizier, do you have a last word? Do not remember me as a traitor! Whatever I did, I did for the future of our people. Quran is my guide and God is my witness!

My head is up! My cause is God! If I need to die for this cause… …whether in sleep… …or with an axe! -Murderers! -Liars! Great God! Stop them! Do not let Sahabettin run away! Nasir, what is happening here? Do not worry, your highness. There are guards in every street. They cannot run anywhere. Catch him! Don’t let Sahabettin run away! -Great God! -Great God! Up! At last, Nasir. We managed to come back to our home. Your highness, we are talking about the snakes who sneak up into… …our warm and secure home. We should never forget this. Please stay away from the balcony. Your highness… …you saw today what a bowman can do. God forbid, you might be an open target in the balcony. What is happening to our precious jewel… …to our one and only Aleppo, Nasir? Behind you! Today people died right in front of me. My uncle Sahabettin was kidnapped.

A group of rascals have caused havoc in my city. Who are the people helping Ertugrul, Nasir? Sahabettin’s collaborators, the remainders of the Crusaders. The goons they hired. The tramps they fed. Infidels who hid themselves under a Muslim identity. Today they united against you. Find them and bring them here, Nasir. I want to see them die in agony with my own eyes. Do not worry, your highness. But you should still be careful. Traitors have infiltrated everywhere. Even if Sahabettin is one of them… …you can comprehend the rest. Even the least expected people might be your enemy. Even the least expected people might be your enemy. Translation: Suzan Mıhladız

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