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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-22 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’


You can be rest assured. You can visit her anytime you wish, Numan Efendi. Do not worry about her state. Our girl Halime should get up in a few days. Ummulhayr Hanim, I am very grateful to you. Our Halime’s father, Numan Efendi. Is that so? This is a great honor. I came… …to inquire the health of our guest… …and to visit my beautiful sister. Do not worry.

Our guest is looked after really well. I am hosting her personally in my room. What more can I do? My beautiful and peevish Leila. What can I do to see you smile once? You can tell me the fate of my uncle, your highness. If you have the time… …I’d like the honor to converse with you. I feel bad that you walk all through Aleppo to visit your daughter. Should I assign a room in the palace for your personal use? Then your daughter Halime can find her father by her side anytime… -…she wants during her recovery. -Do not trouble yourself, your highness.

What trouble? Not at all. Shahzade. It is me, Shahzade. At the lodge they told us that you went to the palace. I was very worried about you. We are fine. Do not worry. How are you? What is Halime’s condition? She is still unconscious. Shahzade, you must know that the conspiracies within the palace are… …much more dangerous than the physical wounds of Halime.

How did you throw her inside such a ring of fire? You are right, Ertugrul. But… …Halime’s situation was very critical. And just a while ago, I talked with El Aziz. They are taking very good care of her for her to recover. I think… …it is best that she stays there for some time. El Aziz is nothing but a headquarters in the hands of evil people. You might be throwing yourself and Halime into an unknown. I wouldn’t even want to think about what they could do to you… …if they learn your real identity. That palace is a dangerous snake’s nest. You have to get Halime and yourself out from there. Believe me. I do believe you, Ertugrul. Tomorrow, I will elude El Aziz somehow and solve this matter. What about you? What will you do? Do not worry about us, Shahzade.

All the Gordian knots shall be untied very soon. There is someone who has captivated the mind of El Aziz. She is staying in El Aziz’s sister, Leila’s room. Her name is Halime. I don’t know where she came from or who she is but I am sure that… …El Aziz is visiting her sister just to see this girl. Are you sure, Eftelya? I told you that I saw it with my own eyes. El Aziz and the girl’s father came out of Leila’s room together. He offer the man a room in the palace.

Do not neglect to follow him. You should breath on El Aziz’s neck at all times. We need him to be in the palm of our hands more than ever now. More than ever? Are you trying to tell me something? We need to silence the false witnesses at the vizier’s trial. You deal with Sahabettin’s old guard in the palace tonight. We will deal with the rest. You can say that the guards are silenced. First I have to go and save El Aziz from drowning in the open seas. Are you looking for me? Can you stop for a moment? -Is the food for Leila Sultan? -Yes, ma’am. -Give it to me. I shall take it. -As you wish. Here you are. Do you have anything on your mind as the first step, my vizier? The only thing I know is that I have to clear my name and I have to do this… …in front of El Aziz.

I have a plan in my mind, vizier. You mentioned about some witnesses who made false claims about you. If we can catch them and make them talk about the people who forced them… You are so smart, Ertugrul. We will be the ones who will spoil their game, the Alps of Kayi tribe. We will first save Vizier Sahabettin first, then the homeland of our tribe. Your hand reaches to all parts of Aleppo, Aykutluk. Right. Can you also reach inside the palace? There are a few madmen who can infiltrate, Bey. I didn’t mean that, Aykutluk. Can you take us inside? It would have been easier if you asked the whole of Aleppo from me, Bey. -It is difficult. Very difficult. -Difficult… …but not impossible, is that so? Yes, Bey. That is so. May it be easy, Governess Ummulhayr. Who is this sick girl? A guest of God, my girl. From which family is she? I have never seen her before.

Son of God was covered in blood. The crown made of thorns was more valuable to him than the golden Roman crown. Even while he was being crucified, even at that time, he was saying that… …he was sacrificing his body and blood for the sins of all believers. When you reach those lands and kneel before the memories of the Messiah… …you shall pray to save our sacred Jerusalem invaded by the infidel Muslims! And we shall be praying here to find the opportunity to sacrifice… …our body and blood, just like The Messiah. His highness Cardinal Thomas. He came from the presence our holy father, the Pope to our humble and… …distant castle to honor his Templar brothers. I would like to introduce you to Father Daniel, your highness cardinal. His passionate sermons enabled many sinners to turn to The Messiah. The power of words is more important than anything else. Just like our Holy Book says… …first there was the word. Please, sir, you are embarrassing me. At your presence, all we can do is to fall silent.

Would you like to say… …a few words to these believers who are on the road for the sacred pilgrimage? You are all blessed souls as you have chosen this holy path. Welcome. I thought you would not come. Aren’t you happy to see me? How can I be not happy? Why did you call me here? Why do you think I called for you? There is something I hope for… …but you wouldn’t prefer us. We are not the Ameer of Aleppo. How do you know this? Didn’t you think Sahabettin would track who went in and out of his nephew’s room? Did Sahabettin know as well? No. I know when and what to say to whom. You must have seen that during the vizier’s trial. Well done. I like smart men. At least, they deserve a quick death. Please allow me, my sons, to give the sinner inside… …a part of Jesus’s compassion, who was God’s lamb. The healing breath of The Messiah, which cured many wounds… …should touch the souls of those who suffer. Ustad’s direct orders state that no one from outside shall enter the dungeon. I am not an outsider, my son. Aren’t we all moths who fly around the same light? Wouldn’t you like that light to fall into this dark dungeon as well? Let me in, my son.

Please stay and converse with our guests, cardinal. My dear friend, Petruccio, as you will be leaving this nice conversation behind… …I really wonder where you shall be going. I have a small duty to fulfill. We shall continue from where we left off when I return. -Where are we going, sir? -The dungeon. We are going to the dungeon. My dear poor and suffering sinner. From His kingdom up in the skies… …from our Father in heaven… …I bring you rejoicing news. Go down your own way, monk. Open your shop somewhere else. I wouldn’t come near your stands. If you come close to those who follow the path of God… …you would not regret it, my son. Afsin Bey. -What are you doing here? -It’s not the time to talk, Turgut. You are in great pain, I know. We will get you out of here as soon as possible. May God forgive you, my son.

What is happening? What are you thinking so deeply? We did not want our Bey to notice… …but being turned back from the doors of Aleppo pierced our hearts, Wild Demir. All the troubles Kayi is going through does not look like a blessing to us. That is why the Alps are depressed. You unwary people, you may not trust yourselves… …you may not trust our Bey, our Suleyman Shah… …don’t you know what being an Alp means? Would an Alp be intimidated? Don’t lower your heads. Look up. Now all of you gather around me now. Our stories are not for the children all the time. This time they are granted to big men like you! I shall tell you the story of Master of the Alps… …bravest of all braves, his holiness Ali’s story. Once upon a time, there was a fortress called Hyber. Our great Prophet, peace be upon him, lived in Medina, near this fortress. The commanders of that fortress were people with a dark soul… …siding with the evil.

They did not believe our Prophet and had a grudge against the believers. As if that was not enough… …they even dared to fight against the Muslims… …in the Battle of Khandaq. -The lowlifes. As time passed… …the battles ended… …and peace was sustained. Our Prophet… …wanted to conquer the lands of these dark souls… …who stabbed the Muslims from the back. The warriors who grabbed the black flag of Mohammed, who’s a good name and person… …gathered in front of the fortress’ gate. But the fortress was on a steep and impassible hill. Its walls were impenetrable. They tried once again, once again… …but no. They could not succeed. They lowered their heads, rolled up the black flag of Mohammed… …and went back to our Prophet. When our Prophet saw the believers who had lowered their heads in despair… …

He said, “this flag shall be given to its rightful owner. Then the conquest would be inevitable. That owner would never back down from a fight, never lose hope from God!” He called the owner of the flag to His presence. Who did He call, Master Demir? The one who swings his sword with God’s name on his tongue… …the master of the Alps, His Holiness Ali. Ali came to His presence and our Prophet ordered… …“go and take Hyber, Ali!” The horse’s feet are fast, the poet’s tongue is cast. To cut the long story short… …God’s Lion went onto Hyber! He did not hesitate from those great walls nor from the infidel soldiers who… …breathed fire like man dragons! He reached the gate of the fortress! He took refuge in God and barged so hard with his shoulder that… …the gate which armies couldn’t demolish came down like rotted tree trunk… …and fell down in front of him. They took the city. And they raised the black flag on the highest tower of the fortress. Thus, it is God who did not open the gates of Aleppo to us… …it’s God who opened the gate of Hyber to Ali when armies couldn’t bring it down. Alp is such a man that when he loses a fight, he should not feel sorry… …when he wins a fight, he should not brag.

He should know that his responsibility is not victory but the campaign itself. He should always take refuge in God and never refrain from trying. Only then, those who carry the title of Alp will see that… …the gates of cities, fortresses and hearts shall be opened to him. Let it be known like that, Alps! Let it be known. Your witness, your old guard… …our madmen found him in a state where he won’t be able to lie anymore. Nasir. We have to act fast and reach the other witnesses before them. Come on, get up, Alps of Kayi. That Jewish trader. I can find him in the hole he’s hiding in, no matter what. You can go and check the old barkeep. Come on. Everyone in Aleppo is looking for you at the moment. It is better for you to stay here. In the name of God. At this time of the night. I bring you news from Master Nasir. I told him before… …if you open the tavern that was closed, it is sufficient for me. My only expectation was to revenge the closing of my tavern, my only income… …from that enemy of fun called Sahabettin. When you take into account the risk I faced, I do not thing that asking for… …my tavern to be reopened is a big reward. Master Nasir’s news to you is not about your reward but about your death.

Let’s pray that Aykutluk can reach the other witness in time. Titus, did you know that our dear friend signed a will stating that… …all his wealth shall be donated to the Templars after his death? Maybe that is our friend’s way of repentance to crucifixion of Jesus. When we think about 1200 years of compound interest as well… …the price he pays is acceptable. -What did you do? Did you finish him? -Yes, sir, but… …after I killed the barkeep and went out… …those Turkmens, Ertugrul and his men went in. -Did they see you? -No, sir. I ran all the way here without being seen. I thought that I should inform you… …as quickly as possible. -Good. Now, form a platoon from your best and most reliable men. Take this body as well and wait at his shop. Then come and find me again. When Ertugrul comes, we should be prepared for a very warm welcome. Yes, sir. Titus, let us go. We have more enjoyable tasks for tonight. We failed.

We couldn’t reach in time. We could not catch any of the three witnesses. What will we do now? There is a blessing in what we see as evil… …and evil in what we see as a blessing. It is better for them to think that they have won. Let them be complacent for now. Did you manage to arrange our entrance to the palace, Aykutluk? I did, Bey. But it is very dangerous. It’s no different from embracing a monster. We shall set on this road, knowing all its consequences. There is no other way. If everyone fulfills their own task… …there will not be a problem. Trust me. Yigit. Yigit. Ertugrul save Yigit. What is she saying, governess? Who is she talking about? She was saying the same name while we were bringing her here. It is not very understandable but… …she wants someone to save Yigit. May God help her. With God’s permission, she and her loved ones should find peace. Dogan brother… …we left our Bey all alone. I feel really bad.

If we left him alone in the fog or in a desert, I wouldn’t feel this bad. I hate this city. There is poison in every single hole. Our Bey can take care of himself, Bamsi brother. If you want to worry about something, our tribe must have started the migration. Worry about where we will show them as our homeland. Our Turgut brother is a prisoner of the infidels, worry about him. Worry about how we will explain this to Aykiz. What are we going to do? I cannot tell her. I cannot bear Aykiz Baci’s sorrow. Everything will be solved, Bamsi brother. God is great. You are right, Dogan brother. Aykiz is a very strong girl. She would not cry and throw herself left and right. Let us finish the job at hand first, we will think about the rest later. Put these on, braves. We are going. Turgut. Turgut? Turgut. Aykiz. Aykiz, wake up. -Turgut. -Aykiz, wake up. Wake up! -Turgut. -It’s over. It was only a dream. Gokce. Gokce. My Turgut is not well. I know. I know it in my heart. Turgut is in trouble, Gokce. Turgut is not well. We shall be as silent as the night. Do not make a sound, go slowly. Translation: Suzan Mıhladız)

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