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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 26 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

What will happen now, Titus? Kayis came and settled on the land without consent. Who will save us from the fury of Ustad? If you can get into El Aziz’s mind and make him do the things we want I know a way that would make Ustad more pleased than ever. What is it, Titus? Tell me now. The girl El Aziz is in love with… If we can make her father and El Aziz allies our Ustad’s big plan would come to life. Aleaddin Keykubat who will reject this alliance can do anything. The sons of Seljuk and Saladin Ayubi’s children will fight, right? God, what a scene it would be. You do not understand the gravity of the situation. The Templars’ ears and eyes reach inside the palace.

You being… They might have whispered the Ameer that you are a Seljuk Shahzade. I am glad you came, Nasir. -There are some things I want to ask you. -Please do, your highness. I hope it is not something bad. Did you ever fall in love? No, your highness. I am only in love with my job. You are very boring, Nasir. As you have never been in love, you wouldn’t know what a lover should give the loved one as a present. I am drowning in my own problems all alone. There are some issues I need to inform you about. Issues of vital importance. How can you explain the interest and affection they show you of those who are scared of giving us a land due to plague claims. Ertugrul Bey, I understand your anxieties. But one of my children is in an unknown and the other… I do not have a refuge for my child other than a prayer. If I do not do whatever I can for the good of my daughter I cannot find peace even in my grave. Please, Ertugrul Bey, understand me. Ameer of Aleppo, his highness El Aziz would like to see Numan Efendi. May it be a blessing, if God permits.

Let us go then. -Our Shah is coming! -Welcome, Shah. -Welcome, Bey! -Welcome, Suleyman Shah. -Long live, Suleyman Shah. -Long live, Bey! Great God! May you let our new land to be blessing. Bless us with Your mercy and have us see Ertugrul and Turgut back in our tribe. May you make our sons and daughters happy. -Amen! -Amen! Gundogdu inform all the Beys. -We shall have a meeting soon. -As you wish, Bey. Invite the Aleppo vizier to my marquee. I need to talk with him. Welcome, father. Thank you, my girl. -I have news from Ertugrul. -Will he return to the tribe? His job is hard. After clearing the smear that have been brought upon us he will return, with God’s permission. Welcome, my girl. The troubles have formed a line in front of us, what will happen now, Bey? Your eyes should be on the visitors who came from Aleppo, Alpargu. They are a blessing for us. But first, we shall see what our Bey will say in the headquarter meeting. As you wish, Bey. Welcome, Shahzade.

I think there is a misunderstanding. Do not tire yourself out, Shahzade. I know all about your story. The Templars who are after you, Sultan Aleaddin’s wrath I know that you are running away from the assassins who are trying to kill you. That is why I know that you changed your identity as well. Thanks to Nasir’s intelligence network, I also know that young Shahzade Yigit Alp is a prisoner of the Templars. My offer to you will be short and plain. I am listening, your highness. In this fight against the Templars side with me. Having a Seljuk Shahzade on my side will open many doors. And I will prevent the young Shahzade Yigit from growing up with the infidels. My Aykiz piece of my heart, look, if you try to hold back your troubles inside you will eat yourself out.

Instead of sitting down silently, shout, cry, make a scene. Don’t make your old man sad. From these Crusaders, we need to take Turgut and Yigit back as well as our revenge, father. We have to make them live through ten, 1000 times more of what they did to us. We will find a solution when Ertugrul comes, my girl. But I know how much you are hurting now. You want to turn the whole world into ash. But still do not plant seeds of hatred in your heart, my girl. Despite all the evil in the world, plant seeds of hope, my girl. Plant them, so that victory can be on the side of good and righteous. And always believe in God’s justice. Of course those devils will face a judgment day as well. I cannot do it, father. I am so angry that I cannot put out the fire inside me. Cry, my girl. Cry, my girl. Cry. -Talk to me! -We looked everywhere. We couldn’t find him anywhere. There is no sign of Esma or Ertugrul. What about El Aziz? Did you make sure he didn’t learn? Sir, we avoided giving direct answers to his questions. -But… -But what? Tell me, you fool! Sir, the governess made a scene. She shouted about that she had something to tell to El Aziz. The Ameer heard her voice and took her in. You incompetent fools! Your highness, El Aziz.

I don’t know where to start. You know me, my only worry is my children. You and Leila. But, I am very worried. My governess your state of mind worries me too. You were like a mother to me. Whatever that is worrying you, please tell me directly. -That young man who abducted our vizier. -Ertugrul? Yes, him. I was so happy when Leila started go out of her room. But the last time she returned to her room she came with that young man. How can that be, my dear governess? Guards! Bring me Nasir immediately. I am scared that something will happen to my Leila because of that man. Do not worry, governess. I can take care of this. We will learn what happened now. Halime Sultan you had said “my tongue only speaks what is in my heart.” What kind of a tongue is this? While your heart can’t persuade your eyes how can your tongue persuade me? Neither my tongue nor my heart have the strength to talk, Ertugrul Bey. I don’t know whether I should be torn apart from what we have suffered or how we made the ones who have extended their friendship to us suffer.

Halime Sultan it does not suit a Kinik girl like you or a Kayi son like me to give up. Close the door! Open your eyes and see what is happening around you. Look at the state you have put yourself and Aleppo in. You are still not aware that you are a toy in the hands of the Templars. You are a traitor, Ertugrul. A traitor who took advantage of my trust and killed my soldiers. I will not let you deceive me once again. Come on! Hurry up! Break the door! Harder! Get out of the way! Hit with the battering ram. Harder! Harder! KAYI TRIBE This is all, Mother Hayme. Thank you for your efforts. Go and rest now, we will manage the rest. Fatma. If we could sell these in the Aleppo market. The market in Aleppo is a death market, mother. While there is so much turmoil, is that even possible? Ertugrul will set everything right. He has overcome so many things. They say that he barely escaped the hangman’s noose of the Ameer. What problem can he set right? Let him return to his tribe safe and sound first. Gokce. Yes, Mother Hayme? -Can you tell Aykiz to come and see me? -Yes, of course. Your work and efforts of one long year lies here.

I would not let them go to waste. Tomorrow is Friday. May it be a blessed day, if God permits. Do not think evil. Understood? Do not think so that our men can trust us. Come on now, we have a lot of work to do. Come on. I was looking for you everywhere, Aykiz. Mother Hayme would like to see you. Aykiz, that is enough, pull yourself together. Tell me how to do it as well. Go on. We both know what Ertugrul is after in Aleppo after abandoning Turgut to infidels. -How can I pull myself together, Gokce? -Aykiz, what are you saying? What am I saying, Gokce? I see that your sister was right to be angry about Ertugrul. She knew where this thing might lead to but we were blind. What thing? You know who I am talking about, Gokce. Halime. Aykiz are you out of your mind? What are you doing? Look… Turgut’s, Ertugrul’s and the tribe’s fate depends on this woman. The woman is not talking, Ertugrul is still in a dungeon at Aleppo. Father, we should not have left my brother in that palace all alone. What were we going to do, Gundogdu? Were we going to attack Aleppo? The tribe has not settled yet. Most of the people are still on the road, tired and hungry. Do the Alps have the strength to swing a sword? Are we going to go against the big Aleppo army with 2000 braves? Ertugrul will succeed in coming out of the labyrinth he is in, with God’s help. But the real problem is what to do next. We set on the road as we thought we would suffer too much in the winter. But the land we arrived is a worse hell than the one before. Karatoygar will not give up his pursuit.

Crusader infidels on one side and El Aziz on the other. May God help us. El Aziz cannot go to war without me. Neither him or Nasir would dare to. They cannot persuade the soldiers who are loyal to me. Vizier if your soldiers could show some courage when you were kneeling in front of an axe Ertugrul would be with us now. Does the Oghuz tradition include talking without knowing the facts? We are not going to learn the Oghuz tradition from the servants of Ayubi palaces, vizier. As Ertugrul Bey said, if the infidels’ woman infiltrated your palace from top to bottom, you have long lost Aleppo. That is enough. The situation is known by all. What is the use of fighting each other like jackals? We may be attacked any moment. Tell Wild Demir to ready the weapons as soon as possible. The tribe shall take warring position. We will have a headquarter meeting tomorrow. ALEPPO Faster! No one can stick a knife at my throat in my palace. You shall die, Turkmen. If you were my enemy, you would have lost your head a long ago. Moreover this is not a palace, it is a Templar’s nest. Your coffin will come out of this palace. Faster! Throw down your sword, Turkmen. If you even spill a drop of his highness the Ameer’s blood I swear that you won’t see the daylight once again. I am Bey of Kayi, Suleyman Shah’s son Ertugrul. Our sword does not spill the blood of Muslim Aleppo Ameer. Take your guards away so that I can go to my tribe. Go on! Quick, run! It is no use give up now. Only your dead body can leave the palace. We die on a horse in moorlands, let a Kayi die in a palace once. Stop right there! Stay there! Your highness! Sir! Your highness! Don’t stop, catch that Turkmen! Quick! Sir, get up! Your highness. Wake up! Sir? Sir, get up. Get up. You fool.

Open the door! Open it! We know that you are inside! Open the door! He is getting away. Quick, inform the guards! Permission! Halime! Halime, are you fine, my girl? Are you well? I apologize for the bother caused by a goat herder, my Sultan. My sister Leila. My precious sister. Piece of my moon. Leila! Are you alright? Save your tyranny to your enemies, your highness. My precious sister has become a toy in the hand of a Turkmen who turned turned the corridors of our palace into bloody ditches and collaborated with Crusaders and all other infidels to attack the Muslim world! It is a lie! That is far from the truth! I understand now. The woman at my traitor Uncle Sahabettin’s execution was no one but you! I am sure of that. You are the only unsure one, right? My precious sister Leila. Your highness, we are guests here. But this does not refrain us from stating the truth. Leila Hatun speaks of the truth. Then tell me what is the truth? Ertugrul is not an enemy or a traitor collaborating with the Crusaders. He rescued us from the Templars. What? Leila? Leila will never set her foot out of this room ever again. Understood? Never again! Do you understand me clearly, Nasir? If you ever fail again I will kill and hang your body on El Aziz’s balcony. I would do this. I swear! How do you know that Eftelya is in the tribe? They know that they cannot even breathe in Aleppo. The tribe is their only refuge. If Eftelya talks, Aleppo would fall. We can never allow that. Send one of your best man to the tribe. Eftelya must die.

I am going, Dogan. -Bamsi. How much longer are we going to sit? Are we going to sit and get fat like a breeding stock? You mountain bear, what did our Bey say? Didn’t he tell us to wait? Turgut is not with us, Ertugrul Bey is not with us. With what face will we go back to the tribe? How are we going to look in the eyes of Aykiz and our Bey? What will we say to Mother Hayme? Bey? My brothers. Thank you Great God. We saw our Bey once again. Where is that woman called Esma? Suleyman Shah sent her to the tribe with the vizier, just in case. We need to make that woman talk in order to save Turgut and the tribe. I missed my own sword. Give Suleyman Shah three days. If they do not leave our lands I shall send our armies, your highness. I know that my uncle is there as well, hiding amongst the Kayis. Do you think the soldiers would attack while my uncle is there, Nasir? Don’t you know how loyal they are to him. A finger cut by the sharia law does not hurt. Of course, they will all be punished for what they did. A blood to be spilled cannot stay in the veins. Dear God. Help me keep my sanity. It is so easy to lose one’s mind. I never felt so desperate in my life. But we have a big opportunity in our hands, your highness. The Seljuk Shahzade and his daughter.

If you wed with the Shahzade’s daughter no one can stand against your power. Then, Seljuk intrusions at our borders and recklessness of the Templars would end. You should take up this opportunity, your highness. AMANOS MOUNTAINS TEMPLARS CASTLE You were right, sir. They managed to infiltrate even here. The newcomers. I want both of them, Marcus. Dead or alive. Leila… Governess, you betrayed Leila whom you raised since she was a baby. I did what was right. For you and your brother. We will all pay for your mistake. Now, please go away. I don’t want to see you. Permission? Shahzade, the Ameer is expecting you. Your daughter as well. I will put you in a special room for your safety, Shahzade. Who are you protecting us from, your highness? From traitor Templars and their collaborators. What about Ertugrul? You witnessed what he did in my palace as well, Halime Sultan. Nothing is as it is seen, your highness. Is there anything you want to talk with me, your highness? If you give permission, yes. I am listening. Against this evil pact against my emirate and the whole Muslim world I plan to start a big war. That is why, I request your help. I would do all I can, your highness. In order to show our alliance against friends and foe with your permission, Shahzade I want to marry your daughter.)

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