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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 48 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Where are so many Alps going? They must be up to something! There is no pus left in your leg, Bey. But you should rest, it is not wise to go to war in this condition. If I am not going, who will, Artuk Bey? Even if death is the price I will attack to those Mongolian bastards. Both as a Bey of the nomad group and as a person authorized by the state I will need to fight in this war. May God help you, Bey. What is going on? Where are all these Alps going to? We do not know, Bey. Excuse me. Good gracious! What are they up to again? Welcome, Halime Sultan, welcome, Grandfather Demir. Thank you, beauty. Thank you. God save you to your parents. Has anything important happened in the nomad group while we were away? Ertugrul Bey cleaned the nomad group from betrayers, Bey. Is Ertugrul Bey in the nomad group? Yes he is. Come on. Halime! Ertugrul! Thanks God you are back home. I was not away from my home even for a single day.

I am at home, and my home is inside me. And you are on the seat of honor. Separation awaits us again, Ertugrul. We united with the Dodurgas. We are going to war, Halime Sultan. We will make Noyan fall into his own trap. But I say Sungurtekin, Ertugrul. Sungurtekin Bey sent you a message he will wait for you in the caravansary tonight. He told you to come no matter what. We are ready, Noyan. Let us go, then. Noyan! Is it bad news, Noyan? Sadettin Kobek sent me news with Sungurtekin. He will be in the caravansary tonight. What about Ertugrul? Sungurtekin is going to kill Ogeday by the order of Aleaddin. I need to stop him. Ertugrul will die, Tangut. This is your duty. Do not ever disappoint me. Yes, Noyan! Prepare my horse. Finally Ertugrul fell into my hands.

May God speed you and help you, my Bey. Thank you, Gokce Hatun. I want to contribute to this victory with tear and blood. I know that your dreams are far beyond your father’s marquee. You will prove it in this war. I hope nothing is wrong, son. Halime Sultan and Wild Demir brought you news from Sungurtekin, mother. Thank God! Tell me, how is he? You should have seen how he cut the Mongolians up with the sword I gave him when he was a child. He was more than alright. He came so fast and saved our lives. Master, where is my brother now? He is waiting in the caravansary for Ertugrul Bey. Why does Sungurtekin not come to nomad tent and call Ertugrul instead? I will find out when I go there, mother. Ertugrul, the Alps are ready. What should we say to the Beys? Sungurtekin told me to come no matter what. You know he would not say that if he did not need me. As for Noyan his blood is yours, brother. May God help you. Thank you. May God help you. Thank you, Bey.

Thank you, Bey. May God be with you. Amen. We are ready, Gundogdu Bey. Ertugrul is not coming with us. Why? He was the one who started this. He has a more important duty. At least as important as the Noyan matter. Let us go and take their carcasses. They said you called us, Gundogdu Bey. Ertugrul Bey is not coming with us. You are coming with me. We will meet with the Alps at the bottom of the valley. Dumrul will tell you what you are going to do. Yes, Bey. Thank you, Bey. Thank you. Gundogdu Bey. I just wanted to say, may God speed you. May God give you strength, sharpness to your sword and speed to your horse. Thank you. Whenever you see it remember that I am waiting for you. I do not need it to remember you. But thank you anyway. Goodbye. Watch your behavior or I will kick you! Be careful. Lovers kick so hard. Yes, brother. Damn it! Brother, where is Ertugrul Bey? I do not know, brother. If he does not want us to know, it is unlawful to us to know about it. We will accept it as it is. I know what is going on, brother Turgut.

The doors of the world of secrets have opened to our Bey. Only our Bey can enter through this door. He will be out whenever he wants. He is in another world now, brother. He is from another world now. Another world? Yes, brother. Oh, come on! Turgut? Yes, father. Let us keep our promise we gave to Aykiz. Alright, father. Come on. Come on. I could not make you comfortable since the time I fell in love with you Halime. You did not have peace ever. I could not make you live a day without grief and war. You gave me your heart. Is it not enough, Ertugrul? Do you think I do not know what you fight for in this short life? Is your fight not for the peace and unity of our children and family? The honor of being with an Alp like you is enough for me. I am worried that you go without healing completely, brother. I cannot leave this victory to Ertugrul, Aytolun.

The victory of a war he did not fight in does not belong to him. Do you know where he will go? Then, we cannot be sure of anything. I hope you will come back with victories. Come on! Selcan. Halime! Halime. My dear sister! I missed you so much. Come on, have a seat. Are you alright? I am alright, thank you. I know about everything, Selcan. What that bitch named Goncagul is not Gundogdu Bey, Halime. I know that. What do you mean, Selcan? All they want is just one thing. They want the consignation of Suleyman Shah. Selcan, are you aware of what you are saying? They want to settle in Dodurga first, and then in the Kayi marquee. Nothing will be like before in this nomad tent anymore, Halime. Selcan for God’s sake, level with me. Gumustekin, Aytolun, Goncagul they all want to drag us towards a disaster. Aytolun that woman seduced my uncle even before my aunt died. The woman who told this to me was killed the same night she talked to me.

I am telling you, Halime they are hiding much more things from us. I will reveal all of them one by one. Now tell me. Are you with me on this? Place the men behind the bushes there. And over there. We cannot let Ertugrul escape. Be quick. Brother. Brother! Ertugrul is here, Noyan, he just went in. So, I will witness the meeting of Suleyman Shah’s sons. There cannot be a better day to kill. Come on, have a seat. Last time I saw you, you were in the shores of Caspian Sea. You ramped your horse. You were holding this sword which Wild Demir made. You were going to war with my father Suleyman Shah and my brother Gundogdu Bey. And you were saying without considering your age that you were going to deal with the Mongolians. You were turning the place upside down.

My mother was making Wild Demir hold your arms in order to restrain you. Gundogdu, there might be other Mongolians around. Now listen to me, nobody moves from their positions. I will go first in order to see whether there are more Mongolians or not. What are you saying, Bey? For better or for worse! We cannot be martyrs before seeing Noyan die! All together. Our lives for are not even a drop in the ocean for our nation. You stay here so that there is a commander for the Alps. Do not move from your positions until the last moment. Where is this man? Tekbir in every mouth! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Help me! Who are you? I said who are you! Inform Noyan, tell him that Karabey’s messenger has just arrived. This is really important for Noyan.

What are you waiting for? Me to die? Your longing turned into coal inside of us. Year after year, that coal turned into fire. However, we never lost the hope of finding you. Thanks to the One who brought us together. Come on! I am going to make you regret for not dying, Tugtekin! You will curse the day you were born, Tangut! They say a brave man came to replace my little brother. He challenged and beat all men from the lands that the Sun rises to the lands that the Sun sets. We cannot get even close to you when it comes to being brave. Come here. You smell like my father, brother. By the name of God! By the name of God! Attack! After Aleppo, we came to Erzurum to fight against Mongolians with our Sultan. I know it all brother. Things you did in Aleppo.

The Templars. Halime Sultan. That I am going to be an uncle. My mother, my father, you taking the responsibility of being Bey, everything. Other than the suffering because of all the longing it feels like I have never left. And you, brother? In the war I fought with my father and brother Gundogdu, I was captured. You thought I died. My mother never believed that you were dead. And then? I had a chance and escaped. The only thing I thought was to come back to my nomad group to my family. I a man’s life on the way. Then I learned that he was one of the closest men of Genghis Khan. He trusted me and took me to Genghis Khan. I came into the presence of Khan he rewarded me. He welcomed me. And then this man took me to son of Genghis Khan, Ogeday. From China to India, we ride our horses. Who is this man? Noyan.)

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