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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 62 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Did you do it? I did. They are all dead. Tell me what happened. I want to know everything. They found an opportunity to untie themselves. They struggled to escape. However Turgut! No! None of them could escape. Good. What about my Alps? They are all dead. Both Alps and the Templars’ that the Grandmaster sent for precaution. They are dead. Well, well, Suleyman Shah. Your time is over. Do not tell anybody anything about the Templars. Of course, Bey. Ayhan, did you hear something? No, why did you ask? You go, I will catch up with you. Ayhan, do not get yourself into trouble. Ertugrul Bey! Ayhan Alp. Thank God you are alive. That bastard sent Suleyman Shah to exile. I know. I have a request from you. Whatever you ask, Bey. I can give my life for you and Suleyman Shah. Thank you. You will go to Kurdoglu. You will say “If you want Ertugrul he will come and surrender to you. However he has one condition. He wants a headquarters meeting. He wants to face you in front of the beys.” After that, if he still wants and if he still has enough power he will take my head. Bey, what are you saying? He overthrew my father with betrayal in his marquee. And I will take the throne back in the same marquee by God’s will. This is my plan. I want you to make Halime talk.

Do whatever is necessary. Find out where the ark is. Yes, Bey. Go to Halime Sultan like this. So that she will see how serious you are. We are ready, Bey. We can set off. Bring the Alps’ corpses, Kutlu. Let us organize a funeral worthy of their heroism. Let us read Quran and shed tears. Let us grieve for them. Let our people see how right I was to send Suleyman and his sons. Let them admire me. The pain of our lost Alps will unite our nomad tent even more. What shall I do with them? Suleyman Shah and his family, Wild Demir and his daughter feed wolves and birds with them. So that their rotten flesh would be good for something. Turgut Let us go. How could you let this persecution happen? How could you do this? They killed all of them. Yes. They all died trying to rescue themselves. What did they do to our tent? Bey, they did not even have any swords.

It was clear that it was going to be like that. Look at our tent now. Everybody! Do not stay here! I said do not stay here! Do you not have any other thing to do? I said do not stay here! Go away! It was clear that Kurdoglu would not let them live. He knew he would lose the throne. He did it because he was scared. It is a shame. He killed the women. And poor Dundar. Do not talk here like this. Somebody may hear. Here he comes. Bey, they are coming! This is his head stooge, Kutlu. Here we start. You know what to do, Ayhan. Do not worry, Bey. Hide a sword under my seat in the meeting. This is what I want from you. I understand, Bey. I will take care of it. May God help you. You too, Bey. Turgut Alp will take care of you until you say where the ark is. So that you can find out how Suleyman and his family passed away. God will punish you all.

You You were Ertugrul Bey’s closest friend. You were his Alp. You were his brother. How could you do this? How could you kill those people? I can kill you too, Halime Sultan. Tell me where the ark is. I would not tell you even if I knew I would die. If Ertugrul died I do not have a reason to live on anyway. To kill me would be the best gift you could give me. If you want your brother to live do not make me wait. They will let neither me nor my brother live. Yigit will live my father’s fate even though he lives. It would be better for him to die. You will not hear even a word from me. Turgut Alp, have fun. Finish this before sunrise. Bey What do you want, Ayhan? Ertugrul has something to say to you. What are you talking about? Where did this come from? Where did he see him? Bey, we were patrolling with the Alps. He showed up suddenly. This is impossible. Do you hear what you say? Bey, he was very angry. He put a knife on my throat. Talk! Talk, man! What does he want? Halime? No, Bey. He wants to confront you in the headquarters. I am scared of neither you nor Kurdoglu. Get out. But, Bey Get out! Get out! I am not a traitor.

I did not betray my ancestor Oghuz. The blood that spilled on my hands were for the future of Kayis. It was to be stronger, bigger. It was to have a land and to be powerful. May I come in, Bey? Come in. You ordered me, Bey? You will go to the Templars’ castle secretly. You will tell them Ertugrul lives. Yes, Bey. Come on, be quick! Wait. Get Ayhan Alp followed. He clearly has a trouble. I need to know every step he takes. These ominous infidels could not just beat that son of Suleyman. But I will give him such a death May I come in, Bey? Come in, Karabudak. They beys and the people are anxious. The Alps are bothered. They go around saying “How could we let such a thing happen?”. They need to be eased, Bey. Otherwise, there will be even more blood spilled. Be at ease, Karabudak. I know very well what I am doing. Send news to the beys.

I want them to come to my marquee in the afternoon. Yes, Bey. What do you want, Ayhan Alp? Do you want to die? Bey, I brought you greetings from Ertugrul Bey. Where are these damn corpses? Suleyman Shah? What? You were not expecting us, were you? Come on! What are you waiting for? Kill them! What are you waiting for? Come on! Do not bellow like an ox! Come and take our lives. Come here. Come and learn by bitter experience. Forgive Forgive me, Suleyman Bey. It would be an insult to mercy if I forgive you. Feed birds and wolves with his corpse. So that everybody sees what happens to the ones who try to destroy Kayi. It is meaningless for me to live when my Yigit has died. Kill me. I brought you greetings from Ertugrul Bey. Everybody is alright. Do not worry. We will all be saved. Turgut How is this going to happen? Let us be patient, sister.

Ertugrul will save both us and the tent. 1 DAY AGO We will camp here. Turgut! No! Father! Turgut, do not do that! Father! Turgut! Turgut, do not do that! Turgut! Turgut, no! Father! Turgut! At least, do not kill the women. It would be a shame. A sin. Father! Turgut! Turgut! No! Turgut! Wild Demir! Father! Gundogdu! Brother My little brother! Father, where is Halime? Kurdoglu is holding her, son. Turgut Turgut? Are you alright? Father, Turgut is Turgut. Turgut! Turgut! Turgut! Turgut! Turgut! Turgut! Turgut! What is going on? Turgut, son! What is going on? Turgut! Bring some water. Turgut! I have to go to the tent immediately. Be patient. Let us talk about it first. There must be another way. Gundogdu is right. We must act reasonably. If we want to overcome this plague we cannot show weakness. You must control your anger. How is he? He is in so much pain. Kurdoglu brought him the drug in the cage that Templars gave him. He did not drink it. He struggled with himself. If I ever catch you Oh, if I ever catch you Turgut. Ertugrul Bey. Do not get up. You are not well. We have to save the tent. I will not live any longer. At least, I would like to do my last duty until I die. God, help my Turgut. Give him strength.

Aykiz. If you die, you will be my pride. I will not have a man anymore. I will die with your memories. However I am begging you, do not talk about dying. Neither to me nor to yourself. We will not let that ominous drug to take over you. We will fight to death. The two of us, together. Do you understand me? I promise I will not surrender. THE DAY OF THE MEETING This matter will be closed today by God’s will. Thank God. You have to be patient, Halime Sultan. Turgut, this is very dangerous. Ertugrul is alone, and you are still ill. We do not have any other choice. Ertugrul Bey sent you his greetings. Do not worry, we will do whatever we can. Thank you. May God help us. Turgut! Turgut Alright. I am alright. Come on, let us go. We do not have any other choice, father. Kurdoglu must think we are dead. This will increase our possibility to succeed. If he finds out that we are alive he will let neither Ertugrul nor Turgut live.

My brother is right, father. We have to do this before Kurdoglu finds out about the truth. We must convince him to accept my participation to the meeting. What if he does not? Then, we will not have any other choice than going to all the Oghuz tents and look for brave men willing to fight. None of us would accept so much blood to be spilled. The beys would get themselves out from this darkness when Turgut tells what he went through in the castle and reveals Kurdoglu. As my brother said none of us would accept more blood to be spilled. I am also worried about Turgut’s illness. Ertugrul, watch out for both him and yourself. Alright, brother. Bey, Ertugrul walking around the tent is not a good sign. Everybody is anxious. Nobody can know how this will end. Suleyman and his family died. Are you afraid of Ertugrul who is left by himself with only two Alps? We started this journey for the sake of our tent’s peace. We overcame so many challenges. And now you started getting scared of that Ertugrul who does not know his place? Is this your notion of being a bey? Is this your notion of being a man? Is there anybody who has something to say without getting ashamed? I asked a question! No, Bey. Ertugrul wants to come to the meeting. May him come, then. And learn his lesson. I will say all his lies one by one to his face and kill him with my own hands.)

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