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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 69 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

There is no other explanation for this, Cardinal. They are not fool enough to just walk into a castle protected like Alamut. What do you have in mind, Titus? We must have a spy among us. You reap what you sow, don’t you agree, Titus? We had spies among Eyyubis once. Eftelya. Nasir. Among Seljuks, Karatoygar. And among the Kayi tribe, Kurdoglu. Now they have prevailed to seed spies among us. How peculiar! Look at this goat smelled shepherd tribe. I shall find that spy no matter what. The members of the council are tense. They don’t want to pay the price for Master Petruccio’s mistakes. If this castle falls the Crusades shall be endangered. It will be much worse, Titus.

If what you say is true heretics who wants to make a deal with muslims will win instead of crushing them. That is when the real disaster shall begin. We have a big opportunity to dispose of Turks once and for all, Cardinal. I shall make use of this opportunity that is handed to me in a golden plate. Belt and braces, Cladius. If the situation deteriorates we must find a way to save ourselves from this accursed place. Do not be concerned, sir. Only your corpse shall leave this place, you bastard. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. What is the situation, Wild Demir? Bey, the tunnels of the castle have proven to be more arduous than we deemed. Can’t we break through, Wild Demir? We can, my Bey, but we need more men. And the noise shall be noticed by the heathens. Is there any other way, Wild Demir? Then our task is even more compelling. We now need to find the second tunnel. Wild Demir, put your backs into it. Break the stones with your weapons if you have to but get into that castle. As you command, my Bey. As you command.

If all of your signatures should be on the letter I drafted the number of soldiers coming to our aid will be much greater. Not even a single Turk will be left alive on this land. What if the Turks should enter the castle? That is not possible, Master Ricardo. They have neither the equipment to breach the walls nor the technique to approach portcullis. Remember that they are mere shepherds. Are you proposing that the Alps and their Beys are fools, Titus? I don’t suppose they are here for pleasure with so many warriors. Masters, my name is Titus. I will discover whatever these rancid shepherds’ plans are and whoever their spies are hiding. Do not have any doubts about this. When this letter reaches the County of Crusaders everything will come to an end for them. By signing this letter here you shall be signing the death warrant of Turks.

Who are you? What is your business here? I am Cardinal Thomas’ knight, Cladius. What do you want? There is a letter that must reach the Church of Antioch. It is the Cardinal’s orders. Without Master Titus’ consent, I cannot send any pigeons anywhere, knight Cladius. You must excuse me. I see. Fly away now. And send Ertugrul Bey my regards. Omer has done his duty. Now it is our turn. Double the patrols and guards, Ertugrul. They would do anything to send word from the castle now. If Omer cannot stop the messenger of Titus, we must do so. It’s tip is bloody. The murderer has tried to wipe it but it’ still bloody. So? So, the spy must be wounded. He had wounded him before he died. Inspect everyone and bring me every wounded man. As you command, sir. Cladius, you inspect the Cardinal’s men. There would not be any spies among the Cardinal’s men, sir. You will do as I command. As you command, Master Titus. God damned Turks, you all belong to hell.

All of you will die. At least now we have comfirmed that we have a spy in the castle. What do we do now, sir? We must send another messenger to the Crusaders. There is a secret passage. A passage? Yes, there are two tunnels. Master Petruccio sealed the first one. And only the two of us knew the whereabouts of the second. I could fulfil this difficult task if you command me. No, I need you more in here. As you wish, sir. Father said that he will hold yours and Aunt Halime’s wedding together. Let us bring down the castle upon the heathens first. We shall see your wedding too, in the future, if God permits. I shall be like brother Bamsi. I will take my weapon as my bride and my horse as my child. If God permits, I shall be a great Alp, just as brother Ertugrul and Turgut. When will you go to the mountains for your Alp training? As soon as he takes Yigit from the castle, father will send us to the mountains. Our training will begin then. If God permits.

If God permits, I will have brave sons as you are. If God permits. Sisters! These supplies shall be on their way in the morning. Just hang in there! Mother! Mother! Sisters bring some water, quickly! Come. Sit down, mother. Sit down. Thank you, my daughter. I am alright, no need to be concerned. I only felt a bit dizzy. Mother, you should rest. We will ready the supplies in time. I know how capable you all are. Year ago, my father was the commander of a castle in our ancestral lands. He fought hard to protect our castle from the Mongols. My brothers became martyrs in that battle. But we did not let a single Mongol enter our castle. Which of our men will become martyrs now? That is why we must make our tribe ready after the battle. We will share the burden of our martyrs’ mothers, sons, sisters and wives. And then there is Sungurtekin whom I could not even see his dead body. My heart says that he is not dead and we will reunite someday.

If God permits, mother. You will reunite, if God permits. If God permits, my daughter. If God permits. Where is Selcan? Gundogdu Bey told her not to leave the tent, so she does not, mother. I will see how she is doing. Come, mother. I can stand up. Thank you. My God, forgive me. Forgive me first so that your subjects may share your mercy. Let a drop of your mercy fall in their hearts. Amen. May God accept your prayers. Thank you, mother. I thought I should check on you. Thank you so much, mother. Come, please sit down. Selcan. This tribe has been through so much. Repelled so many enemies. But none of them hurt us as much as what you have done. Thence, you should not expect people to forgive you any time soon. Whatever I say would be in vain, mother. You are right. But… …what worries me the most is Gundogdu. Will he marry? Will he divorce me, mother? If he does so, send me away from the tribe. From now on, it is Gundogdu’s decision.

Do not expect anything from us. Selcan, my daughter! Are you alright? I do not know, mother. I hope I am not with child, mother. What is it, father? We came here to spare our Alps at the base camp from sorrow, my son. Father? You should not have come like this. If the Alps aren’t led by a Bey willing to be martyred the battle would be fought in vain, my son. Besides, isn’t it fate what protects one from his death? Look for any sleeping guards, these Turks are unpredictable. As you command, knight Cladius. Ertugrul Bey, Omer is giving us the sign. They are sending a messenger from the castle. Turgut, tell the Alps to keep their eyes peeled. Even if an ant leaves that castle you will bring it to me. As you command, my Bey. What are you up to, Cladius? We must stop Titus’ messengers at all costs. I desire to fulfil this task, with your permission. Go at once, son. Turgut, prepare the horses. We will be moving. As you command, Bey.

I thought I should check the premises. These Turks are desperate enough to climb up the walls. It would be better if I get some sleep. Good night to you, sir. And to you. Cladius. Bey, what if those wretches have managed to escape? They are without horses, Bamsi. They cannot get too far. This way. Your success of being a disciple of Arabi will open many doors for our fight against the Islamic world. We are not rivals anymore. I thought I should check the premises. Have you been wounded by this dagger, Cladius? The dagger you killed my knight with. Why did you do this? Why? There is no deity but God and Mohammad is His prophet and subject. Hamza, how are we standing? Armors, quivers, ropes and swords are all ready, Bey. We loaded them all and lack nothing. Great! Thence, we will be on our way. So that we can share in the glory of this holy conquest. Move along, cartwright! Come on Alps, in the name of God! Come on, in the name of God! Gundogdu Bey! What do you want, Selcan? You are going to battle. You may never return or find me if you do.

I wanted to see you one last time, before you go. You have crushed my beating heart, Selcan. I didn’t do anything to deserve all this. I have nothing more to say to you. Have mercy, Gundogdu. Mercy. Selcan. I kneel before you. I disregarded my honor, I beg you. Please forgive me. Selcan! It is over, understand this. If I become a martyr in the battle I give you my blessing. Farewell. Come on! Turgut. Search this one. We have found the letter! Come on, we are leaving. Cladius! Cladius! Damned man! If Ertugrul knows where the sealed tunnel is it must be Isadora who informed him. Then he is aware of the second tunnel. Only I knew where that tunnel is. It isn’t possible for Cladius to reveal it’s location. We cannot be sure of anything anymore, Titus.

If your messenger can not reach the County of Antioch we will all die in here. I shall leave with Yigit, right away. You cannot get out of this siege alive. Besides you don’t have a horse. I will take my chances. Are you that much afraid Cardinal? Jesus shall protect us. I cannot leave it to Jesus, Titus. He seems too busy with fools like you. As you wish. If you want to leave so much… Sir, Ertugrul is approacing the castle with three of his Alps. Send the knights to the sealed tunnel immediately. Turks may try to get in through there. As you command, sir. A single Turk outsmarted all of you. Incompetent fools! What do you want, Turk? I brought back the letter you sent to the Crusaders. You will not survive this, Titus. There is no escape. Those walls will be your gravestones. This is my present for you, Turk.)

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