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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 71 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Give me a hand, brother. I will, brother. We will bring it down. Come on. In the name of God! Hamza! Mercy! Mercy! I do not know why, but he reminds me of Kurtoglu. These people do every kind of wretchedness. And ask for mercy when they understand that they will not get off. Take these rascals. I will punish them at the yard. All of this wickedness comes from your small minds, eh? This is where it ends, you devil. I will give you hell in your own temple. Take him to the dungeon. I will handle him myself. Cowards! Kill me if you will! It will not be as easy like that Turkmen. You will beg for it. My God, bless you. You allowed me to see this blessed day.

Although as Suleyman Shah said, I was not able to become a martyr. But I saw Ertugrul Bey planting our flag to these bastions. His sword in one hand, our flag in the other. Screaming the name of our God. My God you allowed me to go to battle with my Suleyman Shah and his two brave sons. Blessed be God. Sit down Wild Veteran, sit down. You are wounded. Bey, my wounds are my medal of honor. They made me a veteran in the eyes of God and proud, in the presence of your brave sons. As long as we have Alps like Wild Veteran and the likes of you who considered being a martyr is the ultimate way to earn God’s blessing, the enemies of Islam will never stand a chance against us.

God willing, Bey. On this day, you have honored me. And not just me. You who carry the noble blood of Oghuz Khan, did not let the sacred flag of Kayi to fall. Our flag flies in the sky! May God bless you all. Long live, Suleyman Shah! Tatos Harput, animal trader, is it? He is nothing but a trader of evil. This rascal is responsible for every calamity from Antioch to Aleppo and Damascus to Konya. The great devil! No fire can can harm the sons of Ibrahim. No well can devour Josephs. And the pharaohs cannot rule over Moses. Do you know who poisoned you? Black Priest, Thomas. Are you surprised? He was the one who gave Isadora the poisoned dagger. And we have the Black Priest right now.

You will be gathered on the Day of Resurrection, as blind, dumb and deaf men. Your faces will be buried in the ground. Your path will lead you to hell. It’s fire will be rekindled, whenever it starts to fade away. You will not escape the torments of hell. Move! I will not die until I take a life from you. Do I have your permission, Bey? This is your day, Turgut. Revenge is halal to you like your mother’s milk. Bey! Bey! We captured the castle completely. Good, prepare the bodies of our martyrs. We will bury them at the nomad group. Gather the corpses of heathens in the dungeon. As you command. We will raze the castle on them as their gravestones. Ertugrul, handle them as well. As you command, Bey. Hamza, handle them. As you command, Bey. What about Titus? It’s Like the ground has swallowed that wretch. Titus! He couldn’ have escaped.

He must be hiding somewhere in the castle. We will search every hole. As you command, Bey. As you command, Bey. Mix this. Sit down, I will handle this. Are there any news? No, Gokce Hatun. If God permits, we will hear the good news soon. I can almost see my Turgut returning to me with his horse. Now I understand what it means to be the wife of an Alp who goes to war. You always said how hard it was to be the a wife of an Alp. Our brave husbands carry our hearts with their swords. You are right. As long as our brave warriors are alive, they will not let tyrants rule the world. Messengers are here. God willing. God, let it be good news! Yigit, Yigit! Yigit. Thank God.

Welcome. Gundogdu Bey saved me. It was a huge battle. We won in the end. The castle of Templars was burned to the ground. Oh, thank God! Mother Hayme, I bring the prayers and good will of Suleyman Shah. The castle of infidels has been captured. Those who brought trouble to our nomad group have perished one by one. Thank God, bless you. Long live, Suleyman Shah! Let us make sacrifices, and prepare for our brave ones, sisters. Okay, mother. However, we have many wounded and martyrs. Bey wanted you to make preperations for the wounded they are bringing with them. Suleyman Shah need not worry. We will prepare everything. Both my husband and my father are there, Alp. Are they okay? They are both fine, Aykiz. You should have see your father. He was the first to charge and open the gates. Ertugrul Bey climbed to the walls and planted our flag. Do not worry. My lion! What about my Alp? Are there any news of Konur Alp, my brave? Are there any news of Guney Alp, my brave? Mothers, sisters! Both ghazis and martyrs are ours. The martyrs who fell in the battle are all of our brothers. Do not cry. Do not hurt the souls of our martyrs. They were blessed with the highest of blessings. Kayi women stands strong. Let us start our preparations together. Come on.

Where is this son of a swine? He is somewhere around here, brother. I know he wants to save his skin. Bey, they are not talking, either. Speak or I will beat you to a pulp, you pig shit! Okay, Bamsi Beyrek. Apparently he is hiding somewhere that nobody knows. He will leave his hole sooner or later. I am going to look for him, brother. It is forbidden for me to live as long as he breathes. You are right. I will not die until I kill the last one of you, Turk! According to these documents, they made everything to convince Pope and Emperor Frederic to start a new crusade. They assassinated many to provoke Muslims to fight among themselves. They bought hundreds of people in the army and state. But it doesn’t end there. They did every kind of cruelty to the Orthodox Christians, whom they hate. I heard crusaders shed the blood of innocents when they conquered Constantinople. They pillaged many cities, including Constantinople. They still continue their vile acts.

They do not hesitate to massacre even their Christian brethren. They kill their own brothers just because they are from a different church. You have to take these letters to Sultan Aleaddin, Afsin Bey. I will take them, but some of the names I have seen in these lists have shocked me. With your permission, I want to keep reading. You will inform us later on, Afsin. Oh, wow! Wretches! Who knows, whose claims are these. They tried to buy our nomad group and the traitors to Islam with this gold. What about these gold, brother? Whatever Bey says. He will make the right decision. Haven’t you found him already? Search everywhere. Gundogdu distribute some of our spoils to the families of our martyrs. And some to the Christian villages at the neighborhood. Compensate their losses. They have been under heavy taxes for years. Let them breathe a little. And you shall distribute the rest of it equally among our tribe. As you command, Bey. Any news from Titus? No, Bey.

Keep searching. We have to find him. As you command, Bey. It is my turn to die, huh? On the contrary, you will not die. You will live. So that, the Papacy will know about the deeds of a bunch of Turks. Although, I highly doubt that you will have the courage to go to Constantinople or Rome after the letter of Afsin Bey. I think he has the courage, brother. Papacy must waiting the victories of Turks impatiently. Stop idling and go. Your horse is ready outside. Keep your eyes open on the road. If the villagers see you, they will tear you up before you reach Antioch. Ertugrul can you tell me what is in the chest of Ibnul Arabi? A gift that will honor it’s owner, he says. That is all. For some reason, I am not curious about it’s owner. This is just the beginning. This conflict will not end, even after a thousand years. It’s true. Our blood will never stop chasing you even after a thousand years. You will not sleep at peace. You will most certainly pay for what you have done. Since when do you feel nauseous? It just started. But I could not say a word to anybody after all this trouble. Selcan Hatun I swear you are pregnant. Finally, you will have a child. My fear are true. What am I going to do now? Will they believe me now? Your father is dead, brother.

May he rest in peace. Thank you, brother Dundar. I hope that you will take your revenge with your own hands one day. I vow to take my revenge one day. You spoiled the plans of the Templars and saved the nomad group. Praise to God. We stopped the heathens. Let’s take a stroll of the nomad group. Mother, we are going out with Yigit. Okay. You can tell what kind of a man these two will become. Just look at them. Their blood is wild. They want to conquer the world. They do mother. Yigit gets restless with each day. Ertugrul became a man at their age. He never got off of his mare. He brought many opponents to their knees in wrestling. He was bouncing off the walls. But God knows, he never hurt us. He never broke our hearts. We knew he was different when he was born. God Bless, mother. You raised up a very beautiful son. Look, daughter. A man is like a wild stallion. It is his wildness, that keeps his marquee alive. If you want to have peace in your marquee, you shall not try possess him. Because he does not like to be possessed. Of course you will feed and tame him like a hostler. You will serve him willingly. Then, that stallion will be loyal to you. If you do not do what I say, he will be the first one to kick you. A valuable lesson for me, mother.

Suleyman Shah may want to marry you to Ertugrul right after they are back. So let us start to set up your own tent right after tomorrow. Okay? Okay mother. Whatever you deem appropriate. Farewell, Kayis. I will see you one more time. These heathens have made plans for the downfall of the Islamic world on this table. If we succeed, all of the borders of this realm will change. It is not going to be hard for us when Muslims are fighting each other, Titus. We will reach our goal the day we incite Turks against the descendants of Saladin Eyyubi. Jerusalem will be ours. With God’s will, we spoiled their plans and razed their castle. Praise to God. Now it our turn to make plans. Oh, the great Otugen! I missed you a lot with your grand mountains cool tablelands and wild rivers. If God permits, we will return to the land of our ancestors one day, father. Son it was our duty to ride through west as the descendants of Oghuz. Our target will always be the lands where the sun sets. After the Dandanakan victory, Tugrul Bey has gathered a big council and decided the fate of Oghuz tribe. Our destiny lies in the lands where the sun sets. Bey. Heathen Titus has eluded our Alps and escaped. He has escaped. Catching him after this will be very hard. Until he confronts us. The sheep dog has escaped, huh? He martyred two of our Alps on his escape. We have seen that it is possible to defeat these jackals. The power of our faith and sword is enough for us.

However their attacks will never end. They need to be confronted by a state for that to happen, father. You are right, son. First, we have to become a state. Ayyubis are torn apart. Seljukian shahzadas are fighting among themselves. World of Islam is leaderless. First, we have to establish a powerful Seigniory. Brother, father. Do you hear yourselves? We hear very well, son. Ertugrul is right. Establishing a Seigniory should be our nomad group’s priority. Elaziz is our friend. However, no emperor, no Bey would let another Seigniory to be established in his realm. If founding a Seigniory is our destiny, the land will find us, son. My time has passed. You will be the ones to strive for this opportunity. The future of our nomad group is in your hands. My sons… …If anything happens to me, never abandon each other. Stay together all the time. If you stick together, our people will grow and find a land of their own. Thank you father. Father! I will rest for a while. You should rest, too. We will take the road after I perform my two rakat prayer tomorrow. God willing. How bad is his pustule? Very bad, brother. Very bad. It covers all of his back. We should talk to Arabi, when we get back to our nomad tent. He will take care of it.

What kind of an illness is this? It hasn’t healed. The Beys of Oghuz Tribes will gather. Do white beards know about this? Nothing happens without their knowledge, Ertugrul Bey. They must invited all the Beys from Seljuk Empire and Oghuz Tribes. Why does Oghuz Tribes gather? White beards are going to form a group in case Mongols come to Anatolia. I hope we will succeed, Afsin Bey. Otherwise we will encounter a much bigger danger than the crusaders. Mongols have sent their spies to the corners of Anatolia. They are everywhere. We must be vigilant, Ertugrul Bey. If God permits, Afsin Bey. First we should go back to the nomad group. We have not tasted victory for a long time. It will reassure everyone. Thanks to you, Bey. Thanks to you. Thank you, Afsin Bey. Campaign is ours, but the victory belongs to God. We don’t want to be late for the praise prayer. I intend to perform two rakat of praise prayer in the name of God. God is great! God is great! God hears all of his creatures. God is great! God is great! God is great! God is great! God hears all of his creatures. God is great! God is great! God is great! God’s mercy and grace be upon you. My supreme God, who is the maker of the sky and land. We belong to you and we will surely return you.

Do not abandoned us. Amen! Bless our battle. Amen! Never let us deviate from your path. Amen! Take our martyrs beside you. Amen! Let the world of Islam be reborn. Amen! Al Fatihah. My brave sons who conquer castles. Everything has an end. My life is about to come to an end. Maybe this was my last battle with you. My legacy to you is that you should never avoid battle. Do not betray your Bey, your traditions your people and your religion like Kurtoglu. A handful of men conquered this castle with their faith and courage. Do not ruin your unity and peace. May God always be with you! Amen!)

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