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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 73 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION. If holy God allows you to be born healthy I will take you to your dad. How can a sinful woman like me dare to bring up the child of such a brave courageous father, my little one? However, you must know that your mother will always love you so much. While dying and citing God’s name you will always be on my lips. Forgive your poor mother my little one forgive your sinful mother. Forgive. May I have your permission, Bey? Come in, son. You ordered me to come. Be seated. We want to talk about Selcan with you. You told everything was over when Selcan confessed every sin she committed. Even that you would divorce her. Then, you told us did not know what to do and asked for some time. However, enough time has passed. Do you know what to do now, son? Father, Mother. I told Selcan “I divorce you!” twice in the tent.

When I was about to say it the third time she put my dagger to my hands and begged me to kill her. That moment haunted me. I did not know what to do. But you must make a decision. What do you think? Selcan is on her way to repent and determined her will. I say, open your tent to her one last time. Bey. A small present, the least I can do. Fox fur. It is beneath you. I will carry these furs for my three brave Alps, until I die. I grew up with you. I met the sword with you learned how to use it with you. You taught that the Alps are the ones make a hunt worthy and a man into a Bey. Whatever I learned, you were always beside me. If I became the head of the Alps if I am one of those trusted with a duty your contribution in this is great. If I deserve to be your Bey how happy I am! Bey! May God keep you beside us! May you be happy all your life, if God permits. Thank you Turgut, thank you. May you be happy with Halime Sultan throughout your life, Bey. Thank you Dogan. What is wrong big man? He is miserable because you got married, Bey. I do not know Bey I thought that you would marry your armor, love your horse as a child like I do, I was keep telling myself. Bey, this if for my sister, Halime Sultan. Your precious? -My precious, Bey. -Kudret. May God give you happiness, Bey. Make you fortunate. What can I say? May God give you many children, Bey.

Three, five, eight… Take how many God may give you, Bey. If God permits. If God permits! Do not worry Bamsi. We can find a wife for you, from Banu Cicek’s nomad tent as well. Stop there Dogan! Stop! Stop it! Sensitive bear! I applied henna on you. For what? To be sacrificed to the tent of my brave man who I am getting married to. What else for? To know how to apply it to the back of sacrificial lamb at feast of sacrifice on palms of my Alp when he is going to war. What else? What else for? To listen to holy azan of Mohammad may our customs, the souvenir of our ancestors be everlasting. May your happiness be everlasting, Halime Sultan. May your happiness be everlasting, Halime Sultan. May your happiness be everlasting, Halime Sultan. The day you have been waiting for has arrives, is it not Ertugrul? Thanks to you. You have become my compass. You lead me in my darkest hours. When I thought I was left in the dark, you became my light. And thanks to you I am getting married to the woman I love. How happy for you! Let your nomad people, nomad tent, tribe, kin and your nation last forever with your happiness. May the fruits of your marriage take hold of the world. Thank you. After we solemnize you, right after the morning prayer, I will hit the roads, son. I hope to see you again, if God permits. If God permit we will see each other.

If you will go, let me bring you the deposit. It is not a deposit anymore Ertugrul. It has found its owner, thank God. You were not only a sister but also a mother to me while there were lots of enemies, wanting to kill us, to use us putting in prison. I will never be able to make up for what you did for me, sister. If I was able to find my brave man who I have been looking for my whole life and marry him and make a home with him you contributed greatly. Especially me, I will never pay you back. My dear brother. Permission? Come in Ertugrul Bey. I entrusted you not only my sister, but my dear, my beloved. Take good care of my precious, Ertugrul Bey. Show your fist’s power to the enemy and your heart’s mercy to my sister. May God make you happy and felicitous. A gazelle brought her to me. While I am thanking my God who sent that gazelle to me, every single day how can I break her heart, hurt her? I rather that God would take my life a thousand times instead of letting me live through that. So Selcan Hatun, you reap what you sow. It is time to leave. Let us see what lies in your destiny. Everybody keep your hands open, do not tie them. And say it with me. For our sins we swear not to repeat them. We swear not to repeat them. -We swear. -We swear. -We swear. -We swear. For He is the Greatest. For there is no deity but Him.

He is the owner of everything. We ask His forgiveness. We believe in God and in His angels and in His books and in His Prophets and in the day of reckoning and in destiny. We believe that goodness and malice are all His creations. There is no deity but God and Muhammad is his Prophet and subject. The daughter of Numan, Halime, with the son of Suleyman, Ertugrul on the condition that he gives you 10 dirham gold and 20 sheep as prenuptial support, do you accept him as your spouse? I do. Do you? I do. Do you? I do. The son of Suleiman, Ertugrul. On condition of the prenuptial support, have you accepted her as your spouse? I do. -Do you? -I do. Do you? I do. Witnesses. Have you witnessed? Yes, we have. May God bless your marriage. Amen. Holy God. We have witnessed these two beloved youngster’s marriage. You witness it, too. Amen. May you bless their marriage promise. Amen. May you let this couple get on well, love each other and persevere. -Amen. -Never let them be in hatred conflict or divorce. -Amen. God may you bless them with a good relation, good terms and affection between our holy Father Adam and our holy Mother Eve and Prophet Muhammad, and our holy Mother Hatice and holy Prophet Ali… -…and our holy Mother Fatima. -Amen. God. May you give this couple good kids, long life and abundant livelihood. Amen. May you let these kids which will come from them to rule the world. Amen. Al Fatihah. Be prosperous my dear children.

For the day of our nomad group’s time to be a Seigniory give birth to many sons many daughters. May God let gives you happiness and velocity. Amen father. I wish you and your kin may last long. I hope you make an impact all around the world, if God permits. Live a long life with your children. Amen Mother. May God let you live long and happily ever after. Amen. My brother. God Bless. Live happily ever after. Amen brother. Do I have permission, Selcan Hatun? Selcan. Selcan. What have you done Selcan? What did Ertugrul Bey do? He put up a tent in the sky. What did he do to make the woman he loved happy? He made a horse to a stallion, a cow to a camel, a sheep to a ram. Did he break any hearts? Did he say anything bad? He neither broke any hearts nor said anything bad. He has entered the nuptial chamber and attained his desire. Then may they live happily ever after. Amen! Have a long lasting marriage and be happy ever after. What did Ertugrul Bey do? He put up a tent in the sky. Come on! Come on! Selcan? Have you seen Selcan Hatun? She has just left Bey. She forgot the laundry by the river, she said she would go and retrieve them. Selcan! The remedy of love is reunion Ertugrul. Thank God for sending me the gazelle that showed you to me. Thank God for granting me to be the wife of an Alp like you. May God let this reunion be forever. Never make us suffer a break up Halime Sultan. Amen. May God give us a long life with our children. Amen.

Kayis and Kinik become embodied in this tent. We have united to tribes into one, Ertugrul Bey. May the tribes become one our kin be blessed Halime Sultan. Selcan! Selcan! Selcan! Selcan! Selcan! Selcan! I told you I would make life unbearable to you. Titus never gives up. No! Selcan? Selcan? Selcan! Gundogdu. Forgive, forgive me. Selcan! You pander! I will kill you. What did you want from my wife? Unfortunately, I got you without your weapon. I have never imagined like that. It should not have been this easy, Gundogdu. Come on! Gundogdu Bey! Give a holler! I am here! I will be back Gundogdu! I will never give up until your kin is nonexistent! Know it! Gundogdu! Gundogdu! Gundogdu! Have you forgiven me? Before I die, tell me that you have forgiven me. Forgive me. Hatun. Selcan. For God’s sake. God forbids. How can it be? Open your eyes! Selcan! Open your eyes for me! For God’s sake. For our baby. Bey. Selcan Hatun. Go, tell the healer. One of you, go tell the healer, right now! Come on, hurry up! Hold on Selcan. Hold on Hatun. Hold on for me, hold on for our baby hold on Selcan. Hurry! Hurry! She lost so much blood. Hurry up for God’s sake. Leave Bey. We will take it from here. Sister! Sister! Gokce! My sister stop! Stop sister! Let them, let them do their job. Brother! Brother! What happened? While Titus was trying to kill me Selcan shielded herself to protect me. How is she now? She is not good at all. She is not good at all my brother.

Alps went after him. On your happiest day… God damn it! My brother. I promise you he will pay for the thing he has done. If God permits, my brother. It is all my fault! It all happened because of me! I should not have talked to her like that. Gokce do not say that. Pull yourself together. Selcan. Send ten Alps towards Kurtbogazi. Find the trace of that bastard! Find him! Abdurrahman. As you wish, Bey. My son. How are you? How can I be Mother? We have conquered the castle but the victory is still far away. Until that bastard Titus is dead, this matter will not be settled Bey. At first Dundar, now my daughter-in-law Selcan. That degenerate is blinded by revenge. If given half the chance, he would have killed Gundogdu in that very place. He got him without a sword by the nomad tents. I wonder who’s turn is it now? How is Selcan? Her condition is dire Bey. Poor girl sacrificed herself for Gundogdu. May God be pleased of her. What have we been through Hayme? As Selcan said once everything started when Ertugrul brought Halime. Only with her presence did we realize the purulence in our nomad tent. The lid blindfolded us was lift off thanks to our daughter Halime. If God permits, we will get rid of this purulence Bey. When our daughter Selcan recovers the peace we are longing for will come to our nomad group, if God permits. After you safely return. If God permits, Hanim. If God permits. The proxy of our nomad group and the seal of Seigniory is entrusted to you. And the glory of our nomad group is entrusted to you as well. Do not worry, Bey. As long as I have you, I will never worry. It is time to take the road. Let me help you Bey. Bey. We will have a grandchild. Selcan is pregnant. I increased the security precautions in the nomad group.

However, if you do not have to, do not go out of the nomad group. Do not worry about us Ertugrul. Your duty is heavy. Come back honorably, that is enough. The day you were shot by that traitor still haunts me you falling to my arms, sacrificing yourself for me. Everyone sacrifices their life for their beloved, Ertugrul. Selcan did the same thing. After all the things she did to you, you are still protecting Selcan. We all know indeed, her heart is still pure. After all she broke bread with your mother and father. Titus will never give up Ertugrul. He even tried to kill a little baby to take the revenge of his brother Bisol. He is blinded by it. He got so out of hand that he even harms women. I am sure he will come after you. I wish he would come and get his destruction. He will. I have no doubt. Do not feel sad for that our wedding day brought such pain to us, Ertugrul. Every day you came back home is my wedding day. I only want you to be careful, alright? As long as you keep praying for my well being, what is there to fret? Godspeed. May sun not burn your skin. May rain not make you cold. Nothing may get in your way. May it be easy to come back to your nomad group.)

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