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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 74 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Do not feel sad for that our wedding day brought such pain to us. Every day you came back home is my wedding day. I only want you to be careful, alright? As long as you keep praying for my wellbeing, what is there to fret? Godspeed. May sun not burn your skin. May rain not make you cold. Nothing may get in your way. May it be easy to come back to your nomad group. Stop, son. That load will not fit into that sack anymore. Are we not going to take the chest with us, Efendi? Do I have your permission? Come in. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. It is time to leave your nomad group, son. Will I be able to see you again? Surely one day our paths will cross. From Andalusia to here many place resided us. Many opened their hearts to us. However, none of them were as peaceful as the Kayi nomad group. May God grants you blessings. Thank you. We had received you in our hard times. I witnessed your hard times. However as a seed sprouted to a new life I witnessed the pain of a new resurrection in the Islam world. From now on, everything is in your hands Ertugrul. You should know that. You become the ones who is entrusted a mission may God give power to you and your nomad group. May God let nothing to stand in your way. Amen. And may nothing stands in your way as well. You forgot to take the chest, Efendi. As I have told you before son, the deposit have found its owner now. For the moment do not open it.

When the day comes, it will open for you. May I ask what is it inside? We could say that it is a little gift which will help you when you feel the draught or swelter while carrying out the task that your fate bring upon you. It is somewhat hard to open the chest. It has always been hard to breach the shell and reach to the jewel inside. When the time comes you will breach the shell and reach the jewel inside. Gokce Hatun I trust Selcan in your hands. Not only her but our baby, as well. May nothing stand in your way, Gundogdu Bey. Be at ease. Both Halime and Mother Hayme are here with us. If God permits, my sister will get better until your return. If God permits. Safely. Halime Sultan welcome to our community. You came with graces. Thank you, Gundogdu Bey. I am honored by your words. Do not worry about Selcan Hatun. May God let nothing stand in your way. Amen. Safely. How is your wife, brother? We are going far. If you wish so, you should not leave her alone. How can it be, brother? While Oghuzs fighting to death with Mongols we should be united, we should stand as one, like my father says. No doubt, I too will come to show him that I support him.

Is everything ready, Bamsi? We, Bey, we are always ready. -My brave boy. -Brother. I trust this land to you. My grand grandfather Gokalp, gave this ring to his son, Kizil Buga. And Kizil Buga, gave this to my father Kaya Alp. And now I am trusting this to you. I may never come back. When the time comes, it is your duty to give this to nomad group’s Bey. This, firstly is your duty, Bey. May nothing stand in your way. May nothing stand in your way. May God let nothing stand in your way. May nothing stand in your way. I should not have spoken with you that way, sister. However wrong it may be sinful it may be I should not have act that way to you. I should have respected you, sister. Forgive me sister, please. You are a part of me. Look, we will be blessed with a newborn. Sister you have to live. For Gundogdu Bey, for your baby, you have to live sister. Do not give up sister, please. Gokce. It seems that Gundogdu has forgiven her, as our Suleyman Shah. Thank God. From now on, everything will be as good as the old days, Gokce. From now on we should not shadow our own happiness which we earned by our bloody tears by blaming neither ourselves, nor others. If God permits, my daughter Selcan will get better as well. If God permits. Let us hope the pain in our nomad group will come to an end, if God permits. You do understand me, do you not my daughter? It is me, Titus.

I could not realize that it is you, my Lord. -Did you bring what I asked for? -Yes, my Lord. Is there any news? Master Titus, Suleyman and his sons will meet Oghuz Beys in a caravansary by the Euphrates. Oghuz Beys you say? What is happening, Cornelius? What are these Turks trying to do? It is said that they are seeking an alliance against Mongols, my Lord. Damn them. Is the ambassador of Seljuk coming, as well? Yes, my Lord. Aleaddin Keykubat will send Ata Bey Celaleddin Karatay himself. This alliance is not solely against the Mongols but against the crusader army as well. These Muslims. If they learn to act as one for once, this will be the end of all of us, Cornelius. I cannot let that happen. Suleyman and his offspring must never reach the caravansary. What do you want me to do, my Lord? Go at once. I will follow Ertugrul. Gather the men. Sun is about to set. Let us spend the night here. Have a look around. As you wish, Bey. We were in the roads for days, brother. You kept your silence. This saddens all of us. However, father is the most worried. Get yourself together. Our duty has much importance. You are right. You are right brother however I cannot stop myself from thinking about Selcan. And that heathen called Titus, as well. Our maker will grant Selcan to you. I believe that. And Titus. The one gives him to you will be me. You will punish him for what he did to both Dundar and your wife. Trust me. Father wishes to speak with us. Let us go.

Be seated my sons. It is safe here, Bey. Since Titus has not attach us he must be planning a trap for us which we cannot escape. You are right father. He learned the cost of directly attacking us. He will set the trap near caravansary. If God permits, we will reach caravansary at sundown tomorrow. If God permits, son. If God permits. We are few in numbers. Our duty is crucial. We can surprise him by taking a road that no one can anticipate. This time he should be the one falling our trap, father. We need to finish this job without any bloodshed. But the most important thing is, reaching caravansary in one piece. Ointment is ready. Eygis told me to put it on before it loose its efficiency. I will do it Halime. Put it there. Mother. Halime. Wait daughter, I have things to say. We would like to enlarge the rug house. It seems that, from Damascus to Konya everyone is asking for our rugs, our textiles. Praise be. Even the merchants coming from Constantine are asking for our goods. We will send Wild Demir to Aleppo to buy new handlooms. This will cost us, Mother.

We will be using the loot that we obtained from crusaders. There is one more thing. Both Suleyman Shah and me want you to become the head of the rug house. So our wedding preparations should continue as well, Mother. Of course, it will continue daughter. We should not be cut away from our entertainment, right? You are right. Of course. If God permits, my daughter Selcan also will get better. I am saying that the peace will come to our nomad group however I do not know what is this grayness I feel, Halime. Simply, you are weary Mother. Get some rest. Wild Demir and I will prepare for the rug house. Do not worry, Mother. Thank you, my dear daughter. Thank you. Let us put the ointment on her at once. You both, go there. And you, return to your spots. Put two more men behind those bushes. First act should be done by them. After that, second archer unit will attack to the Alps. And finally cavalcade. Yes, my Lord. You all, return to your spots.

What happened? There is no one here. What do you wish us to do? Get ready. We are going to caravansary. Get ready. We are leaving. Run Ertugrul. Let us see how far you can go. What if Banu Cicek fall for a brave man. What can you do? As a wild flower like that withering, would bees leave it alone, brother? Let us say bees become scared seeing that Banu is so lively what if her father gives his daughter to a brave ball of fire man then what can you do? You know what. What a foreboder man you are! -What did I say? -Damn the things you said. Brother Turgut this shy rooster do not stop splitting hairs. He will do nothing. If he is fallen for her, we need to nudge this lazy brother a little. You are a wicked man. I wonder what will Titus do when he realizes he cannot spot us. Surely, he will follow us until we reach to caravansary. This will be the last trace he will follow, father. Live long, Suleyman Shah. Live long, Ertugrul Bey. Live long, Gundogdu Bey. May your hands that collapsed the castle of crusaders, will never bare hardship. Suleyman. Korkut. Welcome to you all. Thank you. Welcome, Suleyman Bey. The great Beys of Oghuz, thank you. Praise be.

It seems that you overpowered the crusaders with your brave sons. They have to wait forever to be able to gather their army back together again to overpower us. I am not saying this because I am their uncle. As long as you have these brave sons of yours, you can sweep over their armies as well. Thank you, Korkut. Thank you. How is my sister Hayme? She sent her regards. Wishes you well, Korkut. Korkut Bey is here as well. It is time to talk then. Should we ask for Banu Cicek for you? Are you trying to drive me mad? Make way. Come, let us toy with him. Do not. We have things to do. We did not forget that our son Ertugrul saved us from a major disaster, Suleyman Bey. Thank you. Suleyman Shah is not here with us. Because he collaborated with crusaders. Lie! This ignoble, casts aspersions on us. The ones sow discord among Islam world the ones who are trying to keep us from pray in Jerusalem now are trying to shatter Seljuk Empire by set Oghuzs against one another. This waste of a man who is trusted armies by Selahaddin Ayyubi’s descendants is standing before you as a crusader army dog. May peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you.

Suleyman Shah came with his sons Gundogdu and Ertugrul, Ata Bey. Thank God we heard about the conquest that you have done with your sons Suleyman Shah. Our Sultan, Aleaddin Keykubat asked me to bring his regards as well as his greetings to you and your sons. Thank you, Ata Bey Karatay. Give him my regards as well. May he accept the gift that we brought him for his marriage with Damascus queen. Thank you, Suleyman Shah. Without your efforts, our Sultan’s wedding would not be taking place. Our Sultan’s love and respect will not leave your side. May God bless you. Go ahead get seated, get some rest. Let them bring ayran to us. Let my nieces catch their breath. Go ahead. Ertugrul has come. White bearded men will be receiving Ertugrul this evening. Hatuns. I have things to say. You are working for days without a break. Some of you weaves cloths, some of you weaves rugs. Some of you stitches clothing for Alps, some of you prepares armor. However even after we bought handlooms, we did not make as much goods as intended. I know you are weary.

But what will we do if we take migration path up again? What is more, the clothing and armor that we made for Alps are not enough. What I want to say Hatuns until Suleyman Shah returns to our nomad group we have to reach the numbers he gave us. I am willing to teach my job to our willing young women. If we increase our numbers, we will be able to make more goods. Do you understand me, Hatuns? -Understood, Halime. -Understood. Thank you Hatuns. May is be easy. -Thank you. -Thank you. It is clear that she will be the Mother of our nomad group in the future. She is already aching to be in her mother in law’s favor. How is your back, father? It is nothing compared to facing a sore like Kurtoglu, son. We pull through many sores. Hearing that from Konya Palace to Cairo Palace everyone praising you, brings me honor son. Your abilities and intelligence surpassed me tenfold. Not at all, father. It should surpass, son. You are the only one among us that has Bey vision and state vision. Upon seeing your abilities I realized this fact as well. You showed us that our nomad group will live on. After I am gone you will shoulder the burden of our nomad group. Father. Your brother knows this as well, son. He embraced it. You should prepare yourself to this, as well. It is certain that we will return to our nomad group with a new mission, son. May God favor us. Amen, father. Then what happened Konur Alp? Banu Cicek did not marry that man as well Turgut. Gosh. Among many candidates, why does not she pick one? It is said that she has fallen for someone. Gosh.

I wonder who is that man? Have you seen Ertugrul Bey? Here he comes. What did Dogan do? He is tending the servants of caravansary, Bey. Like you said brother, do not be surprised if there is a crusader among them. Bamsi and I will take a look around as well. Let us see if that waste of a man Titus came so far out here. Be careful. -As you wish, Bey. -As you wish, Bey. Turgut. I do not like this Afsin Bey, brother. Especially when they do things in secret with Bey, I became very irritated. Irritated, brother. Let us mind our business, brother. Come with me. You will go in alone. Why are you not coming in, Afsin? Our rank is not sufficient, Bey. Go ahead.)

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