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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 101

Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Ertugrul will not come, Mother. Ertugrul brother will come. He would not leave my mother alone on his last night. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Come and sit, my son. Bismillah This is the last bread we share among ourselves. I wanted to be together for the last time with those who have lived in Suleyman Shah’s marquee. If Gundogdu Bey lets me I wish to express my problem and keep my children together. Do not mention it, mother. We spend our life combating and suffering. But none of them hurt me as much as Sungurtekin’s pain hurt me. Now two of my sons will go from my nomad tent and marquee. The land which we will travel to will become the future of the Oghuz Tribe. We’ll leave Suleyman Shah’s noble marquee, just like seeds blow away when it’s their time. We will plant Kayi’s flag to the farthest ranges we can reach. It is like the day we headed out of our ancestral territory. Our range will be the land where the sun goes down. We will not let down Islam and Oghuz’s flag, mother. We will not let rainy days hinder my father’s marquee. You should know, this is not only my way, but also the Kayi’s fate.

How many people do you think will accompany you, Ertugrul? How many miserable people will fall to your temptations? Above all, when you are in such trouble So Ertugrul is marching towards his death then? As you ordered, my men will be waiting for them on the way, Ameer. You’re nothing but a small time with a handful of looters, right Ertugrul? You should complete this task, Doruk Bey. Whoever is next to him, kill them all. I want you to kill his wife, his children even his horses. I want to be done and over with it. Your wish is my command, Ameer Highness. When you go to the battle, take Bogac with you. He will help you. After you complete your task, kill him, too Sadettin Kobek never forgives betrayers. Your wish is my command, Ameer Majesty. Don’t do that, Ertugrul. Back down before it’s too late. Everyone knows you are the greatest of Alps among the Kayis. And everyone appreciates you.

If you go, your absence will upset all of us. You will come to nothing, Ertugrul. You, your Alps and the women that follow you will lose. You will all die. The battle is not lost when you die. The battle is lost when we become like enemies. I see that you have already become the enemies that I battled against. By trying to strangle an innocent child and by bribing Beys in the tribe with gold you have already showed me that you’re the enemy. Ertugrul! Say no more! After all that’s happened how can I ask you to stay, son? If I tell you to leave how can my heart bear it? So, in this world we were meant to live in purgatory. I’ve run out of words and patience, Mother. May God help the ones who stay or leave. Amen. Ertugrul, give up the Shahzada Yigit to the Sultan. Otherwise you will share the same destiny. Do not forget this. I have always believed in the justice of our Sultan. I will do whatever is needed. Do not worry. With your permission. Halime. Excuse me, Mother. I will leave for Ahlat tomorrow. It will be a long journey. I’d better rest for a while.

This spoon has been waiting for you since the day you were captured. Even when we gave up our hope, my mother never gave up. My dear mother Esselamu aleykum ve rahmetullah. Amen. Almighty God.. There might be evilest in fortune we see and goodness in the evilest. Bless us with the good ones, God. Expel the evilest. Give us to good things. Do not withdraw your support from us. Do not let us become helpless. Bless us with good luck and expand our perception. Protect them from heading towards a disaster with the decisions they made. Protect from falling into disuse. Help them follow the right path. Let us live whatever is good for us. Certainly, it is You who knows the best and it is you who predestines the best for us. Amen. Do not get upset, Hatun. We did not do anything wrong. We saved our nomad tent from a disaster. It was not so, Bey. It is very difficult to withstand the pain of separation from Halime Sultan, Ertugrul Bey Dundar, and Gunduz. Stay strong, Hatun. We do the best we could do. Gundogdu Is there no other way? If you act nobly and tell him to stay, he might change his mind, right? For my sake, Bey. Give it a try one last time.

Give my head scarf. Alright. Let me talk to him. Go and see which Alps will come with us and how many people will accompany us on our way. Your wish is my command, Bey. We will try every single tent, Bey. Thank you. You should go and talk to the women. Not to worry, Bey. I’ll take care of it. If need be, we’ll take the road with a handful of people, as soon as possible. I will leave for Ahlat for a new homeland. I wanted to talk you before I go. I’m not talking to you as the Bey of the tribe. I’m not having this conversation because I don’t want to lose an Alp like you. I just wanted to tell my beloved brother to stay here. It is too late now, brother. Please do not do this, brother. So not leave me, Sungur, or our mother. We grew up together. Our children our dreams, our hopes will grow together. Stop with this stubbornness. We have no common dreams, no common hopes, brother. You relied on the murderer who killed Korkut Bey, Tugtekin Bey and Gokche Hatun, not me. While I was struggling with that man, what have you done? You supported him against me. You kept silent at all of the seditions in my father’s tent. You gave gold to Beys just to become a Bey. You broke all our hopes and dreams. Whatever determined our identity was ripped away without consideration. I see that every cause I lead is a burden for you. There is nothing more left to us than to find solace remembering those memories.

May God help you. Brother? Give your blessing, brother. You have my blessing, brother. Give your blessing, too. You have my blessing. Mother? What have you done, son? How can you leave us? Leaving your father’s marquee, his nomad tent How can you go? I will take the blessed road bestowed upon the Oghuz, mother. Your father’s marquee How can it bear this separation? You should know that I beatify my father’s soul. Neither I nor the gallants who accompany me have any hesitations or grief. If this is what makes your heart grieve do not forget that Suleyman Shah’s son Ertugrul is on right path. When I brought Halime to the nomad tent and I told you that I had fallen in love with her you told me that I’d thrown the whole marquee into fire. And then I said “You throw the marquee into fire. Some fire burns loaf. Some fire cooks loaf.” She showed you where to jump into fire. It is neither your nor the tribe’s business to rebel on it. I said this is a trial of God. This is a trial like every love, Mother. As you say, I will either become a burnt loaf or a well cooked one. To be blessed by the oppressed and continue on the right path, me and my Alps take the chance of burning, Mother. Our wish is to cook on this right path, if God lets me. That’s why I’ll set off, Mother. I’m here to ask for your blessing. How will my heart bear this? My life is yours, but how can I tell you to go? I gave you my blessing the day you were born. Surely it is all yours.

How do I grow old in your father’s marquee, apart from you? Do not go, my son. Do not take my heart and leave. You can come with us, Mother. That way Halime, Gunduz, and Dundar will not be alone. How can I leave Sungur Gundogdu, and Sevcan alone? I could never leave your father’s marquee. I could not do this. Do not ask this of me. You should know that your heart will always be with me, Mother. Every step I take, every war I fight, your heart will give me strength. Whenever I am in difficulty, I will find consolation in your heart. You should know that, my heart and my prayers will always be with you. Give me your blessings, Mother. I give you my blessing. It is all yours, my son. Praise be, brother. Praise be. Praise be, brother. Peace be upon you, brothers. And peace be upon you. We are ready to go with Ertugrul Bey, Dogan Alp. Thank you, brothers. May God be with us. Amen. Our wives and our sisters are biding farewell to the women in the workshop. We will go after we get Mother Hayme’s blessings, brothers. We will meet in front of the marquee. Thank you! Most of the Alps who promised to come did not show up. What shall we do? Did we not say that if need be we will go alone? Yes, we said that, but all of the labor and effort, was it all in vain? No, brother, nothing is in vain.

God will give the reward of our efforts. The patience is a blessing and healing. We did all we can do. Time is the time to trust, brother. Samsa and Kaya Alp brothers came to say goodbye to us. We did not come to say goodbye, Bamsi Brother. We are going with you, brothers. Brothers, how can Dodurga people come with us? What does it matter if we keep the same path? Don’t we all come from the same Oghuz family? Our decision is final, brother. We’ll go wherever Ertugrul Bey is going. Long live brothers! Praise be, brothers. No one can stand against us anymore. Praise be brothers. Praise be. Praise be, brothers. Are you stupid enough to be tempted by them and perish? What good is this punishment against the shroud? What are you saying, brother? Since Tugtekin Bey died, we have no place in this nomad tent. Ertugrul Bey is our Bey from now on. You are talking through your hat. Many weak armies managed to defeat larger armies in the past. All mouth and no trousers when it comes to customs. Can anyone leaving their nomad tent be pardoned according to our customs? What are you saying? Know your place! Brother, stop! Let me, smash his face. You insist on going your way! There is no brave men would go freely from this nomad tent.

Brothers, come to your senses! What are you doing? Do not use your weapons! Get out of here, do not cause us any trouble. You’ll soon see what trouble is. Hatuns, where are the other ladies? Are they about to finish their tasks? That’s all of us, Halime Sultan. Most of the women gave up. Did they give up? Why have they given up? Their husbands became rich with the gold Gundogdu Bey gave them. Very few people are left, Halime Sultan. We’ll not give up on our dreams even if there are a thousand people or just one. You should know that those who exchange their vows to gold will never be triumph. Now, we will walk tall from this nomad tent and set off for our future. You will fall prey to the enemies in the field of the heretics. I know and I see everything, but I can’t do anything. I am really upset because I’m helpless. I could not persuade Gundogdu Bey. Neither Ertugrul Bey, nor you. Don’t be sad, Selcan. Our hope will manage to overcome the heretics and any other trouble. I believe that we will succeed. What good it is to be successful? As long as we are separated from each other’s shadows what would I do with peace, Halime? Do not speak like that, Selcan. Which distance can separate us from each other? Our paths are separated, but our hearts will always be together. I knitted this for Gunduz. This way his feet won’t be cold. God be with you, sister. My God keep you safe from any kind of trouble. It will be good for both nomad tents when Ertugrul leaves. Finally we’ll find peace. It is true that when Ertugrul goes we will get rid of a big trouble. The hell with him! However, I will not let any of the Alps to go with him.

It is the Kayi tribe’s matter, Bey. How are you going to get involved? Ameer Sadettin agrees with me. More importantly, the tribe who cannot control its Alps would lose face. I will not let this happen. How will you do it, Bey? As you ordered, 10 of our Alps are ready to go with Ertugrul Bey. Do you understand how I will intervene now? Kaya and Samsa actually want to join, Ertugrul Bey. They were the only ones left from Tugtekin. We will settle their account soon enough. Start as soon as possible. Alps must step into action right away. Your wish is my command, Bey. We shall clip Ertugrul’s wings. Permission, Bey? Come in, Dogan Alp. The immigration community is ready. The late Tugtekin Bey’s Alps Samsa and Kaya will come with us. After that 10 Dodurga Alps will join us. But most of the Alps did not show up to the training place because of the gold Gundogdu Bey gave them. Then we need to be more cautious on our way. Are you expecting trouble from Ameer Sadettin? I’m sure he’ll plan for an attack as soon as he hears that we’re on our way. You are right, Bey. We must be cautious until we get there. As we come closer to the border of Byzantium, not only Kobek, but also our coward enemies will try to attack us. The Crusaders, and Byzantine soldiers Mercenaries from different tribes. Bandits. We are weak in number. Your presence and your wisdom will give us strength, Artuk Bey.

Thank you, Bey. We cannot use the way that we used with the Alps before. We will prefer a longer, but a safer way. We will cross the Kose Mountains and the Tecer Mountains and then we’ll cross Kizilirmak. And we will reach the border across from Enguri. I won’t be worrying about my men while I’m fighting, thanks to you, Artuk Bey. You should know that while dealing with these enemies I will entrust my marquee, my son and Halime Sultan to you. I will be worthy of the task, Bey. I appointed Dogan Alp for the safety of the power caravan. Samsa, Bamsi Alp and Kaya will be the vanguard pacify the road. Your wish is my command, Bey. We won’t give way to the enemy. With God’s help. Upon reaching our destination, we should know how to train ourselves just like our enemies. We must establish good relations with Muslims and non Muslims for trade. Therefore, we should know how to keep our doors open to those who can empower our mind with their knowledge and our spirit with their art. We need to build a new sewing workshop. Our seeds will not hold root if we are short of any of these. It might break in the gentlest of winds. Keep that in mind. When you are talking, I see Oghuz Khan’s, Bilge Khan’s and even Sultan Alparslan’s fire in your eyes. May God keep you and the Kayis become successful. Amen. Bey, I would like to come with you. I have entrusted my mother to you, Abdurrahman. Yes, Bey, but I Do not leave my mother alone, Abdurrahman. I can die for, Mother Hayme if need be. God speed. Give me your blessings, Bey. I give you my blessings. The time has come, Wild Demir. It’s high time we rebel against cruelty. We’ve came to this land with hope, Bey. We wanted to find joy and liven, but each day we went through different hell.

If I can’t make them pay for what they’ve done to us I can no longer live as an honorable man. What are you thinking, Bey? I spent half my life with the Mongols for my state. I had one consolation: To be able to go back to our own marquee. I wanted to go back to my mother and my brothers. I came back, but now a new kind of separation looms our marquee. We have lived for our tribe and our honor. We have fought, we have killed, we have lost lives, too. The survival of our state has always been the most important thing. But our love for our state never disabled us. Whatever I did, I did it for the sake of our state, Ertugrul. I did it for our tribe, not for Ameer Sadettin. You treated me the way Yusuf’s brothers treated Yusuf, brother. You become a tool to Kobek’s games. You threw me into the well. I have no words to say. I no longer have hope in my heart. Everyone will go their own way. If I tell you not to go I know that you will not listen to me and go anyway.

However, I cannot let you go with my men, as the head of the Alps. Our fate together ends here, brother. Give your blessing to me and to my Alps. Do you not hear what I’m telling you, Ertugrul? I will not let you take my Alps and leave. And I cannot let you take Dundar away from Mother. Do not confront me! Disperse! No one will leave their tents! Akca Bey commands it. If someone revolts, he or she will be punished. Go back to your tents! Go, go! As you have said I did not allow the community to gather in front of marquee, Sungurtekin Bey. Ertugrul should see that he is all alone. My Alps should not go with him, either. Not to worry, Sungurtekin Bey. No one will feel the absence of Gundogdu Bey).

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