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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 103

Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Bey. Bey. Our Holy Book, Quran is the way that shows our religion. Flag is the safest place where we raise our descendants in its shade. Swords are a door to holy battle and conquer. Leave and go. How could I leave your marquee and go, Bey? Every inch of land in world is our marquee if there is Quran on it. Know that our sons will seal their fates. They will not deviate from right way. Their mistakes will illuminate their paths. They will walk tall and be honorable. Do not feel offend. Do not offend. Be with Ertugrul where you should be, Hayme. Give these three trusts to their owner. May God give you a clear path. In the name of God. God thank you. Thank you, God. It is not possible to set out with this, Ertugrul Bey. It is irreparable. How could not you repair it in one day? How long does it take? It lasts till evening. Dogan. Bamsi. Get ready as soon as possible. Let us take Yigit with us and go to Sultan. There is no time to lose. Ertugrul Bey, let me come with you. Sister. We do not know what will happen on the road. You stay here. What will happen when you go to Sultan? What judgment he will give about you, Yigit? I do not know whether they let you live or not and whether I see you or not. Artuk Bey. Yes, Bey. Command the Alps and caravan is entrusted to you.

Yes, Bey, do not worry. We will catch you up. Alright, Bey. Dogan, Bamsi, get ready as soon as possible. We shall set out. Halime Sultan is coming with us, too. Yigit. Good bye, brother. I believe in our Sultan’s justice as my brother does. If god permits, he will believe our innocence. If god permits, Dundar Bey. Good bye, brother. Come on. Permission, Mother Hayme? Come in, Abdurrahman. You summoned me, Mother Hayme. Abdurrahman, prepare the horses. We shall not leave Ertugrul alone. Mother Hayme? We will set out as soon as possible. Be quick. Yes, Mother Hayme. Mother. Mother, what are you saying? My daughter. It is my turn to set out. Please, do not go, mother. Selcan, my beautiful daughter. I know where I must be. Please, do not. Please, do not. How could I say this to Gundogdu Bey? Please, do not leave us alone. Selcan, my beautiful daughter. I know you will take care of my son and grandchild. You will do your duty as a wife and as a mother. Gundogdu and Sungur will find the right way for their nomad tent’s unity and peace sooner or later. I believe it. Ertugrul and Dundar on the west of state Gundogdu and Sungur on the east of state they will carry Suleyman Shah’s legacy. Your children that are going to born will be biggest supporters of them. Mother. Daughter. Give me your blessing. Mother. Peace be upon you, brothers. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, brother. Give me your blessing. I go to Ertugrul Bey with Mother Hayme. Staying here preys me on. I want to come with you. Me, too, brother. I cannot stay here. I want to come with you, too. We want to come too. So, prepare then. Tell other Alps who want to come. We will set out as soon as possible. Sungurtekin Bey! Bey! Bey! What happened, Selcan Hatun? Why do you rush? Mother Hayme will go after Ertugrul. Where did that come from? Please, stop them or mother will leave us. In the name of God. Mother. Is Selcan saying true? We traveled lots of cities. Tabriz, Damascus, Aleppo Bagdad and Urumqi.

We stood strong, we never beg for mercy. In our darkest times, we stood still. You will stand still, too. Do not ever miss me. Give me your blessing, son. When Gundogdu comes, hug him tight for me. From now on, do not leave each other. No, mother. No. I could not let you leave. You cannot go and leave us, our father’s nomad tent behind. We hold in high esteem for you. You are really dear for us. Do not, mother. Do not do it to us. Give me your blessing, son. You will always be in my heart, in my prays. May God keeps you safe. Alps! What are you doing? Enough! I will not let anybody leave this nomad tent. We made up our minds, Bey. We do not draw sword to our Bey. We would die for Ertugrul Bey or by your sword. The decision is yours. Let us go, son. You know, we could not make it here. Let us go. My daughter. Give me your blessing, mother. You have it. Mother. Son. My dear son. I give my life for you. Mother. Dear mother. Give me your blessing, mother. You have it, son. Now, our nomad tent and our marquee are entrusted to you and your brother. We will never tarnish your name or my father’s, mother. I know, son. I know. My mother took our flag and left, Selcan Hatun. As I can see, she thinks honor of Kayi should be in Ertugrul’s hand. Ertugrul came, rose clouds of dust and left. We will not dread, Selcan Hatun. We will not. We will lead Kayis as they deserve with Gundogdu Brother. On the back of our horses as our ancestors thought us, we will be free. Our marquee is so silent our hearts are hurt even our horses are serving others and you are talking about being free, Bey. They could not go far while there are so many women and children in caravan. Where are they? We must catch Ertugrul up as soon as possible.

Mother Hayme, I know a shortcut over there to Gediklitas. If you use that way, we could catch them up. Alright, then. Let us lose no time and set out. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. To glorious Seljuk Sultan Aleaddin. May God let you be ruler and let you be only Sultan while other emperies are worthless. Sultan, our Prophet (phub) said “Serving justice for one day is better than 60 years of pray.” I tried to be fair on the mission you gave. I want you know that Sultan’s son Yigit took your side by distrusting rebellious Oghuz Beys. He put his life in danger not to fall into trap. My brother, Ertugrul Bey, put his life in danger to save him. I want you know that they are not rebellious. I believe you will act fair. May God let you live long. Son of Suleyman Shah, Sungurtekin Bey. Take the fastest horses and change your horses before your they die and continue. Bring this letter to Sultan Aleaddin as soon as possible. Yes, Bey. Get down the horses. What happened, Yigit? You beam. Today is my happiest day, Ertugrul Bey. I have stood still whatever Sultan’s judgment will be. And you were always with me. You did not make my sister a Sultan in palaces but a Sultan in your heart. So, I will not grieve. I want you know that. Our Sultan will listen to us, Yigit. When he learns the truth, justice will be served. Then, we will live in peace together, if God permits. If God permits. Perhaps, our Sultan will exile me or let me come with you. I do not know. Whatever is the result I felt the love of family with you that I have never felt. I will always pray for you. I want you know that. Thank you, Yigit. In the name of God. This is end of the way, Ertugrul. Are you the new bastard of Kobek? Ertugrul. You could not escape this time.

Do you think you will get away with what you have done? I will send you to hell as your owner. Yigit. Alps. Attack. Them traitor. Yigit! Yigit! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Gunduz! Bamsi! Ertugrul! Yigit! Yigit, my brother! Let us go to Ertugrul Bey! Wait Bamsi. We cannot leave Halime Sultan. Sister. I am listening, my dear. I am cold. It is like my blood is draining. I am cold. I am cold. Take your hands off my son. Your problem is with me. Stay where you are. If you move, your son dies. Drop your sword. I said drop your sword! Son! Mother! Son! Mother! I could not leave you alone. My dear Gunduz. My dear Gunduz. Bey. Forgive me. From now on, I will obey every order you gave. Welcome, brother. Welcome. Thank you, Bey. Yigit! God. Please do not make me suffer this pain. Please, spare my brother’s life. Sister. Tell me. Ertugrul Bey will take Gunduz. Of course, he will and you will be fine. Bey. Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Gunduz is here. Yigit. Sister. Mother. Tell me. I told you. I told you. Today is my happiest day. Ertugrul Bey. Give me your blessing. I bear witness, God is the sole divinity and I bear witness Mohammad is his servant and his messenger. My daughter, may God award him with heaven. May God bless him. Yigit died honorably as a brave Seljuk Sultan’s son. Yigit! Bey, these are Seljuk soldiers. Kobek. Sungurtekin Bey, welcome, sit down. Our nomad tent stared migration preparations. We have lot of things to do. If you excuse me, I would love to go back as soon as possible. Duty comes first. Gundogdu Bey went to Ahlat as you ordered. He will look for place where we will migrate. We will set out as soon as possible. I want you know that. Very good. Our Sultan and I are quite pleased that two honorable tribes of Oghuz act together. And Ertugrul, I sent a letter to Sultan because of my duty. I reported that my brother Ertugrul and Sultan’s son Yigit did not get involved in rebellion. Our Sultan will decide it. Alright. If you excuse me. Of course. Sungurtekin Bey.

My duty in these lands is over. I want to set out to Konya tomorrow. As I always told you you should be a margrave for the safety of these lands. Also, this is our Sultan’s desire. I obey Sultan’s order, your Ameer Almighty. I want you know that I do everything for my state till my last breath. I have no doubt about it. May God speed Dodurgas and Kayis. Have a safe journey, Ameer Almighty. ElFatiha for his spirit. My brother. You had a hard life. You always run not to harm your state, traditions and not be toyed by your enemies through your life. You sacrificed your short life your childhood, everything. May God take you to heaven, my dear brother. Daughter. He died for you and your baby. May God bless him. Come on. Come on, daughter. He was brave as his name Yigit. We witnessed he would sacrifice his life for his state. Come on, Halime. World is such a place where you spend your life and get nothing in return. Do not sink into Adam’s wine mystery. Do not take your eyes off the life rack that reaches sky. Human beings do not know sky reaching mystery. Every tribe’s secret truth rises step by step. Every journey’s destination is different. Journeys that are not aware of each other and a state that has endless boundaries. When the time is right that state could be in your hands. Almighty Ameer. I told you not to disturb this council! There is something outside you need to see. What? Talk! What? What is happening here? Ameer Almighty, a mad man left this and run away. How? No! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! I will find you wherever you are even if you are at the back of beyond. If I am an Ameer of this state if I am glorious Sadettin Kobek I will not stop until I level you with the ground and bury you sevenfold below the ground. Daughter, I know losing your brother hurts your heart.

God gives lives and takes them back. Like birth, death is for human beings. Yigit joined the choir invisible. He lived bravely and fell martyr bravely as his name. No word could ease my pain, mother. First my father, now my brother I am just one in this huge world, mother. Do not ever say that. God is the only One, my daughter. Pull yourself together. You are a Bey’s wife now. From now on, we will cry and you will wipe our tears. If we will fall and you will rise us. Even if we are perished, you will stand still. You must be sharp, so your Bey could walk tall. Do you know what turns a man to a Bey? It is neither his weapon nor his strength. What makes him a Bey is his Hatun who believes and supports him. Do not forget this, alright daughter? Sadettin Kobek will cause trouble when he finds out what happened to his men. Be on the alert. We will be cautious. Bey, I completed the mission you gave. Thank you, Geyikli. Bey, some people are coming. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Son, we are here as your fellow. If God permits, you will restore these land with scientists and artisans who will be on your side on your rightful course. Your caravan reminded me first Muslims who immigrated to Abyssinia with guide of Cafer bin Ebu Talib and Muslims who immigrated from Mecca to Madina. After hegira, Muslims founded their state and got strong. One day our Prophet ordered his companions to prepare for umrah. Muslims prepared and set out. Polytheists who open doors to their enemies on pilgrimage time did not open the doors for Muslims. Muslims had set out before taking Mecca’s permission. As expected, when Muslims were close to Mecca they understood polytheists laid an ambush on a place which is called as Hudeybiye. So, Muslims stopped over there.

They made agreements with envoys. But the agreement was as polytheists wanted. So, our Prophet went back to Madina without performing a umrah. Our Prophet’s companions told this displeasure to our Prophet. Our Prophet calmed them down and told them to trust God. After the agreement, he had Sura of Fetih as divine inspiration. God expressed conquer of Mecca by saying “Indeed, We have given you, Muhammad, a clear conquest” to our Prophet. So, Muslims would have not only umrah but conquest of Mecca as well. May God give conquests to this caravan. Amen. As he conquered your hearts, other hearts may be conquered thanks to you. Amen. If God permits you will serve that rightful course where you will immigrate you will fight for all the world living that rightful course. Amen. You will heal wounds with divine inspiration. Amen. May God let you found state you dreamt of. Amen. For believers, every Sura is a glory Sura. With the strength we took from our Holy Book it is time to stand up to tyrannies which reach the skies. World labors resurrection. Holy Birth is coming with the help of God. If God permits. If God permits. If God permits. If God permits. In the name of God. With the 99 names of God Almighty, the one who creates us and fills our hearts with faith, who brings things into existence. Honorable people of Kayi courageous women, brave Alps. A new life starts now. New lands are waiting us. There are many castles and hearts waiting to be conquered. On this harsh path Ertugrul Bey will take this mission. From now on Bey of Suleyman Shah’s nomad tent and marquee is him. From now on, we complain, he atones. He leads, we follow. We enjoy, he suffers. His award is working hard and pleasing us. Ertugrul Bey. Good luck being the Bey of Kayi. May God let you be victorious in both worlds, son. Amen, mother. God give strength to Ertugrul Bey to wave his flag. Amen. Save him from tyrant’s traps.

Amen. God, let this a handful of people to be victorious who set their minds on your path. Amen. Give us patience of Eyyub Almighty who prayed for you on good and bad day. Amen. Do not deprive us of your aid. Amen. Confront us with right people who are on right way. Amen. Do not lessen your love in our hearts. Amen. Give us prophet manners. Amen. Open seals of our hearts. Amen. Open them so we could conquer hearts. Amen. Good luck with your seigniory, son. Do not deviate from right way. Amen. Honorable people of Kayi who do not leave me alone. In this holy path we will show to world what could a handful of men can do by taking strength from our ancestors.

The ones who said we could not and we would perish by nonMuslims and the ones who stopped us we will shame them with the state we will found. Sun will be our flag and sky will be our tent. We will tremble very ground and pierce the blue sky. We will take our swords as lovers and have large armies. We will be guardians of justice and mercy. I swear on my sword I will keep my shoulder to the wheel and make my descendants and nomad tent victorious. May God help us. God is greatest. God is greatest. From now on, Artuk Bey is the Bey when I am not around. Know that his orders are my orders and his words are my words. Alps. From now on Turgut Alp is your chief Alp. Wait hand and foot. In the name of God. Indeed, we have given you, O Muhammad, a clear conquest. That God may forgive for you what preceded of your sin and what will follow and complete His favor upon you and guide you to a straight path. And that God may aid you with a mighty victory. It is He who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers that they would increase in faith along with their present faith. And to God belong the soldiers of the heavens and the earth and ever is God Knowing and Wise).

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