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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 16 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION. Is Baycu Noyan awake? Was he pleased with you? If you want to live, you must please Noyan. Do you understand what I mean? Good. Go, now. Baycu Noyan! Have you decided what to do to the merchant who dealt with Gundogdu? What keeps parasite Kayis and Dodurgas together, Tankut? The fear they have for us. What else? Their brotherhood traditions. How long will Dodurgas feed Kayis on long winter days? Brotherhood is up to some extent. What happens if Kayis could not sell their goods and herds? They will go at it hammer and tongs. That merchant will die. Efrasiyab will fill his place. We will take everything two nomad tents have. So, do Oghuz tribes bound up to their traditions? Oh, Ak Tolgali. The sky cracked. Two brothers fight will make people miserable. I wish I had not spoken and hit him. I wish I had control my anger, so it would not have been. Brother, are you alright? I am alright, Tugtekin. Why did he attack you? Look at this. How could a man hit his brother? Why do you care two brothers’ fight to much, Tugtekin? Save it, Selcan. Instead of scolding me, mind the ones stoking the fire. Shut up, woman! Ertugrul Aga like a raging bull, will put not only himself but all of us all in danger. Then, you will understand. Ertugrul will obey headquarters’ judgment. He has to, aunt. Or I make him obey me. Bey.

Ertugrul is Bey. He is hurt, he is in pain. His wounds will not heal, Gokce. You misunderstood me, Bey. Ertugrul is hurt. He twists the knife. But he is making a huge mistake. He must obey headquarters’ judgments. That is what I thought. Will he obey them? Perhaps, he must suffer to obey them. Ertugrul is my dear my only one. But he is making a huge mistake. I want to you know, you are right I will be on your side in any case, Bey. Thank you, Gokce. Thank you. Were you kicked by a horse? Sort of. Sit down. Could you find Noyan’s place? Yes. So fast? Birds tell their place, and their place tells the truth. Bey, are you alright? Thank you, I am fine. I have one more request. My brother, Sungurtekin. Did he really betray to his nomad people and his ancestors as Noyan said? Is he alive? Will he go back to Urumqi? I need to know these. Whether my birds talk or not, your trouble is our trouble, Bey. If your brother is even in China, my birds will not talk anymore. From now on, we give hard times to idolater Mongols! Alright, Bey. What happened, Wild Demir? It will be alright, Bey. I keep my promise to Ertugrul Bey sooner or later. If God permits, you will.

If God permits. Two brothers’ fists hurt two nomad tents more than the brothers. If the nomad tents get more damage, there will be no nomad tents and unity. You speak the truth, Bey. You speak the truth. Ertugrul and his Alps are not around. Do you know where they are? At least tell me whether this is going to end well or bad? If Ertugrul Bey is here, there will be nothing bad. Do not worry, Bey. Let us hope for the best. Thank you, Bey. Have a nice day, Halime Sultan. You, too, Artuk Bey. What happened, my daughter? Did something bad happen? I know you are on a though path with Ertugrul Bey, Wild Demir. I know you are standing by your man with your baby and huge heart, my daughter. My mother is also offended to my man. Like his uncle and Agha. There is no one I can talk to. Do not let anything happen to him, Wild Demir. I have no one other than him. He loves you as his father and minds your words. Do not be afraid, Halime daughter. I will not give those bastards another child. Turali. You have a guest. Yes. Turali? We could not imagine how it ends, Mother Hayme. If we had known, would not you have been in it, brother? Our judgment was not wrong, Mother Hayme.

It is not good in our religion and traditions not to help hard arduous people. Moreover, we back up each other against Mongols. But Ertugrul came and ruined everything, right? He is my blood and family. He is one of the best Alps Oghuz tribe raised. He is like my son. But you know I will take necessary precautions for my nomad tent’s peace. If he continues acting like this I will have to exile him with his Alp, Mother Hayme. Brother if necessary, I will do it for good of two nomad tents. But only I could do it. Be aware of that. Have you ever thought what a female lion about to lose her whelp could do? Now, think about it. Mother Hayme. You missed your work, right? I do not have anything except for my work, Mother Hayme. Where are they? Who, Mother Hayme? Where are Ertugrul and his Alps? I do not know, they rode their horse and left. Where did they go? What are you hiding from me? Wild Demir, if you know and not telling me you will not have my blessing. We both know, they are up to something. Know that I will keep an eye on you. Turali. Come here.

Come here, sit down. Come on. Turali, I am in trouble, right? I lied to wife of Suleyman Shah at this age. May God forgive me. Did Sadettin Kobek handle the business? Tell me. The number of pacifists who want Sultan Aleaddin pay tribute to Ogeday is raising, Noyan. Sultan is also hesitant. I do not want tribute of Aleaddin, I want whole Anatolia. Every inch of it, every horse on it. What about Kobek? He guarantees that he would do everything you want, Noyan. Sultan Aleaddin’s army and Ogeday’s army which is under your command will wage a battle in here, Erzurum, as you wish. When winter ends and spring comes, you will be victorious. Sadettin Kobek will welcome you in Konya. Tell him to kill pacifists one by one. I want no obstacle about war. When I entered Konya with my army, I will carry Aleaddin’s head on my spear. If he does not want me spear his head, he must do everything I said. I need at least 40 camels to carry the goods we bought from Kayis from here to Konya then to Iznik. At least 20 man to herd the animals. Take care of it immediately. Gundogdu Bey is about to come and I do not want be embarrassed when we go to the nomad tent. If you excuse me. Geyikli knows where Noyan is. We will send Abdurrahman to there. What then, Bey? Then? What if Abdurrahman fails? What if Noyan wakes up to it? We will do all we can to make him successful. If Abdurrahman fails it means his blood will be on our hands. We walk on the earth. Abdurrahman will infiltrate and give us information from Noyan. Only he can do this, now. Then, we will cut Noyan’s supply routes one by one.

How will we do it? Is it easy to do it? Tomorrow is another day. I set off. He is crazy. Where did he go? Hamza? My brother. Brother. Things got messed up while you were away. I know all of them. Ertugrul Bey’s mission was taken away. Even he is not an Alp now. What happens if he is an Alp or not? What are you saying, brother? There is no good in this nomad tent after Suleyman Shah. Ertugrul made us to go this war. We were ambushed because of him. There were many martyrs because of him. He is nothing, now. He is a useless lame handed man. You are saying this because of what Gundogdu did to you. I know you have a heart of gold. We all had a heart of gold. But they fooled us. They did it for fame and money. Gundogdu Bey betrayed to me. This betrayal will trouble us in time. All the nomad group. What are we going to do, brother? What do you want me to do? There is only one way to save both ourselves and the nomad group. I am here to talk about it. What is it? Noyan gave us a way out. Calm down. Listen to me. You saw it. Even Hayme show her teeth to you. She is my sister. But she is leader of Kayis. And Ertugrul is her son. So, it is not easy. Her nomad tent and her son, right. But Dodurga is your nomad group and Tugtekin is your son. You must think of your nomad group and son first. Two nomad groups merging is a dream as long as Ertugrul is here.

There is only one move that could merge two nomad groups. What are you thinking, Hatun? Trust neither Hayme nor Ertugrul but trust only to Gundogdu. If you act in unison, everyone wins. How would we do it? You must plant the idea of being Kayi Bey to Gundogdu’s mind. So, he would be ambitious. If you do not do this, you will lose Kayi. Mother, all the tents were erected except for 13 of them. We would provide the felt and erect the rest of them. Nobody will be outside when the rain comes. Thank you, my daughter. If there is nothing to say, I want to sleep, I am exhausted. Good night. Halime! Yes, mother. Where is Ertugrul? I do not know, mother. So, he rode his horse and left without telling you anything, right? Right. Do you expect me to believe this? I tell the truth, Mother. I respect you so I do not talk if I would lie. We both know Ertugrul is playing with fire, right? So, I am right. What if your silence will be our disaster? Mother, do you want me to rat on, my husband, your son? If necessary, yes. This is not a game! The gauntlet has been thrown. Do not make me do things that I do not want. I have led this nomad group by trusting Ertugrul for two years. You know this, too. So, where is he now? He is gone. Why did he go, Mother? Because we both made a mistake.

We did not trust him. We said he is lamehanded. We wanted to merge the nomad groups. We said he won’t stay still, he’ll want revenge. We turned our back to him. We did it, Mother. We left him alone. Regretting losing him does not help us now. If you excuse me. Halime! I will follow every step you take. Do not make me give decisions that I do not want. Mother. Halime is not strong enough to see Ertugrul’s mistakes and show him the right way. You want too many things from a woman who could not be wife to his Bey. Gokce. She is the women whom Ertugrul fell in love with. It will not change till doomsday. Oh, Bey. I wish you were alive and here with me. I need you desperately. Oh, Bey. What happened, Dogan? I could not sleep, Bey. We could not talk while Geyikli was around. Your fight with Gundogdu How is the nomad groups? Everyone heard what happened, Bey. They are worried about future. The gauntlet has been thrown, brothers. There is no turning back. But nothing will be same. I know that. Tugtekin is stoking the fire. He bears a grudge. He threatens us. I let them be until I stop Mongol tyranny but I am at the end of my rope. What would we do in short time? Geyikli is chasing Mongols. Tomorrow, maybe for the last time we go to nomad tent and free Abdurrahman. We take him and leave. This nomad group has seen so many destructions. Think of it, brothers. We challenged to Ayyubids, so what now? Tell me, Clumsy. Did not your two brothers die? They did.

What about you, Yellow Hun? Did not you bury your brave father and brother? I did. So, why? Tell me. So Gundogdu and Ertugrul Bey will be more prosperous and braver. Remember the wars we went to let them marry Seljuk girls. Why? So, they would have royal blood and they could found a state. Ertugrul Bey as Master Alp made us fight in battlefields countless times. Is there anyone who did not hurt? Is there anyone who did not lose someone? He is right. But he saved our goods and women not just ours but all Muslim world’s. That is right. He saved. But why did we save? What are doing now? What do have against the largest army in the world? We have just fame. But we do not have any food. Other nomad tent is mocking with us. Why? Because Gundogdu Bey wishes so. Instead being together two brothers are fighting with each other in the nomad groups. They disrespected to our traditions. You are the greatest warriors of world. Your name is heard even by son of Genghis Khan, Ogeday. He sent you gold that you could not see in your life. Now, think about it till tomorrow morning. So, real Alps who want to come with me could take their gold and show the world a real warrior. Is that right, Gunkut? That is right, Hamza. Do not say a word, woman.

Do truths hurt you this much? Selcan. You did not trust your brother who you fought back to back but you followed your uncle and Tugtekin who are led by a bitch. That is how it goes. Your brother hit you for the first time, do you know why, Gundogdu? Because of you. If you say another word You will hit me? I will talk until you see what is right. Even if I would die, I will talk. You and your mother made a huge mistake by turning your back to Ertugrul. Enough, women, enough. That ominous women will not rest until she tricks my mother and Ertugrul. Open your eyes. We could not get out of the trouble we are in by running and hiding. Let go of me woman, let go. Coward. You are a coward. You are scared of ambitions once we had! But do not forget that Gundogdu, they have worse ambition than us! Shut up, woman, shut up! Open your eyes! Gundogdu Bey! You are sick, women. You are delusional. You made me do this. May god give your punishment. Take your filthy hands! Sooner or later, you will show the cloven hoof!).

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