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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 28 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION. Good luck, son. My girl. If God permits you will be so happy. If God permits. If God permits, we will arrange your wedding soon, girl. If God permits. They match each other very well, Korkut Bey. May you have a long lasting marriage. Thank you. Good luck, sister. Thank you, Bey. I wish your sister was here to see it. May God heal her quickly. Amen. Thank you, mother. I had one child before. Now I have two children, Korkut Bey. I now have a daughter. There is more. There was one other man who was spying on them like me. Who? I could not see him. He did not see me, as well. How come? Who is he working for then? There are other things we do not know going on in nomad group, Efrasiyab. You should talk about it with Noyan when you get there. You also tell him that I have a great gift for him.

Ertugrul and Atabey Ertokus will meet at a place secretly. At Tandir Hill. Noyan’s duty now is cut off their heads. I wish Ertugrul was with us on our happy day. If God permits he will come to our wedding, Mother Hayma. If God permits, girl. Have a good night. Excuse me, Mother. Gundogdu. Son, do you want to talk to Selcan one more time for this beautiful day’s sake? I do not, mother. I have said my thoughts. It is done. Good evening. Bey. Your weapon is being sharpened for new hunts? My weapon always hunted since I got it. It is always ready for war. However your weapon’s shining differently today. Like it is going to heal a pain. Like it is going to be a messenger for a reunion. It is going to remedy such longings. It is going to heal such pain so my mother Hayma will see sunrise again. We are so close to reunion with our so longing brother Sungurtekin. We give our life to one who makes reunion happen who heals the pain who silences the evil tongue, Bey.

May your weapon live long. May your power never end, Bey. Thank you. I want you to keep an eye under every rock, every tree hole. You do not care about normal eye. You care about the eye of here. Thank you. May Hizir is your comrade, Zulfiqar is your weapon and Duldul is your horse, my hero. This is what Efrasiyab told. Nice. Kocabash acted smartly by not killing Ertugrul. He has killed two birds with one stone. I am going to capture the best Alp of Oghuz tribes and the best commander of Seljuk army. Konya will be shocked after this disgustful assassination. Have a good trip, Atabey Ertokus. Thank you. There are always people who is trying to get a cut from Sultan Alaeddin’s politeness and get a position in the palace because of political ambitions in such difficult days. Do not try to do anything because of your ambitions in the rooms of Konya Palace, Korkut Bey. What do you mean, Atabey Ertokus? Your brotherinlaw Gumustekin is always nearby of Sadettin Kobek.

Everybody in palace know what you are up to. You stay away from political ambitions. You can get yourself into trouble. We have been fighting against Mongols for years for our state and Sultan. You are threatening my father like you do not know about it, Atabey Ertokus. Your son Tugtekin has already been poisoned, Korkut Bey. Excuse me. He is threatening you while looking into our eyes, Bey. Sultan Alaeddin will not give margrave that I want, Hatun. They think Sultans rule the states. You should know that ones who think like that are always wrong, Bey. You are talking about Sadettin Kobek, mother? What state makes state is the power of Sadettin Kobek and other statesmen like him. Politics is also a war, Bey. As you know, my brother Gumustekin knows it by heart. He has been working in Konya such long time for you and for our nomad group. He will not be returned without your request. What is wrong with you, Selcan? It is nothing, Halime. It is nothing anymore. I dreamed about history. I was so happy the day I was going to marry my Gundogdu.

I was very happy. But now we have separated our tents. Heavens fell down on me. And my sister is marrying someone who I do not want. Every cloud has a silver lining, Selcan. You do not worry. Only silver lining in this cloud is for you, Halime. Selcan. I know that storm in the heart of Gokce is not finishing. I also know that you want to be the wife of Ertugrul Bey if it is up to you. Let us hope for the best, Selcan. You will be together again once Gundogdu Bey is calm down. It is different this time, Halime. We have great cliffs between us. My Gundogdu’s eyes do not look as they were before even he is so angry. Who knows? Maybe Bey loves someone else. So Sungurtekin is the spy inside of Ogeday. He has cheated all of us for years. Even you. All the children of Suleyman Shah are going to die. Sungurtekin. Gundogdu. Dundar. And of course Ertugrul. Ogeday will be so happy when he finds out spy’s identity. Of course he will be happy. But I gave that Sungurtekin bastard to Ogeday. It seems that I will set the cat among the pigeons. Ogeday will ask for it. These Kayis have made my life really hard, Ulubilge. So I have to turn their world into hell. Write it down, Ulubilge. We must deliver this information immediately. You wait here. Yes, Bey. Nobody moves.

Yes, Bey. Death is here for you. Ogeday is about to win against China. He will come to Anatolia soon. May you live long, Sungurtekin Bey. If God permits you will not become martyr before meeting your family. Be careful! Hamza! Ertokus is escaping. Follow him with Abdurrahman. Do not forget that Noyan wants him alive. I will stay here with my men and take care of Ertugrul. Abdurrahman, let us go! Come on! Soldier. Soldier. Traitors. It is me. Ertugrul Bey from Kayis. You are all traitors. Kayis will pay for their betrayal. Traitors! You are all traitors! Unskillfuls! Here we are again, Ertugrul. Here we are again, Tangut. You cannot escape from us. You cannot get rid of Ertugrul. Atabey Ertokus! Lay down arms! How did you find here? It was impossible for you to follow! Noyan has told us your location. Ertugrul was right. There is a traitor in nomad group. I said drop your sword. Come and take it. Abdurrahman. Do not forget. Noyan wants him alive. You will pay for it, scumbag traitors! You are done this time, Ertugrul! Atabey Ertokus is not here. That asshat run away by horse, Bey. Who is he, Bey? Tangut. Noyan’s right hand. It seems that they took Atabey Ertokus alive.

Hamza and traitor Alps did it. That traitor in nomad group. They must have followed us last night. We must rescue Atabey Ertokus. Gokce Hatun. Have a good day, Bey. Have a good day, Gokce. Last night was the best night of my life. Especially your words to my parents have been scratched into my heart forever. I have always seen the kindness in your heart when I looked into your eyes. I have devoted my life to you from now on. Excuse me. Wedding is close. If you act quickly we may have a double wedding. Are you so sure that Gundogdu wants me? After spending so many years with that woman whose inside is so drought like desert your youth and beauty will petrify my Gundogdu. You will be his mirage. He could not take his eyes from you last night. Did not you see it? Is it true that him and Selcan Hatun separated their beds? Separation? If there was not Kocabash Gundogdu was going be a killer. He was going to cut off her head. He has saved that shameless woman last minute.

If I were Selcan I would have gone already. But she is so indecent. She will do anything to be in his face. My job is hard then. You have no idea. What should I do, aunt? Give Gundogdu a little bit of courage. Then rest will be easy and quick. I will do anything that I can, aunt. Since we are going to let Kayis into our nomad group since we will be stronger and take margrave that we deserve then I will do what it takes. But I will do it my way, aunt. Selcan Hatun hates you. Hayma and Halime are keeping their distant. We will lose if we do it your way. How will you approach them? Geyikli? Bey, following path is not an open road. I saw Abdurrahman and Hamza. They took Atabey Ertokus as prisoner. They are taking him to Noyan. But you should not follow them. There are Noyan’s soldiers around. There are too many of them. I say we should wait for Abdurrahman in my poor house. Gokce Hatun! Have a good day, Gokce Hatun. You, too, Goncagul. I have thought a lot last night, Gokce. I have lived in palace in Konya with my father since long time.

I am so afraid what if I cannot live nomad group’s life? What if I cannot take it? But it was not like that. Thank God it was not like that. I just missed this life. I got my courage when I saw that I have relatives like you and I got happier. Welcome aboard, Gokce Hatun. Thank you. May God give you a Bey like Tugtekin, Goncagul. I hope so. How is palace, Goncagul? It is like heaven. It hypnotises you. It holds you in and never let you go again. Until an enemy comes and stabs you in the back. So it is no different than our nomad group. I am glad you think like that, Selcan. This is the best move for everyone, girl. My beautiful mother. I know that you have doubts. I can see that. But you must know that you did the right thing, mother. May God give them a happy life. If God permits, girl. May we come in, Mother Hayma? Come, girl. Welcome, girl. Come. Greetings. I have brought gifts from Konya. I have chosen these gifts with my father who loves and respect you.

You should not have to bother, girl. These are for babies of Halime Sultan and Ertugrul Bey. Thank you. You should not have. I am honoured to take these gifts on behalf of Ertugrul Bey. May you live long, Goncagul Hatun. Excuse me, mother. Did I say something wrong? No. She is sad about Ertugrul’s situation. I do not know what to say. You have made us really happy with these gifts, girl. Thank you. If I made Halime Sultan sad No. It is not about you. There is no such thing. You are in the family now. We shared our fate in good and bad days. I cannot thank God enough since I have relatives like you. I am so happy after the blissfulness that we had last night).

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