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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 37 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION. My God, restore her health for the sake of your name, Healer. In God’s name. Ertugrul, what have you done? What have you done? While we are trying to save you from the blame of Tugtekin’s murder how could you kill Kocabash for all the world to see? I did what was necessary, brother. Shut up for God’s sake, Ertugrul. My mother is fighting for her life because of you. No, brother. I will not take your side anymore.

Go your own way. How could you kill Kocabash for all the world to see? Brother, he was a betrayer. If I did not kill him, peace could not be sustained in the tribe. Do we have peace in the tribe now? Do we? Look at my mother. There will be a bloodbath. We have not found Tugtekin’s body yet. Tugtekin is alive, brother. Is he alive? Where is he? He is in safe hands. God! Was he not dead, brothers? Thank you, God. I never thought I would be so happy to see this tactless person alive. Neither did I, brother. Dervish, how is he? My sheikh, we should carry him somewhere safer. Efendi, how did you find him? Tugtekin. Tugtekin. Tugtekin. Thank God, your heart says that you are still alive. Hang on, brother.

When Khidr is your companion, son, fortune is always on your side. For the sake of your name, Healer. For the sake of the miracles you bestowed upon Prophet Jesus. Bestow them upon this gallant man. Revive him. Tugtekin. Alhamdulillah. We should hide him somewhere. Alps, we should carry him right away. Ertugrul Bey’s salvation depends on this young man’s survival. Hurry. Then we must help Tugtekin heal and bring him to the tribe immediately. If God permits, he will get better. What will we do if he does not? We should wait until our mother recovers. Brother. Our uncle does not want the two tribes to stay together anymore. Always be on guard. I showed mercy to Ertugrul. I believed in him. I trusted him. I valued him more than my son. But what did he do? He killed my son. He killed Kocabash, who I trained with my own hands. This is not your fault, Bey. It makes no difference. It is over now. Everything is over. Korkut Bey, if you give in a fight between the two tribes will be inevitable.

We shall stand upright and solve this matter with our minds. I do not want any more bloodshed until Ertugrul is punished and the Kayis leave my tribe. There is only one person’s blood to be shed. And that is Ertugrul’s blood, after the council meeting. Go and stop the fight between the two tribes. Talk to Gundogdu. They will leave my tribe after the council meeting, tomorrow. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. You shall be calm first. After all, nothing will be concluded before you give the final word. What did I do to my sister with my own hands? If she dies how will I live with this sin? Do not worry, Bey. I will take care of Hayme myself. You need to rest. You try to calm Kayis down and I will soothe our Alps’ rage.

If we cannot compose both tribes your margrave position will only be a dream, brother. If we cannot solve this matter, Aytolun we should not become Beys, nor hold our swords. Give us Ertugrul. We want justice! Give us Ertugrul! Give us the killer. We want justice! They swarm like flies that wade in dirt. Go and wade in the dirt in your marquee. Sister! Neither Aytolun Hatun nor Korkut Bey or Tugtekin are involved in any of these things. It was an accident. If you do not believe that how can we make the two tribes believe it? Do you want rivers of blood to flow from the two tribes’ Alps? Do not fan the flame. Sister, you changed sides quickly. While the woman who raised you is on the brink of death you stand before me and defend that whore and her husband. You do not know what you are saying. Your hatred makes you blind. Gokce! If you did not inform Tugtekin of where Ertugrul was none of this would have happened. Now, shut up! Is that true? Did you eavesdrop and tip that sweetheart of yours? I just wanted justice to be served. I wanted Ertugrul Bey to come out of the council meeting honourably and prove his innocence. My only aim was to stop the two tribes from falling out with each other. Gokce, the two tribes are falling out with each other now! You ruined it all. Do you think so, Ertugrul Bey? Your wife has caused us a lot of trouble.

Many of our Alps were martyred. We have had many troubles because of your wife. What are you talking about? You are as foolish as Tugtekin. You found each other well! Is there any justice left in all this filth to be given to Ertugrul Bey? Artuk Bey, how is my mother? Let us pray for her to live. But be ready for everything. Know your place, Gokce! I will kill you even though you are my sister! We want the killer. We want justice. Give us Ertugrul. We want justice. We want justice. Give us Ertugrul. Inform them that I am here. I wish to see Mother Hayme. We want justice. Give him to us. Aytolun Hatun is here. She wishes to see Mother Hayme. I will talk to her. We want justice. We want justice. Do you finally have what you wanted? We shall not bring more trouble when there is already so many, Selcan Hatun. I worry about Mother Hayme.

I wish to see her. If I do not want you to, you cannot see my mother. What is your problem? Who do you think you are? I am I am the daughter of Suleyman Shah. What about you, Aytolun? Which barrel bottom did they scrape you from? Watch your mouth, Selcan! Do not say anything you might regret later. All your games are finished, are they not? Many things you did not expect have happened. And you stand aghast. Now, you are thinking of how to solve it, right? But that does not cut any slack with me. You do not know what you are saying. But allow me to say that you are a well versed woman. You trained her well. Since she cut herself free from her leash and tipped Ertugrul to you! Sister, what are you saying? Shut up! Aytolun, I know more than you think. I know that you ordered the murder of that old woman. That you got into my uncle’s bed like a serpent even before my aunt, Duru, died. That is enough! It is not! There is more, yet I am waiting for the right time. One of us, you or me will leave this tribe before the winter ends. Then you should be careful, Hatun.

Your soul may leave your body while you are leaving, too. Why did you come back to the tribe, Bey? Why did you put your life in danger? If my life were more important than our cause none of this would have happened, Artuk Bey. We would have either fallen prey to wolves or ravens or become an appetizer on a tyrant’s table. Bey, we know that you are innocent. But how will all these angry people know? There was one person who could testify to your innocence but I came here so the two tribes would not fall out with each other. And about Tugtekin my Alps are with him. He is fighting for his life in Geyikli’s cave. Ibn Arabi is taking care of him, as well as Geyikli. But Tugtekin needs you. To tell the truth, you came just in time, Bey. We shall bring Tugtekin to the tribe as soon as possible. In order to make the Dodurga tribe believe in your innocence, Tugtekin shall not come to the tribe before he recovers and tells about Kocabash’s betrayal. I do not know how far the arms of betrayal reach in the tribe. That is why, Artuk Bey, if my mother is alright you should go to Tugtekin right away. I did what I could do, Bey. The rest is the will of God. The whole incident is here.

But you need to extend the time until the council meeting, as much as you can. So I can do all I can. May God help you, Bey. We will live by our fate. Neither more nor less. But the fire of instigation in the tribe must die out. Thank you, Bey. Talk. Halime Sultan and Wild Demir, mentors of Ertugrul set off to Konya. How did you learn this? Tangut, what are you hiding from me? One of our warriors who spies on the tribe said that he saw them leaving together. How do you know that they are going to Konya? From the intelligence information of Ertokus we were after. The ones Sungurtekin sent? Yes. Ertugrul has them. I can feel it. He will send him and his wife to Sultan Aleaddin. Go after them, right away. The ones Sungurtekin sent. If my predictions are true all the information about the Mongol army should be there. Aleaddin should not read those papers. First obtain the paper then kill them both. Wait! Tell Shaman to prepare my most valuable, most brave warriors who are eager to die tonight. I will keep my promise to Ertugrul. Before his life I will take everything in his heart, everything he values what he treasures most his tribe, his honour from his hands. You heard Noyan. Make all the preparations; prepare all the men.

Artuk Bey. They said you were leaving. Where are you going when the tribe is in such a condition? I take care of the Beys of both tribes, Aytolun Hatun. My duty is hard. I must look for God’s cure in herbs for their treatment. That restorative Does our Bey still take it? He does not. We risked being without a child so our Bey could live, Artuk Bey. Thank you, Aytolun Hatun. Living in a marquee comes with a price. When the time comes, that price shall be paid. That is what we are paying, Artuk Bey. Even though our bed is cold our hearts can pay this price so that our tribe’s unity and amity can always be strong. Thank God we have astute Hatuns and Beys like you in our tribe! Thank you. May God keep your path bright. The water is ready, my sheikh. Geyikli of Bayirbucak Turkmens. Your shelter changed the fate of people. You are brave like all Bayirbucak Turkmens. You are courageous. May God bless you in both worlds. May He render your fight everlasting. Amen. May God bless you, my sheikh. Thank you. In God’s name. In God’s name. Mother. Mother. Mother. Mother. My children.

My dears. Always be together. Take care of Ertugrul and the tribe. The seigniory is yours, son. Mother. That knife had to pierce me. It had to go into my flesh. No, brother. Rest assured. None of us are guilty in this matter. As my mother said you shall be Bey, brother. There is no time to lose. Demand a council meeting and take the seigniory. I will stand behind you until I die. With God’s help. I have no doubt of it, brother. My mother knows what I think. You are right. My mother is right, too. It is time to request a council meeting and take the seigniory. But But? But I fear you, brother. I said I will stand by you until I die, brother. Why do you fear me? Agreed. I have no doubt of that. I know that you do not want to be Bey. But when I make a wrong decision by your standards, what will you do? I remember the day you brought Halime and his father to the tribe. I remember how you acted against my dad to not give them over to Karatoygar. The matter of the Templars, too. You acted against me, my mother, the council and the tribe not just my father. You are a headstrong, tactless person, Ertugrul. But a tactless person who turns out to be right, most of the time. God knows that you drove us to the cliff’s edge many times. You did but you also saved us with your own hands. As you do now. I am trying to say that if we face each other one day I am not the late Suleyman Shah, I cannot put you in your place.

And you are not a child. I cannot beat you. Tell me, brother. If I make a wrong decision one day will you stand by me uprightly? Good luck with your seigniory, brother. Your brother would die for you. There is no news from Hayme’s marquee. People are grumbling outside, waiting. What will we do? If there is no news, it means that she is alive. While she is alive, we should get a move on. How? First, we will take Ertugrul, who is the killer. If Hayme Hatun dies it means that Korkut Bey is a killer, too. We will talk about this later. If we take Ertugrul we can calm down Sadettin Kobek’s rage. You need to persuade Gundogdu. My favorite thing is bargaining, Aytolun. You will help me. If he dies we need to find another way. Then our Bey will be ruined. Artuk Bey. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. How is he? He needs a healer. In God’s name. He lost a lot of blood. It is a miracle that he is still alive. Do not give in, Bey, fight. Fight so the tribe can stay united. Everyone has a different expertise. Right, my sheikh. Beys, things are complicated in the marquee. Ertugrul killed Kocabash. Allahuakhbar. Finally, the traitor died. But Korkut Bey stabbed Hayme Hatun. What are you saying, Bey? What? How is Mother Hayme, Artuk Bey? She needs prayers. If we cannot save Tugtekin the sky will fall on our tribe.

Then our Bey will crane his neck to the rope. The Kayi and the Dodurga tribes will be destroyed. What saves a man from death is his fate. Do not be sorry, brave ones. Now, leave me alone with Tugtekin. Efendi, if you stay, you can help me. All right. If Tugtekin dies Ertugrul Bey will die. Bamsi is right. I can never imagine that Ertugrul Bey’s fate would depend on this ambitious dog’s fate. I will not leave my Bey’s fate in anyone’s hands, brother. We will not. Sit down, Bamsi. What will we do if we do not? If the decision is his execution which it will be we will kidnap Ertugrul Bey and go to the mountains. While we fight the Mongols on one hand we will not hesitate to fight with the Seljuk whom we would have died for, on the other).

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