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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 38 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION. Do we have permission, Gundogdu Bey? Come in, Dumrul. Gumustekin Bey is here, in front of the marquee. He wants to talk to you. Traitor! Come out, Ertugrul! We want justice! Murderer! Traitor! We want Ertugrul! Gundogdu Bey. I know how brave you are. More than that I know what a cautious Bey you are. Please be prudent. Be prudent so that the two brothers can control the tribe. Now give me Ertugrul for headquarters. Gumustekin Bey. You are a Bey who is one of us and you know palace customs and politics. We put our trust in you. However, I will not give my brother to you anyway. Neither my Alps nor people would believe that justice will be served as long as Ertugrul Bey stays in her mother’s marquee.

You are a clever man, Gundogdu Bey. You must understand me. You must know that I want to solve this without any harm as you do. However, as long as Ertugrul does not surrender it is not possible for me to hold my Alps. Do not let another fire begin. My brother Ertugrul has returned to tribe by himself so headquarters would make a decision about him. Let him stay in his mother’s marquee until then. A man who wants to run away would not come back to the tribe. As long as Ertugrul stays in that marquee, I cannot handle my Alps. They are so furious. How will you handle so many Alps when I give him to you while you cannot handle them even if Ertugrul was in her mother’s marquee, Bey? No, Bey. Do not request this from me. Can you not see? They all have blood in their eyes. I will talk about it with my Beys. You also know that it is not a thing between the two tribes.

We are talking about the Seljuk Empire. If Sultan Aleaddin heard about this he would have ridden here to see Ertugrul quickly. Everybody knows how you have a strong liking for him because of his reputation. It is the reason of what happens to us. Things that Sultan Aleaddin did not know are not capital city’s matters. That is why you talk with your Beys. Of course, we could find a common ground that would satisfy everyone. As long as we do not involve dirty intents. Nobody can take my brother Ertugrul from marquee that was given by Suleyman Shah before headquarters make a decision about him. I have nothing else to say, Bey. My Alps! Great warriors of Dodurga! Our Bey, Korkut Bey does not want to add more pain to his pain. He wants everyone to trust justice and obey the verdict that mores will decide. He says that there will be no blood, no matter what.

Hold your sword in its sheath and your rage inside of you. If one acts otherwise, one must know that I would put his head in front of the Kayi marquee and his body in front of Korkut Bey’s marquee, to make an example. What does Gumustekin say, brother? He wants you. I say, I should surrender. If I surrender, Dodurgas would calm down. You are right. I am just taking measures. Most of our Alps have either became martyrs or betrayed us. We should keep a handful of Alps that are left, on alert. Welcome, Karabek. Greetings, Gumustekin. What is it? Sadettin Kobek wanted to make sure that Ertugrul’s head is being cut off. He sent me because of that. Let’s go inside. Our pain is great. You and your brother is fighting while you put your head in the lion’s mouth to solve this matter. You must know that, Bey outside of the tribe is boiling just like inside.

The traitor is dead, Yenge. Traitors die, however betrayal stays alive inside of us. While my almighty God deems Oghuzs worthy of bravery and beauty he keeps betrayal alive inside of us so we see and know its worth. It is not my uncle who made my mother like this. Even it was my uncle’s hand which threw you that cursed knife hand who had him thrown stays in her marquee and making the way of betrayal. Who are you talking about, Yenge? Aytolun. She imbues Tugtekin against you and Gokce against me. The love Tugtekin has for my sister and weakness Gokce has for you. She wants to use it against you. Do you think I do not know, Bey? I do know it.

Not only me but also Halime Sultan and Gundogdu Bey know it as well. Also my mother. She knows but she still can’t accept it. I also know it, Yenge but I do not know why she is doing it. It is your job to find that out, Bey. You should be careful about her brother Gumustekin and Gumustekin’s daughter Goncagul. If anything happens to me, you must know that Aytolun is to blame. Is it connected with the things between you and my brother, Yenge? He does not want me anymore. Who knows? Maybe he wants another woman. Maybe he wants babies. I cannot be mad at him, Bey. I am a useless woman who is as dry as a desert. Yenge. Thankfully our tribe will become cheerful with your baby’s cries soon. You do not worry. Wild Demir would protect your escrow to the death.

If God permits, they shall go and come back in a short time. If God permits. Come on, my girl. Come on. Listen, my girl. He survived the traps that were set against our religion and the ones like in the palace of El Aziz and the castle of the Templars. He will survive this one, too. May you be at ease. All this time I have learned from Ertugrul Bey that I should not fear the enemy that eye sees, Wild Demir. I fear the poisoned air that covers our tribe which we eat, drink and stay in peace. I seek refuge in God from enormity of the djinns and people who are mistrustful. My God, may you protect us from djinns and enormity of those who whisper evil things to people’s ears. Let’s go. Duty awaits us. Sure, my girl. Let’s go.

In brief, what I want to say is we will wait until headquarters debauchery is finished. That would be fine, if the miracle we are waiting for happens until then. What if not? What if there would be so much blood, Bey? We do not defend the head of our Alps, who is my brother Ertugrul but we defend the justice. If we give up advocating for justice we would not have anything left to fight for. Alright. Alright. Bey. I have something to say if you allow me. What is it, Goncagul Hatun? May it be easy. Thank you. You go. I will come soon. Okay. You know since the beginning I had no doubts that Ertugrul is innocent. I have told you. However there is one other thing that I want you to know, Bey. What is it? My father thinks the same but not because of his duty. You and your brother’s job is to find a middle way to prevent the two tribes shedding blood.

This will not be so easy. This will be harder now. What do you mean? Sadettin Kobek has sent his ambassador Karabek to monitor Ertugrul situation more closely. He is a dangerous man like a snake, Bey. You must know that verdict has already been reached. My father should not be stuck between you and Kobek, Bey. Do not put my father and yourself in a tight spot, okay? They would probably want to take revenge for Ertokus and his soldiers who were all dead. They will surely ask for Ertugrul Bey’s head, Bey. Make my father’s work easy so justice would be served properly. Thank you. Dumrul. What is the rush? We all want Ertugrul to die. However not tomorrow. Even tomorrow is too late. Why? Tell me something that I can understand. Do you not see how his Alps are royal to him? He is so powerful that he can make his Alps attack Dodurga Alps with one command.

Even attack Konya. That is exactly why. One who has influence on these mountains more than Sadettin Kobek one’s tongue is chopped off. It is effective for everyone. Even for you. Gundogdu Bey is here and wants to see you. It seems that coming here was a wise decision on my part. Tell him to come in. Ertugrul will enter the cage tent. Gumustekin Bey. You will take Dodurga Alps down the valley. And I will take Kayi Alps down the stream. There will only be guarding Alps in the square. They will be responsible for the security of the two marquees the tribe and the cage tent. I thought you were more reasonable than your brother, Gundogdu. How dare you come here and tell us what to do? We are trying to take Ertugrul to Sadettin Kobek’s headquarters. If you have doubts about our goodwill and want to show us our place, you need to come here with more men. Who will be the guard for cage tent? Alps from both tribes will be on guard. Kayi Alps will be around the tent and Dodurga Alps will be around them. Nobody will enter inside without the permission from me and Ertugrul. You must know that if anyone enters or tries to enter I would show no mercy. Alright.

Headquarters will gather here, Korkut Bey’s marquee tomorrow morning. Commander Karabek will also attend on behalf of Sadettin Kobek and the soldiers who have been killed. Our state is most welcome. We also rely on its justice. However whether we will rely on Sadettin Kobek or not will become apparent after tomorrow’s headquarters. May God not let anyone choose the wrong path of justice. Amen. I hope so. This will end tomorrow. Alps from both tribes will be on guard in front of the cage tent. Nobody will enter without your and my permission. If one enters, he shall be killed right on the spot. Thank you. You take care of my mother and our tribe, brother. I promised mother that I had to take our brother Sungurtekin to her. How will it be? They will let you know if anything happens to me. Take him to his tribe. He has been serving our state in the nest of evil for long years. Ertugrul Bey. Where are you going? It is time, Yenge. Bey, they would not let you alive. While my brother is with me I fear no one but God, Yenge. Give me your blessing, Yenge.

You have my blessing. Traitor! Justice will be served! Kill Ertugrul! Kill Ertugrul! Murderer! Traitor! Justice will be served! Kill him! Protect him or this would be the end of everything. Kill him! Traitor! Pay for it! You will be punished! Listen to me! Ertugrul Bey has come to the tribe with his own free will in order to prove his innocence! Now, with his own free will again, he will go to the cage tent! Whoever crosses the line will taste my sword! Bismillah. Alps! Halime Sultan and Wild Demir passed from here. There is an inn on this road. They will stay there for the night. Come on, let’s go. May you live long, Ertugrul Bey! May you live long, Ertugrul Bey! We will not let them touch you! Murderer. We have risked our lives for you. We have fought like lions behind you in every war. And what have you done? You have killed my brother. We do not want an Alp like you. Murderer. Onur Alp. Control your anger. Headquarters will punish him, not you.

Dog does not eat dog. We know that there will not be a decree against him in Beys headquarters. Do not talk nonsense. I would cut your tongue. Alps. Take him. May you live long, Ertugrul Bey! May you live long, Ertugrul Bey! If anything happens to my mother, I would make the sky fall on them, brother. If God permits, nothing will happen. If God permits, Tugtekin will come back to the tribe. If God permits. There is God so there is no problem, Ertugrul Bey. My God who saved me from such troubles have mercy so my mother will stay alive. So my uncle’s son Tugtekin will return to his tribe alive. Bey. Karabek is here. He wants to see you. Let him come in. We have met again, Ertugrul. You! I want you to see the truth and join us, Ertugrul. Sadettin Kobek sends his regards. He also appreciates your great services. However However what? Now he wants me to take your head to palace. He said to take revenge of brave Ertokus and our soldiers.

If traitors were able to walk from Sadettin Kobek’s table to Noyan’s table then to my uncle’s marquee freely and grinningly so it means that our swords will not be rusted in their sheath. Traitor? You have said a suitable word for a goatherd like you. Traitor? Everything is done for the best interests of our state, Ertugrul. And will you be able to hold a sword with that cripple hand of yours? Or do you think that your body will still carry your head after headquarters? So your death is here, too. We will see whose death is here in headquarters, Ertugrul. Make it easy. We all want to believe that Ertugrul Bey is innocent, Gokce. Korkut Bey also wants to believe this even he is in a lot of pain. He is praying for this. He does not have a clear conscience about it, Gokce. You must know that these are good things. If God allows, all of these will be left behind. Listen to my words. But do not punish yourself anymore. My mother, my brothers and my sister turns their back on me. They do not want me because I sent Tugtekin Bey after Ertugrul Bey.

I do not have anyone else except you. A new world order is being built, Gumustekin. You would want to go to war against infidels and be a part of the expansion of our state as margrave. Byzantium border is really convenient for a holy war. You want this and we have big respect for it. Our mores and religion also want this, Karabek. However we would have such times that you would even have to go to bed with the devil to get what you want. Who is the devil? For Kayra Khan who is wandering in the super kingdom! Fear! Kayra Khan! For Erlik Khan and his sons and daughters in the subkingdom. Khan! Erlik Khan! For the love of Muunchih and Musmal! Akkam and Karakam. Totem. Oge. Death! Muunchih, Musmal. Muunchih, Musmal. For the blessed generation of Chengiz Khan my brave warriors who deal with death with pleasure. May you be a nightmare to Kayis.

May you descend over them like death. For the love of Muunchih and Musmal For the love of Tengri Ulgen For the love of Tengri Ulgen For the love of Muunchih and Musmal For the love of Tengri Ulgen For the love of Muunchih and Musmal For the love of Tengri Ulgen For the love of Muunchih and Musmal For the love of Tengri Ulgen For the love of Muunchih and Musmal For the love of Tengri Ulgen For the love of Muunchih and Musmal For the love of Tengri Ulgen).

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