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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 41 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

What is happening here? They are mourning. Mourning? What for? He sent his men to Mother Hayme’s marquee yesterday for invasion. Purely to show his power. Purely to tease with Ertugrul before he dies. The men he bewitched have ran into the arms of death without blinking an eye. Where were you? Noyan sent me on a mission. I was saying farewell to my brave warriors. You did not even let me. Tugtekin is alive, Noyan. Where is he? Ertugrul knows where he is. Why are not you by my side? Why? If Tugtekin goes to the nomad tents everything will come to an end. Cover all the roads which lead to the nomad tents. Tugtekin or not whoever is going to the nomad tents will perish. And I mean everyone. I will not let my victory day turn into my mourning day. Come with me. Apparently, Hayme Mother’s marquee held against his men. Thank God. You came back son. Thank God. If Ertugrul Bey dies, Noyan’s bastards who killed our brothers last night would be victorious. Do not forget it. Brothers, we will not allow it. We will not! Will we? We will not! For our Ertugrul Bey. For justice, if it is needed we will be face to face with death! We will run the risks such as those Mogul heathens. However they cannot bewitch us and send us to die.

We would only die for God justice and customs. We would die for God and justice! We would die for God and justice! We would die for God and justice! We vow! We vow! We vow! We vow! We vow! We vow! Yes, Turali? They are everywhere Bey, people cannot breathe. May God help us. Turali, do not wander around. Go to the recovery tent and do not leave until the evening. Go now. Mother Hayme, your injury is great. Do not come to the tribunal like this. We are here. We will not leave Ertugrul Bey alone. I will not leave alone any of my warriors in my nomad group let alone my son. It does not befit me. I have gathered you here to get your approval on a matter. Is there any of you who believe Ertugrul Bey had participated in such a treachery? I am asking for the last time, is there? Kayi Tribe exists because of Ertugrul Bey, Gundogdu Bey and your efforts Mother Hayme. Suleyman Shah have a special place in our hearts. However you have honoured him adequately.

May God bless you and your children. We would also pray for you. Thank you. If everyone agrees, I want your full obedience regarding the decisions we would make about the accusations. We are devoted to you until we die, Mother Hayme. So do I. So do I. Mother Hayme, do what is needed in the name of justice. We stand beside you until the end. Everything is set, Bey. We will not let them take Ertugrul Bey from us. Beys? They approved. Ertugrul’s Alps are awaiting for you. You will lead them to the nomad tent secretly. They are awaiting at the skirts of Kusgozu Hill. Yes, my Bey. Gundogdu Bey. There is an ominous gloom in the air Gundogdu Bey, it awes me. All people craves one thing. Justice. Merely justice will arise from Korkut Bey’s marquee today.

Have faith in me. I will not surrender to neither Korkut Bey’s grief of his child nor to the vengeful yelling of the folk. Last night why did you come to my side? I pray to God to let Ertugrul’s innocence would come to light. However I have my concerns about what would happen to me if I have to give him the death penalty. As I said my Bey. All people crave one thing, justice. Do not attempt to rebel, Gundogdu. Everything will go downhill if you do. If the tribunal you gathered will act unjustly Oghuz tribes will fall apart. Seljuqs, who rely on Anatolia will fall apart likewise. Gundogdu Bey, we will bring Ertugrul Bey to the tribunal. I am coming. There are tracks. They must be taking Tugtekin to the nomad tent. We should send a word to Noyan. They have found them. Then, Tugtekin must be on his way to the nomad tent. We need to stop them. To the horses! Halime! This horse cannot move any step forward. There is Ruzgar, Demir Usta. He can carry us both. Halime daughter, you go on. I would slow you down. Look, it is raining.

Do not look back and ride your horse, go on. Accomplish Ertugrul Bey’s mission. Go, my child. Do no ask of me to leave you like this and go, Wild Demir. I am begging you. Come with me. I can stall them for a little more. Think about your baby if you do not think about yourself. You must go my child. How can I leave you alone, Wild Demir? I told you to go, Halime! Go! Your mission is more important! Go on! Stop! Alright. I will give you what you are after. Halime! No! Here. Kill the old man. No! No! As for Halime Sultan She will be the ornament of Noyan’s bed. Open the door. Do you have good news, brother? His condition is bad. Let’s hope for the best, brother. We did the best we could. Let’s see what our destiny has in store for us. Don’t. His hands will not be tied. You! This is impossible! This is impossible! The documents! Do not worry. There is another copy. Well done, my daughter. You came just in time, brave man. Tell us please. Who are you with? Dumrul. Welcome, brother. Thank you, brother. How is the situation in nomad tent? It is on fire. We will put out the fire with our spit brother, with God’s help. We will raze their tribunal to the ground. Who do they think they are? Wretched vultures. I will Brother! Enough. Why would I stop? What good would it do? Keep him under control. There is a tribunal in that nomad tent. It is thinner than hair, sharper than sword. Do not ever act without thinking. Gundogdu Bey has ordered. His order is our command.

Thank you. Let us go and save our Bey. They found our track and they are coming. The tracks are wiped away. They know we are tracking them. They are here. Follow me. Tribunal is ready, brother. Beys are coming one by one. What do they talk about? They do not see anything but blood. We wanted Ertugrul to die. Now, we have his head. Look what happened. Our hands shake the most. There is more Aytolun. Ertugrul saw Karabek with Noyan. What are you saying, brother? He said it is the secret of the state and kept quiet. I am afraid of losing our way in ominous forests, Aytulun. There is something wrong about this. What about Ertugrul? Gundogdu is determined. He will not give up his brother’s head. This means the Alps of two nomad tents will fight, Aytolun. I do not have any doubt. We took necessary measures. What will you do? Gokce. Yes, Hayme Mother. I have to talk to Sercan.

Dumrul is bringing Ertugrul’s Alps to nomad tent by carriage. Thank God, Mother. Gundogdu and I will be at the tribunal. If something goes wrong if something happens to us What are you talking about, Mother? What can go wrong? If a wild horse loses a child it will only stop when it’s dead. Only cliffs with no end will stop him. You will fulfill marquee’s decision. Be at Dumrul’s side. Do not let those wretches hurt Ertugrul. The mission is yours my daughter. With great pleasure, mother. Your wish is my command. I am fine. Ertugrul will get the end he deserves. But, if you try to take his head immediately no one can be sure how the things will end. Fix this without anyone knowing. Fix it so What are you saying woman? Don’t you know that Ertugrul is the reason of what happened last night? With his tenacity and ambition he is putting us through hell that murderer! He killed my child as well. How can you come and say these things to me? I am only Enough! He will get what he deserves, from my hands. His head belongs to me according to talion law. If I hesitate for a moment, the civil war will break. Do not ever forget what I said, Aytolun. Do you understand? I understand, Bey. May I, my Bey? Come in, my Karabek, come. What happened? Gundogdu is looking for trouble. I say that you should arrest him after the tribunal, Bey. That wretch’s head should be in your hand until he dies. Wait. Sheikh, if they get inside, they will kill us all. Don’t rush. God, who protected his holiness prophet from heretics with a spider web will protect us as well. Thank you.

There seems to be a way out. You go look. Ertugrul Gazi! Traitor! Traitor! Kill him! Traitor! Kill the traitor! Murderer! Kill him! Kill the traitor! Traitor! Murderer! Kill, Ertugrul! Show him! Stop! Where do you come from? You also asked that when I was leaving brother. I am doing something for Hayme Mother. Dumrul! Where have you been? Do you not know I want to get rid of this ominous nomad tent at once. I do not want to see Aytulun’s face ever again. You are still standing there. Selcan Hatun? What? Nothing. You may pass. Be quick!).

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