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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 46 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION. Our future will be as bright as this ring. The nomad group cries for Ertugrul, father. Apparently, they see him as their savior. While we have a leash on Gundogdu and Tugtekin Ertugrul cannot do anything in the marquee. It is near. While our kids attain their desire, Korkut will be dead and buried. Sadettin Kobek sent a letter. He says he trusts him completely and will give him all the necessary support.

All Turkmen nomad groups will be under the rule of the margrave that I will establish. Neither Sultan Alaaddin nor Ertugrul can prevent it. You know, father, this man does not even give his sins away without anything in return. I cannot even imagine what you could have done had you been born a man. As for Sadettin Kobek, we both want the same thing. Ertugrul’s dead body. You did the right thing by setting up your own tent, sister. It would not suit you to stay in the marquee anymore. While my Bey’s tent and my mother’s marquee cannot bear me I do not want to be a burden on anybody, Gokce. Try to contain your poisonous tongue, sister so that you do not come down on two newborns’ houses like the plague. The only thing that we do not know is how far those ominous hands of Ertugrul have reached. As I said Noyan, maybe his hands even reached within us. Who is the traitor? Hamza or Abdurrahman? Let us see who he is. As you ordered, we killed everyone, Noyan. We brought one of them to you so you can learn what you want to learn. Winds, wolves, birds, all types of creepy creatures whisper in my ear whatever I need to know, Hamza. You did not need to bother bringing him in. You fulfilled your duties successfully. I know you are tired. Go and sleep. Tomorrow night I will meet with my loyal dog my eye and my ear in Sultan Aladdin’s palace.

I want you to join me on this long road to Kurtbogazi. On the road, we can talk about the future too. Now, I want to assign you as commanders of a region. You proved that you will be fearless commanders with the duties you have completed up to today. Is that not so, Tankut? It is, Noyan. Go now. Concubines will give you a good wash. Tomorrow come to me with full energy. We have a long road. Thank you! We will see which one of them will bring Ertugrul to me. Aktolgali will roses bloom in this land one day? Will nightingales sing? Will our mares, boys and girls be happy? Will the cries of this land ever cease? Will Mahsuns be Dilshad? Will we be united under the crescent? Unity and peace will be reached, Aktolgali. The flag of justice will be flying under the crescent. As long as we remain on the side of justice. As long as we do not lose our humanity. As long as we keep our passion for the cause alive. May God lessen the burden on you,

valiant one. Yes, mother? I hope nothing is wrong, mother. Is there a problem? I have nothing else to think about except you, son. Thank God, we are all well. Thankfully. Your wedding with Goncagul is close. May God make you and her happy and feel the peace in both worlds. You are the son of a Bey. You have to do everything correctly. Look, son, Selcan is your woman and my daughter. Do not throw her into a corner. You are right. You are right, mother. But I don’t know what to do. Always ask her how she is. Do not neglect her. While she is alone in her tent, let her feel the breath of her man. Both her and the people. Your wish is my command, mother. What are you saying? Bamsi brother, get up.

I am resting, why are you rushing me? Leave me alone, do not make me get up. Dogan, leave Bamsi alone. Brother! Do not force me to take you by pieces. I will catch you now! Do not try to run away! Do not try to run away, Dogan! Come here! Dogan, come here! Do not try to run away! Come here! Come here! Dogan, come here! Dogan come here! Come here! Come here! Come here! Come here! Come here right now! Bamsi! Now I am burning, Bamsi brother. Burning in flames, brother. Burning in flames. So, a bird of love has landed on your heart, brother. From now on, you will never feel at ease. You were so ashamed. Death is galloping towards us on the back of a furious horse. Being Bey and Hanim is only good to some extent, Gokce. Marquee is not going to be our graves but it will be the cradle of your and Tugtekin’s children. It will be a mitt to Turkmen and home to Oghuz, if God permits. If God permits. As long as you stay beside your man in hard times like these. Bey Tugtekin is both my home and grave, Aytolun Ana. Hanim, I want to show some drapes to our new bride.

Welcome, Banu Cicek. Thank you, Hanim. How is your sister who went to be a bride of Avshar’s? Did she recover? With your help, Hanim. You came a long way, go and rest. I guess you have things to do in the marquee. Maybe you heard, the Kayis took refuge with us. I heard, Hanim. Due to being united with the furious Turkmen, your job is harder than ever. You know that. My God, how will I approach this woman? Selcan Hatun. Yes, my Bey? Yes, my Bey? Even if our tents are separate mother has reminded me that you are still my woman. She is right. Even if I take Goncagul as my wife,

I will stay in your tent some nights. Just so you know. If you cannot hold your tongue and yourself again, the situation will change. Be warned. What do you want? All I want is a peaceful life with Bey Gundogdu, Selcan Hatun! Is there anyone preventing it? Give him the things that I cannot give my Bey. Give them so that you will be happy and age in your tent together. If you cannot hold your tongue and yourself, the situation will change. Be warned! This is not going to happen while you are around obviously. Go your own way, Goncagul go your own way. I will enter the bridal chamber with your husband, Selcan Hatun. I do not want your shadow in my tent or your smell in my bed. Be warned! Because I know what kind of a distorted woman you are. Look at me. I know people like you very well. Like the dust kicked off of by a horse you will turn into mud with the first rain and smear my boots. You will disgust me until I go to a river and wash it off. And then you will be forgotten for good. Go your own way. I do not want to break your heart.

I know that you killed that old woman. What are you saying? The necklace you gave her was on her dead body. When the poor woman did not want to take it, you obviously killed her. The necklace you gave her is proof. I have it. I did not say anything not to make you more ashamed in the eyes of my Bey, Selcan Hatun. However, with your smallest mistake Bey Gundogdu, Bey Korkut, and Mother Hayme will learn the truth. I would have you executed at the headquarters, Selcan. Stay away from us and our happiness. Alps, Bey Gundogdu! Valiant ones, how are you? Thank you, my Bey! Thank you, my Bey! On one side the Alps of the Kayi group on the other side, the Alps of the Dodurga group. They are both on my side. However I want to see it for the last time. Karakhanids Ghaznevids Khwarzemids Seljuks of Iraq. All of these were the sons of the same forefather the ancestors. What happened to them? They became a state. However, when they became a state they fell apart. They let the tyrants and infidels in. Boris, seignior of Erbil Zengis, Salgurlus. They also became seigniors. But they could not make it either. Sons of the same forefather and ancestors have only one salvation. To be united. To be united. There is no other salvation. This is true. We are two glorious nomad groups of Oghuz. Until we separate our ways our Alps will belong to the same army, the same tribe. From now on the Alps of two tribes do not exist. There are only the valiant Alps of my forefather Oghuz invincible veterans and martyrs of Islam. We will face the Mongols with this martyrdom, understood? Understood, my Bey! Understood, my Bey! Alright. Show it then. May God clear your way. God bless you! Amen! Gundogdu is a good commander.

However, you are as good as him. Do not be offended. You are the hope of the Dodurga as he is the hope of the Kayi. Everybody pays a price, Bey Musteki. I paid this price with my stubbornness. Where is Dogan? Forgive me, my Bey. What is happening, Dogan? What is this tardiness? My Bey love makes one either a fool or proud. It makes this one a fool. Do not repeat it. Yes, my Bey! Alps! Bey Tugtekin has recovered and joined us. For Bey Tugtekin for Bey Gundogdu. Long live Bey Gundogdu. Long live Bey Gundogdu. Long live Bey Tugtekin. Long live Bey Tugtekin. Long live Bey Gundogdu.

Long live Bey Gundogdu. Long live Bey Tugtekin. Long live Bey Tugtekin. Long live Bey Gundogdu . Long live Bey Gundogdu. Long live Bey Tugtekin. Long live Bey Tugtekin. Long live Bey Gundogdu. Long live Bey Gundogdu. These are very beautiful. This fabric will look very good on you, Gokce Hatun. What does not look good on the beautiful one? Praise be, for both of you. We say it’s nice but what will our sweethearts say? Hatuns, tell me, what will a man tell his woman? Shining brightly in a fine tone my tall beauty sashays. What else does he say? Her cheeks are red like blood dripped onto the snow. What else? The one with the tiny mouth in which two almonds can’t fit her eyebrows were drawn by calligraphists. And her hair with color of dun. So, set up a clear marquee in black lands may your bridal chamber bring glory to the Oghuz tribe. Selcan. Selcan, are you alright my daughter? What else does one want from God after seeing the happiness of the people she loves, mother? For me, it is to see the marriage of my sister and my Bey. Han of Hans, Ogeday, I follow every step Noyan takes, as you ordered. He is helpless against Ertugrul. If it goes that way, it is not possible for our army to pass Erzurum. I will write you about the precautions to be taken. Tangut. Tangut? Tangut? What? Tangut. Hamza is still asleep. But Abdurrahman is not here. How many coins is this, uncle? Five coins.

It is too much. Who are you watching secretly? What is this? Are you looking for an infidel? Shut up! The person he is watching is obvious, brother. Yes, I understand, brother. Dogan, we lost our minds in the way of defeating infidels you will lose yours in the way of love. Why don’t you go to the training stable? Find an Alp your size and wrestle him. How much is this? I can give it to you for four coins. It is too much. If you are willing to buy it, I can give it to you for three. Brother, let it go, Banu Cicek is leaving. Go, brother, tell your wish to her. Go. Go and talk to her. Go. Go. Thank you. May it be easy. Thank you. The pot must be heavy, let me help you. No, I do not need help. Thank you. Go and help people who are in need. No, let me help you, I will not feel at ease. Let it go. No,

let me help. It is not necessary, thank you. My heart will not feel at ease, let me take it. Thank you for your help. I am so sorry. You broke the pot. What are you laughing at? What? We just sneezed, sneezed. What is it with you? Go to the nomad tent and let Ertugrul know. Noyan will meet with his spy in the Sultan’s palace. They will be at Kurtbogazi tomorrow night. Bey Ertugrul’s orders, it is done now, brother Abdurrahman. You will not go back to dishonest Noyan. What are you saying, Geyikli? Bey Ertugrul is suspicious. He thinks that Noyan knows what your intention is. He wants you to go back to the nomad tent. I know. Bey Ertugrul thinks of me, thanks to him. However, Noyan is not suspicious of me. I know. If I do not go back, we cannot find the tr
aitor that sold the nation and the state What if Bey Ertugrul is right? Does not my Bey always say fate protects people from death? If death comes, what can we do as human beings? Give greetings to my Bey and my brothers Hope for the best. May God be with you. Brother Abdurrahman. Translation: Sublime Translation Service).

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