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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 47 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Brothers! I just came back from the duty that Ertugrul Bey gave me. But I am very bored. Why? Because I was not able to cut any non Muslims. So I have intention of going back to nomad tent and eat some food. Brothers, right in that time a sound came to my ear. I said God, finally expected non Muslims are coming, Bamsi. Brothers, I got my weapon and jump into bushes. I said with the name of God but person behind tree was not a non Muslim. What was it? It was a bear. It was a bear. A bear! Whatever brothers, I said, does not matter either it is a non Muslim or a bear. I got my weapon, united my hands and started to hit. Hitting again and hitting again! Brothers, bear escaped! Since that day Bamsi became a bear as well. Welcome, Artuk Bey. Thank you, my Bey, you also welcome. Did you bring my cure? Yes, I did. Come and lay down.

I put ointment onto carbuncle on your leg. Let it penetrate into your wound. Come here before you go to bed then we will clean this pus well. In the morning we will clean the remained part. Then you will be recovered. It will cure your leg. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, my Bey. I hope your joy will be permanent. Amen, my Bey. Thank you, my Bey. Dogan I hope nothing is wrong? I see you silent. He is in love, my Bey, he is in love. My Bey, you must be tired. But we have a guest, a poet from Bayirbucak. You may wish to join us. Welcome, brother.

Thank you, Bey. Begin. Smoke collapsed On the top of Red Mountain Martyr’s given to its land and rocks They did not mind tears They cried and went to Turkmen mountain Enemies go around 45 mountains They go and make trouble to Turkmen Mothers and sisters cry to their martyr They cauterized Turkmen mountain They hit and exiled us from nomad tent May dear God gives us strength Even if we die We will not renounce from here They destroyed Turkmen mountain Grandsons of Alparslan, Suleyman Shah Mothers delivered them like leonine They sacrificed their lives for us They made Turkmen mountain home Turkmen, do not lose your hope from God This beautiful homeland is heritage From forefather There will be triumph There will be triumph Write Turkmen mountain to the history Thank you. Thank you. Well said, brother. Thank you, Bey. I hope nothing is wrong, Geyikli? My Bey, Abdurrahman has news. I will not surrender to you and your fickle aunt. Look, daughter. Gundogdu is son of Suleyman Shah, brother of Ertugrul. If we come to a bad point it is me to cut it off.

Then I do not want you to cry. Do you understand? We took an oath to keep unity of Oghuz. Do not forget it. Do not you know until today I have faced with many things for you, father? Then be aware of that I will be doing from now on. Do not make your mother in law wait. Even if I marry with Goncagul, I will be staying in your tent some days. You know that. If you cannot hold your tongue and yourself, this will change. You know that. What is the matter, Bey? Abdurrahman brought news from Noyan. Then he said he will not be suspicious of me and left to go back there. Then Abdurrahman must be in a big trouble, Bey. Noyan played his last game. He is going to kill him.

I am sure he will not kill him immediately. He will enjoy of killing of Abdurrahman. What are you thinking, Bey? Now it is the time. We will attack to Noyan. How is it going to happen? Noyan will understand he cannot exist in these mountains and cannot attack to Turkmen nomad groups. With God’s name. With God’s name. Thank you. Thanks to God my little table keeps growing. Became more joyful with my brides and grooms. If God permits Ertugrul and Halime will be in our table. And then Sungurtekin. If God permits, mother. If God permits. If God permits. If God permits.

I have heard of heroic stories of Kayi while I have been growing from both my father and forefather. I have given my daughter to this such honest and valiant nomad group thankfully. I will not leave anything undone. My daughter married with a valiant such Gundogdu Bey. From now on, it becomes my festival. Thank you, my Bey, thank you. When we see marriage of Gokce Hatun and Tugtekin it will become our festival then. Thank you, brother, thank you. But do not forget that only thing makes me happy is not taking such a beautiful woman, Gokce Hatun. Dear God took my mother from me too early. Thankfully I have two mothers now. Dishonest Mongolians took two of my brothers. However my dear God gave me two brothers. Gundogdu Bey and Ertugrul Bey. Thank you. I see that grief of yesterday grows hopes of today. I can hear powerful steps of tomorrow. We will see the united power of two nomad groups, if God permits. If God permits, if God permits. If God permits.

If God permits. Stop in a place! My head is turning because of you! I do not know where to stop! God knows what Noyan will do to Abdurrahman. Shut up! My bey will not let Abdurrahman be wasted. I know it. He will find a solution. Today I am tired. Will you excuse me, maybe you have things to talk with my father. Of course, daughter. Go and rest. Let me join you until the marquee. For years I have been serving to Sultan in palace. Only thing I care was my duty. I have not even noticed my growing daughter. When I returned to nomad tent, my daughter grown up and became in the age of being a bride. It will not be easy for me to get used to it. Whatever, things I say are just words of a father. If Goncagul immigrates with you I will be totally alone. Anytime you want we always have place for you in our marquee, Gumustekin Bey. When you come to nomad tent we all hated you. However, we became relatives now. You are one of our family now. Thank you.

It comes from your great heart, Hayme Hatun. Thank you. Maybe disaster happened to Kayi family became something good for being united. You always mention of unity of Kayi and Dodurga. Gumustekin Bey, we got united for winter. Do not exaggerate this brotherhood in your eye. We are the two nomad groups that have most valiant men of Oghuz tribe. Why do not keep our unity forever, Hayme Hatun? Unity comes from fate against Mongolians violence can be a good opportunity to carry us to margrave, who knows? You are talking about a margrave that is connected to Seljuq Empire and Alaeddin Sultan, right, Bey? Of course Hayme Hatun, of course. Strength of Kayi comes from not bending for anyone. Whosoever goes after this dream I can see they will bend for who from now on. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Gundogdu Bey? Yes, Goncagul Hatun.

Know that I am thankful to dear God due to meeting with such a valiant like you. I am thankful because of you as such an understanding and discreet woman. Thank you. Have a nice sleep, my Bey. You too. Dear God, protect me from slanders and Gundogdu Bey from sin of that termagant woman! You even fight with your shadow, woman. What can I say. God may give you wisdom. Everybody has left, mother. Yes, son, Gokce went to bed also. Come and sit here. So tell me, mother did you think long and hard of your bride and relative? Gumustekin is a prestigious man that had vital positions in palace of Seljukian. His respect for us is in the proper place. Nurture of my daughter, Goncagul pleases me. What a mother wishes for her son more, right? Thank you, mother. However Gumustekin is a man that smelled air of palace a lot. We have seen in Aleppo. Dirt and dust of this palace comes front of eye of person that disables to see what is necessary to see. Keep your eyes always open. Ertugrul. Welcome, son. Thank you, mother. Welcome, brother. Thank you, brother.

Son, you look tired, are you hungry? I can prepare something to eat. No, mother. I have things to say to you. Sit down. Noyan wants to set a trap by using Abdurrahman. Did he learn about Abdurrahman? You want to trap him with his own trap. From now on, no more escaping like a wounded bird, brother. What are we going to do? There is no word to say patience in heart left. I say to cut things with sword that tongue cannot handle. It is time to make a war. You mean to attack to cantonment of Noyan? What do you say, Gundogdu? My brother is right. It is obvious that he wants to hit Noyan from both ways with his traps and his cantonment. Yes, I say it, brother. Then we need to talk and persuade Beys show the world what can two nomad groups do when they are united. I gave you the opportunity of being a honest commander in the empire of Ogeday. I served you all blessings of world on a gold tray. What did you do? You betrayed me, Abdurrahman. To me, Noyan. Hell with you and empire of the world corrupt dog! I will put head of Ertugrul and this man to the entrance of their nomad tent! What is happening, Hayme? It is time to face with Noyan, brother. I called you to listen to my sons.

As my mother said it is time to take life of our enemy. How is it going to happen, Ertugrul? We are not talking about some bandits. We are talking about the vanguard composed of the most valiant Alps of Mongolians. I hope you thought long and hard. Ertugrul Bey I know, would not call us here without talking to our best Alp and talk about it, Gumustekin Bey. Noyan waits in Kurtbogazi to make a trap to me. How did you learn it, Ertugrul Bey? The person you know as betrayer Abdurrahman. I was the one who kidnapped him from fenced tent. Ertugrul, every sing I exuded Abdurrahman from fenced tent and placed him near to cur Noyan. I have done the thing that our enemies have made to us for a thousand of year. Was Abdurrahman your spy? While his brothers try to make him executed he did not consider of a dilemma not to give his life for his brothers. But, now life of Abdurrahman Alp is in danger. We want to take the action before he loses his life. Noyan will locate his man to valley of Kurtbogazi in order to ambush me. We will move to upper part of valley on foot. While they wait for me to come we will attack from upward. They could not even breathe. Tangut will be with Noyan.

So while we attack we need to move with our best Alps. Me and my Alps will be with you Ertugrul Bey. Thank you, Tugtekin Bey. Cantonment of Noyan is not an easy mark. What our head Alp, Gundogdu Bey, says? If my Beys agree I want to make the Anatolian mountains unbearable for them. Now this is the place where Noyan made a trap to my brother. They did all malice here. They have three crucial unions here. We will move from stream bed with our Alps and then we will move from this stream bed to the heart of their cantonment. Mongolians know how to attack very well. However, their defense is weak. They are blind from the glory of formerly gained victories the thing I am trying to say is if we success to enter to cantonment of Noyan unexpectedly they will not have any power to fight against us. If Korkut Bey let me, I would like to join to this war. God bless our holly war. Thank you, my Bey. Situation of your leg is obvious, Gumustekin Bey. It is better if you do not go.

Drowsing does not look good on me while attacking to dishonest men with our Alps, Artuk Bey. Being martyr with my groom that I vestry my daughter is an honor to me. Thank you, Bey. Now, things spoken here will remain here. If there is another betrayer shows up then we will know that he is from this marquee. May God be with you. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. What do you see, Ulubilge? Tell me what you saw? Tell me! Ertugrul! What about him? Ertugrul Ertugrul was an eagle with broken wings. Now he has wings stronger than each other. With these wings he will be flying over you. He will be a trouble to you! Until Until what? Tell me! Ertugrul Until Ertugrul dies there is no victory to you, Noyan).

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