EID – UL – FITAR Gretting Written – Multidesiupdates

EID – UL – FITAR Gretting Written – Multidesiupdates :


Eid is a day of rejoicing and laughter. This is the day for us to give thanks for all the heavenly blessings of Allah. Happy Eid to you.


One of the most commonly asked questions these days is when the world will be able to bring things back in December before the coronavirus epidemic. So the answer is always the same: when we have almost the right medicine to treat COVID-19, or when everyone on the planet has been vaccinated against the coronavirus.


The former is unlikely to happen anytime soon.o We would need a miracle treatment that was at least 95 percent effective to stop the outbreak. Right now, most drug candidates are nowhere near this powerful one. They could save many lives, but they are not enough to get us back to normal.
Which leaves us with a vaccine.

Humanity has never had more important work than creating a broad-based immunity to the coronavirus. Realistically, if we are going to return to normal, we need to develop a safe, effective vaccine. We need to make billions of doses, we need to deliver them to every part of the world, and we need to get it all done as soon as possible.

That sounds daunting because it is. Our foundation is the biggest funder of vaccines in the world, and this effort dwarfs anything we have ever worked on before. It is going to require a global cooperative effort as the world has never seen. However, We know it will get done. There is simply no alternative.

Here is what needs to know about the race to create a COVID-19 vaccine.

The world is making this vaccine at a historic fast time.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that he thinks it will take about eighteen months to develop a coronavirus virus vaccine. We agree with him, although it can be as long as nine months or two years.

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