Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-36 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-36 Written Episode

Dear God I beg you with all my existence give strength to Ertugrul. Grant us a faithful marriage. You own endless possibilities. Grant us the blessed ones oh God Dear God. Give patience to Halime give strength oh God Ertugrul burned Esma alive when he realised his lies would be exposed. I tried to conceal it so that you would not be sorry but Your Highness The Ameer. What did the nanny tell you? What could she tell? Ertugrul’s lies excuses. It is now out in the open what sort of scoundrel he is. Murderer Poor Esma. How could he kill you? And by burning huh? Unfortunately sir. Oh God But her last words were about you. The name “El Aziz” echoed in the streets of Aleppo in the darkness of the night.

What about the dervishes? How could you kill those dervishes? My city’s dervishes Have you gone out of your mind Nasir? Sir They want to deviate from the sharia law and overthrow you. For God’s sake Nasir We have had enough of those mystic sufis’ harm to Islam sir Those raving dervishes stood against us because of your kindness towards Halebi. While we were looking everywhere to find those Turkmens they dwelled in the Halebi’s dargah Your Highness The Ameer. I am afraid this matter will lead us to Ibn’ul Arabi. Beware If you ever mess this job up you will be replaced with someone else Get this into your head Nasir You are excused Your brother fell in love with Halime. Only his love can save my brother from the debauchery he engaged in and the treacheries around him. Halime will love your brother she should She has to We shall not overshadow your brother’s happiness. We must let him marry Halime and be happy. So they are resisting to surrender aren’t they? Then the army shall not wait any longer Commander Gunhan.

I can never accept the existence of an occupant force on my land. Go and get this job done As I feel thankful to God when the morning sun fills my room when I see you I feel as much thankful for granting me this light as yourself to this worthless servant as myself. Welcome the Sultan of my heart Seeing you in the early morning hours is worth everything. You have asked me what I wanted as a wedding gift. Order me I shall bring the world at your feet. Halime Sultan you order me I shall prostrate myself before you. I want you to forgive the Kayis Your Highness The Ameer. My sister will never love you. She is in love with somebody else. With my brother Ertugrul. Why do you want this from me? We owe so much to them. Any harm you do to them would hurt me. And it is not possible for them to immigrate in the winter time. At least allow them to stay till spring. All right. As you wish Halime Sultan. I would rather get hurt a thousand times than hurt you. Also I do not wish to shed any Muslim blood. I would rather have my own blood overflowed on the streets of Aleppo than shed any innocent women’s and children’s blood. I will show the necessary clemency as much as I can to them. I am grateful to you Your Highness The Ameer.

Tomorrow I will take you to the hunting lodge after the wedding. It is a family tradition. The men of the dynasty take their wives to the hunting lodge to get some rest. We would be alone together and get to know each other better. Excuse me Your Highness The Ameer. Halime Sultan You haven’t replied to me. However you desire Your Highness The Ameer. What is it dervish? You are lost in thought constantly. Which ocean are you sailing across? Dream of which place came to your mind? Not at all sir I am just a weak-minded unimaginative dervish. But the grievances of the Muslim engage my mind. I am thinking about the situation the Muslim world is in. We are surrounded with enemies and to make matters worse Muslims clash within each other. Siblings ambush each other they betray. They surrender their brothers to the tyrants for the ephemeral world. I deeply resent these kind of things sir.

Whenever our prophet comes to my mind I feel ashamed of how we are. The earthly affairs have always been such since our father Adam son. There is no reason for hopelessness. Avarice and selfism caused Cain to kill his brother. All the clashes and the fight in the world started with one brother’s blood being shed Whatever the reason any person who sheds blood is Cain. A person who kills anybody kills his own brother actually. One of your brothers may be God’s friend while the other one is a murderer. If you pay attention to Abel rather than Cain you would be the Joseph who came out of the well. Done. Your letters are very successful and convincing Shahzade. It is obvious.. that you will get support from the leaders of the Muslim world as well as the infidel world. I will be glad to announce that you are a candidate for the throne when I meet with the Turkmen Beys tomorrow. I will get you in touch with the Beys who are eager to collaborate Shahzade. Please wait for my report. Excuse me. How can you do this father? How can you endanger the state my grandfathers have established? How can you trample the holy memory of my ancestor Seljuk our grandfather Alp Arslan Malik-Shah down like this? Halime. I am doing what is necessary my daughter. I cannot even recognise you any more. Even that little child understood what sort of betrayal you are involved in. But you still do not understand it. Betrayal? Betrayal huh? You stand there and tell me I am involved in betrayal unblushingly You talk as if you do not know how I struggled for our survival for many years How many times did they attempt to kill your brother and me. You were here with us.

Now as you have forgotten everything how dare you call me to account unashamedly? Enough already Understand? I have had enough of living with the fear of you getting killed From now on I am going to take what I deserve or perish trying At least I will not run away like a coward. I will regain my right over the throne I saw how you behaved heroically while we were escaping from the murderers after us or the states trying to use you. You fought against every difficulty to save our state and us. And now? In fact you are acting like a piteous coward now You are fluttering desperately like a poor bird trapped by the people trying to use you. What does it matter now if you stood before me and roared like a lion? Shame on you father. Shame on you. Sir I considered Jerusalem. I considered other Muslim countries.

Everybody is claiming rights on these holy lands. The Christians fight over Jerusalem the Jews say “It is ours”. Everybody is claiming rights everybody say it is theirs sir. Yes son. People’s delusions are never ending. God will let his righteous servants inherit the earth. It is the God’s promise. Do not be sad faith is the reason of hope. Everyone may see themselves worthy of something. The people who will inherit the earth are the ones whose aim is to protect lives even in the war. Whoever is able to control his desires during his challenge will be the caretaker of the premises. Whoever is more equitable more merciful will inherit that holy place. Wherever may the tyrants name be written on they are doomed to be erased as black writings. But the name of Joseph is written on God’s sign. From there it flourishes in the humanity’s heart. If God permits sir. Come on we have a long way to go. We have rested enough.

It is time to hit the road. All right We missed Aleppo. We see Aleppo as our homeland. The love for the homeland is a requirement of faith. Most probably Aleaddin’s soldiers would come from this line. Shahzade come in. You look sad and anguished. If you tell me what the matter is perhaps I may do something about it. If my father gets what he deserves and becomes the sultan it will be thanks to you. I will be his only successor. Of course Shahzade. So why am I not alongside the Turkmens who are supporting us? Why are these hidden from me? Tomorrow I will take you to the meeting in the Selahattin Caravanserai myself. But the Turkmens need to be convinced first to support you father. That means Shahzade you need to be patient. If you want to be a great Sultan you will learn to be patient first. I have news you need to inform brother Ertugrul. Now What news Shahzade tell me? Nasir is planning to start a new war by using the Turkmens. He will be hosting them in Selahattin Caravanserai. Good morning Selcan Hatun Men in the trenches women at work eh? But you would rather not work this hard as you are pregnant. You should put on some weight Selcan Hatun. You need to have some milk for your baby. You should be more interested in the army that is about to fall on us rather than my baby. If El Aziz attacks with his army neither my baby nor my nomad tent will survive.

I have brought you so much gossip and news from the marquee for you to be a good wolf and get this job done but you could not accomplish it. Because of Suleyman Shah’s improvidence and your incompetence we will all be under trouble. Abdurrahman Are the weapons ready Wild Demir? Thank goodness They are ready Kurdoglu. Sisters will distribute them to their owners. So are your soldiers ready? They are all tired. How can you expect them to be lively You can either expect the soldiers to kill or die unless you throw them into the fire or get them chilled to the marrow Kurdoglu Oh holder of the earth and the sky oh God almighty. Definitely every servant of yours has something they wish for from you. What I wish for is that you protect our nomad tent from the encroachment of our enemies like you protected the heroes in the Battle of Badr. Make us victorious against our enemies all the time. Make the land that we came and that our descendants will go the land of peace. Grant us your blessing We seek refuge in you and you alone we ask for help. Amen. They raided on the dargah and killed the dervishes all. If Sheikh Halebi hadn’t gone to Damascus they would have killed him too. That despicable Nasir is so blinded with anger Oh God protect us from the infidels’ wrath My brother is sitting on Nasir’s tail they are going to subvert the state together. And nobody sees this like we do. I do not know what to do Leyla. Ertugrul is our only solution. Oh God help us Hey stop Where to? He is my helper oh heroes Let him come.

Woe is me woe Poor me If His Highness The Malik hears about this he would kill me. Be calm Efraim Remember you owe me. My lady you can take everything I have but you shouldn’t have done this. What are you talking about Efraim? You helped these lovers come together. Can there be a better deed than this? You can never know how much I missed you Commander. You are a fearless warrior but not a good lover. I I was worried about you. I was so scared that something bad has happened to you. I would have already been dead if you didn’t exist. We learned something new. Yigit brought us this information. Is Shahzade Yigit fine? He is very well. But the things he said about your brother Turgut were so worrying. I know everything. What is the information you brought? Nasir. He is going to meet with Oghuz tribes. His intention is to gather the Turkmens around Shahzade Numan and make them rise against the Seljuks. Where will that meeting take place? In the Selahattin Caravanserai. I must go there immediately. This. This is very dangerous Ertugrul Bey. I must give this game away. We have no other options. Where is my uncle? Do not worry. He is in a safe place. I will bring him safe and sound to you. May God help you son Hold tight Hold so tight that both the horse and the rider shall be baffled. Come on Up up First you have to hold it tight.

Hold it good Hold the bow first then the arrow. Aykiz Turgut is alive. I believe it with all my heart. What keeps him alive is your love. You should hold your ground here so he can hold his there. Ertugrul Bey has forgotten about my Turgut long time ago Gokce. It is all about Halime What are you talking about Aykiz? Have you not seen how he struggled to save the nomad tent with Gundogdu Bey? Have you not entered that bastards den shot arrows at their castle yourself? You are saying these just because you love Ertugrul bey. And you do not know what you are saying because of your pain. Aykiz. Ertugrul will save both the nomad tent and Turgut. Believe me. For God’s sake Banukiz We are not in the rug workshop Hold the bow correctly you must draw it like this All right? Hold it good. First you draw the bow and then release it Come on who is next? Do you humiliate the rug workshop girls because your man is held by the infidels? And you probably lost your mind completely just because your husband left Selcan. Nobody is uttering any word to you because you are pregnant but not me. And I am wondering what sort of baby is that in your tummy. .It is not getting any bigger or taller.

Sister Don’t do it please We are all nervous. Stop mollifying Gokce. Don’t you see How dare she talk to a Bey’s wife like that It is time I took you down a peg or two Someone will take you down a peg or two so good that you will remember where you came from. Selcan Aykiz. Bey we haven’t fought for a long time. Who gets bored of fighting Alpargo? We killed or lost lives in vain because of Suleyman Shah and Ertugrul. And Gundogdu? He lost his way If we lose the folks will flee the Kayi tribe will cease to exist. I will fight at all costs Alpargo. I will try to stop this from happening without hesitation. Welcome Shah Draw your sword Kurdoglu We can feel the breath of the enemy on our napes. If we lose our heads will beg for mercy under the enemy’s weapons. Our pride honor and dignity will be at the enemy’s weapons’ mercy. Now either you roar like lions and get ready to fight or not only shall you lose your independence but also everything you have. May God help us You are good Kurdoglu. Your wrists are strong God bless. Thank you A commander from Aleppo is coming to talk to you. I shall meet him first with the soldiers of my army. Let me confront him first. Oh Atabey You have finally found your home I feel ashamed of myself for serving under a man like you for years. Not only me but also my men. Are you also fooled by Nasir’s lies? I only believe what I see Atabey If you weren’t a traitor you wouldn’t be here now. You would be in Aleppo leading the army. Now stay out of my way I shall talk to Suleyman Shah for the last time. Because from now on only the swords will do the talking Let them go by. Suleyman Shah is waiting for them in his tent.

Your weapon It is alright Abdurrahman it is alright. No need to fuss. If I wanted to behead your Shah you would be unable to prevent it. You carry your tents everywhere you go. However this land is not going to allow you any longer Suleyman Shah When are you going to stop immigrating and find a homeland to feel at peace? We left the peace to you among the stone walls. We left it to you so that you could raise Cain thinking you are here to stay on this world. Plant the seeds of arrogance Raise the icons of arrogance Suleyman Shah I came here to collapse the sky around you You disturbed our peace I came here to to make you pay for it We love paying for prices. We also love thrusting our swords in sky blue and taking them out red. Your peace is going to be disturbed many times. Oldster. I see that you are ready to be beheaded but I have mercy for the young boys and girls of the nomad group.

Now and for the last time shall deliver His Highness The Ameer’s words and you shall listen What is it Commander? Firstly His Highness The Ameer does not want to shed any Muslim blood. But he wants his treacherous uncle and Ertugrul Bey. And then you to unite under his flag against Sultan Aleaddin like the other nomad Turkmens. And if you agree with that you will get a share of the gold of Aleppo. Learn the conversation manners first Commander I who you call an oldster beheaded so many commanders like you And I do not hesitate to do it again if necessary Off you go now Tell El Aziz that Suleyman Shah would never give him anything. Suleyman Shah would give his life for Sultan Aleaddin if he ordered but wouldn’t even give a dime for El Aziz. He would pave the gold of Aleppo on the muddy roads of the nomad tent instead of stones. Off you go now It will be a pity Suleyman I will behead you with my bare hands Commander only God will decide our fate when we meet in the battlefield Off you go

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