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Episode 10

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Mother Hayme, why do you take this ominous girl into your tent? Aren’t they the source of all problems we are facing today? How can she have the face to stay in our tribe? How can she sit in our marquee? How dare you question my decisions? Get out of here now! I said now! Beys, come on, let us talk inside. Everyone in the tribe is informed. What is happening? How dare you enter your Bey’s marquee like this? They wanted to talk with their Bey, Hayme Hanim. And I accepted their request.

State comes first or else you get eaten by crows. Walk. I said walk along! Whatever happens do not show yourselves.Yes, sir.Yes, sir. Walk. Send the Shahzades, Ertugrul. And you send my father! Come on. Kill them all! Kill them all! What if Suleyman Shah does not come back? What will we do, Bey? Bey, what can we do if this Karatoygar is not satisfied attacks the tribe later? We see that the tribe has so many endless problems. We did not know that the beys who have many jobs to do are anxious to gather the headquarter meetings every chance they get. For you to show your courage, you wait for your Bey to sacrifice himself. We were not aware of this, until now. If Suleyman Shah who returned from countless battles tired and sweaty saw you in this manner, I am sure he would have been proud.

Kill them all! Why aren’t you attacking? Why? Take them away. I told you to kill them all! Kill them all! This is treachery! Treachery! You cowards! You will pay for all this! Attack! Your brother is still in my hand, Ertugrul! If something happens to me… Save your breath, Karatoygar. No one will come to your help. I want to talk with you alone, Ertugrul Bey. Leave us alone, Alps. I was a commander in the Seljuk army for years. For the Great Seljuk state I fought inside and outside the country. I spilt blood, then fate flew me to my Shahzade. From now on, my only wish, my only duty is to protect my Shahzade and his family. That is why I contacted with the soldiers I know within Karatoygar’s legion.

That is the situation, Ertugrul Bey. This is what I want as well, Afsin Bey. To protect my tribe, my family, Halime and Halime’s family. As our wish and desires are the same we should stand as strong as mountains against this dog called Karatoygar. You are a valiant man, Ertugrul Bey to fight side by side with you is a pride, an honor for me. Then tell me, Afsin Bey. Those soldiers you are in contact with. How effective are they? Let me tell you like this, Ertugrul Bey they are so effective that when Karatoygar calls for help he will not find a single soldier behind him. Then our job is to make him call for help. This means that in the life and death situation at Kartal Tepesi we shall be the sword and you shall be the shield, Afsin Bey. We will attack and you will keep the Seljuk soldiers with Karatoygar on the right side. Of course, Ertugrul Bey. We shall be. Today, we shall be on the side of the oppressed against the tyrants. The Owner of the oppressed is our Witness. May God be on our side and help us. Sari Bolu. Sari Bolu! You will pay for this. You lowlife scum! May you burn in hell, Karatoygar.

You will all die along with the Shahzades. I shall exterminate your progeny! Those days are over, Mother Hayme. It is time to think about how we will pass the cliff in front of us. Alpargu! Know your place! Of course we have things to talk about, for the future of our tribe. But this place is also the private quarters of our Suleyman Shah. It is not suitable to bother Mother Hayme. She is in enough pain as it is. We were inconsiderate. Let us carry on in my tent. Carry the Bey symbols to my tent. We are all sorry for our losses, brother. The ambush on the caravan, the Alps getting killed were not your fault. Did you know beforehand? Did you know that Numan was a Shahzade beforehand? No, I just learned it.

But it is obvious that they had a good reason to hide it. He played you just like he played us but you still defend them! Let me go, you goat herders! Who do you think you are? Let me go! Banditry is not eternal, Karatoygar. Your tyrant rule is over. You talk about banditry. The Turkmen tribe who ambushed and captured a Seljuk commander. When Sultan Aladdin hears about this, who do you think he will see as bandits? Do not waste your breath, Karatoygar. We will set a court and your verdict will be given according to our customs. When custom speaks, Beys stop talking, as well as the sultan.Father?Are you fine, Bey? Would you like to rest a bit? I am fine, Wild Demir. I am fine. Are we returning to the tribe, father? No. First we will take back the goods this lowlife looted from our caravan. Afsin Bey, you know that I would die for you but what if this court ruling goes bad? Do not worry, Sari. Trust me. It is obvious that Kurdoglu was waiting for a chance like this. How else could he act so quickly to take over the post? Shameless man. He even took the Bey symbols with him. And we are sitting here with our hands tied. Enough, Aykiz. Enough. You make a fuss without knowing how the state is run.Do we have permission, Mother Hayme?Come, my girl. Come. What happened? You all wait with the pain inside you, you do not think about your hunger. I wanted to bring you something to eat. Thank you, my girl.

Put the pan on the table and you sit down with us. We all wait with anxiety. While Suleyman Shah is leading them, they will all come back safe and sound. But my sister is worrying a lot about my brother in law Gundogdu. You all wait for your fathers and I pray for Ertugrul Bey. You are correct. I know the sorrow your sister is going through. But let her be rest assured we shall leave the tribe soon. If God permits, they will all return safe and sound. We can only pray for them. You bloodless dogs. Lowlifes! I will kill you all! Kill you all. You will pay for all of these! I will destroy you all! Not only your tribe, there will be not a single person left who remembers Kayis.

I will kill you all! You shall leave immediately. You will catch that dog called Gundogdu before he reaches his tribe and you’ll bring him to Kartal Tepesi.Kartal Tepesi?Kartal Tepesi, yes. Those Kayi goat herders are setting us a trap there. Did you hear, Sari? They think they can finish Karatoygar off. Bey, if you like we can go beforehand take precautions. Yes, Sari Bolu place your most trusted soldiers to the rocks of Kartal Tepesi. When I give the signal I want to turn that place into hell for Kayis. As you wish! Sari Bolu. We checked the warehouse where the goods are, they are all there, Bey. Are you fine, father? Yes, I am. Bey, you are tired I arranged a room for you to stay here and rest for the night. We can go there if you wish. Thank you, commander. Ertugrul you stay here. I will go with Gundogdu. Ertugrul Bey there are some issues we need to talk about. As if the problems they created for us are not enough she goes and takes refuge with Mother Hayme. Wolf in a sheep’s hide.

But if my name is Selcan, I shall make you pay for all you have done, Halime. Sister. Gokce, where were you? Which corner did you hide in? Sister. The foreign girl goes and takes refuge with Mother Hayme but my sister is all alone in a corner…Sister! You are mistaken! I am not hiding anywhere. I am coming from the marquee, I was with them. Look at my sister. I approached them with an excuse of bringing food. I said what I had to say and I heard what I wanted to hear. What did you hear? Kurdoglu took the Bey symbols and carried them to his tent. It is obvious that they lost hope of Suleyman Shah’s return.Did he take the Bey symbols to his tent?Yes. Kurdoglu. What is your intention? You wait here.

Sister! Stop, Gundogdu. Today, I saw how you looked at Ertugrul. You are his brother. A brother should not look at his brother with hatred. Moreover, he risked his life to save you. Father, what are you saying? He risked his life, is that so? I do not know whether he risked his life for us or for his valuable guests but I know one thing, if we were put in this bind, Ertugrul is the reason. You have hate in your eyes after the ambush on the caravan. You look for a scapegoat to blame. Are you comfortable, Kurdoglu? Are you satisfied with sitting on Suleyman Shah’s throne instead of saving Gundogdu? I do not reply as I know you worry about your husband’s life but know your place, Selcan Hatun. I know my place, that is why I am questioning you! Why don’t you do anything to save Gundogdu? Do you see what is going on in this tribe? Do you hear them? We faced many problems, if I didn’t act fast the tribe was going to be divided. Who was to blame for those many problems? Wasn’t it you who stirred up the trouble? I told you the things Suleyman Shah was keeping secret, I committed an offence but what did you do? Nothing!What did you expect me to do? Do you see me as a traitor? Did you think that I would share the secret plans of my tribe with the enemy? What will happen to them? If that dog called Karatoygar kills my husband…

We will pray for them to be spared. This is all we can do. We need to get out of the Seljuk territory before all hell breaks loose again. Not for myself, for my son who sleeps unbeknown to all that is happening. I understand you, my Shahzade. I guess this is the best course of action for the good of everyone. But you may need to give us horses and weapons for us to go. I have another plan in my mind. After the funerals, I shall request permission from my father to go to Aleppo. I can take you there safe and sound with my Alps.After that…Thank you, Ertugrul Bey. Thank you. I shall always be thankful to you and your family. Tomorrow we shall talk with Suleyman Shah and set on the road as soon as possible. Ertugrul? You are not asleep. You are not asleep either. We managed to win this time as well but there is something eating my heart from inside, Wild Demir. How did Karatoygar learn that we were at Kartal Tepesi? The thing that is eating your heart inside is eating my heart as well.

Look I will say something to you but… Tell me, Wild Demir. That night when those dogs staged an ambush on Halime’s tent the person who drove me away from the tent was Kurdoglu. I don’t want to blame anyone without proof, even Kurdoglu but this is a problem of the tribe. You should be informed. AMANOS MOUNTAINS TEMPLARS CASTLEYou have a message from Titus, sir.What did he write? Fools. They could not do one thing properly. Check and mate. Do not forget, when the game ends the king and pawns are put in the same box at the end. Only the ones who clear the table know who is victorious. Be careful and don’t make me angry before you go in the box. Send a message to Titus, immediately. He should not sacrifice Karatoygar for anyone. Can Titus still prevent Kayis from coming to Aleppo? I do not know where he can succeed or not. Not being able to see the future is torturing my soul.

Tell them to get prepared, Marcus. You are coming with me to Aleppo. We have some business to attend with Nasir. Do you have any other orders for Titus, sir? He should make the wrath of Karatoygar fall upon the Kayis. He can either do this himself or use Kurdoglu. This shall be his decision, as he will be responsible for the outcome. Where is Suleyman Shah? They say that our caravan was ambushed. Where are the bodies, Bey? He is right. Where is Bey, where are the bodies? What is happening, Kurdoglu? Beys of Kayi. Today is not the day for complaints. We still have no news from our tribe’s pillar Suleyman Shah and our Alps. God forbid, we need to be prepared for all possibilities. The unity and future of our tribe is under threat. And this Aleppo issue in the middle of all these troubles.

The decision our Bey took in good times should be reconsidered under these harsh conditions. What else can we do, Kurdoglu? What is on your mind? Before I state the thing on my mind, I would like to remind you that Suleyman Shah Bey appointed me as the head of the tribe before leaving.My words are our Bey’s words.Of course. My heart is not in peace with setting foot on the unknown path of Aleppo. To migrate, we need to find…Suleyman Shah has returned!Suleyman Shah is back! Stop! Stop! Stop! Do not do anything that is indecorum to Kayis. We shall talk about the trial in the headquarters. The verdict shall be from our customs. Tie him up to the log. Let me go! I will kill you all!Kill him!Don’t make him live!Kill him!Kill him! Thank God, you are back safe and sound. God has accepted my prayers. Suleyman. Suleyman. Suleyman. Dear God.

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