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Be patient, my soul Don’t expect a remedy to your problem Don’t throw yourself into a fire and expect your lover to save you Pearls of tears weep through the mother of pearl of your eyes Don’t expect anything from the female with coral pearl lips Come, do not rejoice and cry, poor nightingale Don’t expect anything from the female with a mouth like rose garden My Esma? My beautiful eyes? My silky face? Why are you so down? What is it that bothers you? Didn’t you like the poem? Is it possible for me to not like a poem from that enchanting voice of yours? Is it possible for me to fall into the darkness while you shine my night by being here? Don’t you know how anxious I wait for the time we can be together and rejoice. Well? What is your trouble then? Tell me. I seal my lips as I am afraid that I might be presumptuous.

My Esma. Tell me. Sahabettin. I don’t understand. Sahabettin? Did he do something to you? DidNo, not like that. I am only a loyal and trusted servant in his eyes. But this is my fear. I fear that I might have sinned because of him, my sultan. He trusts me more than anyone else. All the secrets he hides from others, he shares with me. He didn’t even hide the assassin from me, my sultan. I was taking food to him every day. But today the man died with foams coming out of his mouth. I think he was poisoned, my sultan. Why didn’t you tell me, Esma? I was afraid. And I am still afraid. What are you afraid of? If Sahabettin poisoned that man with the food I took thWhat if I gave that poison and committed a sin by killing him? It is alright, do not worry.

My sultan I knew that he was not an innocent man but why didn’t he punish him himself? Why did he hide it from me? I have not even harmed an ant until this day. You know my heart. Okay. I can’t even step on an ant. It is alright. May God forgive me. What if I sinned and killed him? It is alright. Do not worry. It is over. Do not worry. It is over. Do not worry. It is over. My daughter looks like the moon. Her eyebrows are like a stretched bow. When she waves her hair she looks like a pony with long mare. There will be a feast soon her face will shine up the room. She is just like a son who will be a valiant Bey. Hayme? Hayme? Mother Hayme? Mother Hayme, wake up. What happened, my girl? Do now panic, mother, it is good news. Suleyman Shah called your name. Bey? Bey? Bey, I am here. Did he say anything else? No, mother. He only said your name. My girl, may God bless you. You suffer with us. You did not stay with your sister you set on the road with us. Please do not say that, Mother Hayme. I see Suleyman Shah as my father as well. He has every right over me and my sister. Moreover I will be his bride soon.

I will call him father. I pray to God every time I see you two. I pray to God for a life like yours for Ertugrul and I. When I learned that you found me suitable for Ertugrul and wanted me as a bride I was honored. Gokce. It is late now. You are very tired. Go and sleep, my girl. I am sorry, Mother Hayme. I was tactless. I oGokce. Look, my girl. This is a matter of fate. It cannot be realized by my wishes. Fate is what God has written for us. Do you understand? Go on, go and rest for a bit. Come on. Do not fear, my Shahzade. You will not be subjected to this. You come from a noble blood. Let my Turgut Aga go. Noble people cannot be sad over the fates of their slaves. They can only be anxious for their cause. You cowards! Kill me without playing around! Your end will not be so easy, Turkmen. You will beg but you will live. In a way I want you to. I have only one live and it is borrowed from God. How can you scare me? Sometimes people even get scared from themselves. If they don’t fear for themselves, they fear for the lives of their loved ones. Isn’t that so, Giovanni? Valiant boy. Do not trust your youth and courage. This is not a struggle. There is no one here other than God who can hear you. Dear God be my side and help me. As you get desperate, remember that God is The Ultimate Decider. While you starve, recite that He is The Giver of Prosperity. You are with your God here. Do not forget this. And know that you are in the School of Joseph. If you turn your back on God and turn to yourself they will make you so that you fear from your own self. I will succeed with this miserable Turk where I failed with Giovanni. How long do you think it will take for him to give in, sir? According to the methods in this book, he can only resist for 40 days. And then? I was not aware of your arrival, dear Thomas. You are like the angel of death. You showed up suddenly once again. How are our guests? They are resting in their quarters. Are you going to be victorious through the mice you put in dungeons? Even I have a hard time in understanding you. Dear Thomas I do not stick my nose at your business in Europe. And you should not dwell in the matters here. That is your decision.

I am merely trying to convince our Holy Father to a new Crusade. I will find Ibn Arabi’s chest and the sacred relics inside sooner or later. This is a promise and the Son of God may be my witness. But I will not do it with knights like Titus. I will do it through people who think they are still Turks but I shall decide on what they shall be. How will you accomplish this? With an old Asian legend. We are about to pick the fruit of our hard work. The Vizier is as good as dead for El Aziz now. Aleppo will remember Sahabettin as a traitor who collaborated with the Crusaders. And I will reveal this betrayal and become his highness Ameer’ s only trusted aide. What about Ertugrul? I mean Kayis and their territory? It will be resolved today, right? Don’t you worry about it. El Aziz is a puppet, which I hold the strings now. Ertugrul will leave that palace as a man who lost everything. No, my friend. You are mistaken. Ertugrul will understand what he lost when he meets us. Ertugrul? Great God! Ertugrul, be careful. Ertugrul, be careful. I thank God. You are better now. Father? Father, where is Yigit? Did something happen to Yigit, where is my brother? No, my dear girl. Nothing happened to him. He is with the Alps. Calm down, your wound might start to bleed. Where are we, father? We reached Aleppo, my girl. We are at a secure place. Father, why is Yigit not with us? I want to see my brother. You will see him tomorrow, my girl. Sleep now. You should sleep. Sleep and rest. Dear God spare these innocents. Bring Yigit to us safe and sound. The servant told the truth.

The man is indeed poisoned, your highness. Akcakoca, what kind of a disaster this plague is? Didn’t we kill all those sheep to fend it off? We did, Bey. We did but this is a child’s doing. She couldn’t sacrifice her lamb and hid it. We set on the road tomorrow. What will happen to these people? Bey, there is nothing we can do for them. In a few days they wWill we leave them here? I will stay with them. Bey, I know there is nothing I can do but I can relieve their pain for a while. Akcakoca there are some who don’t want to migrate. I need to talk to them. If they stay here, it would be a disaster. Whatever happens, they need to know this. May God make it easy for you. Your highness Ameer. I brought the gratitude of Kayi tribe and my father Suleyman Shah’s regards for the new home you have given us. About your tribe some rumors have reached my ears. Are you going to say anything about them, Ertugrul? I talked with your vizier Sahabettin Tugrul as well these rumors are lies. Templars who are not fond of the alliance between us attacked our tribe. Those who tried to spread disease in our tribe and the people who spread these rumors are the same. You are lying, Ertugrul.

The enemy who you think is beyond your borders are actually inside your palace. You are not aware. Your highnWhat are you doing here, Nasir? Where is his highness the Ameer? Guards. How dare you? Inform El Aziz immediately. Calm down, Vizier. This is actually the order of his highness the Ameer. He personally wants to question you. Is Kurdoglu not here? I do not know where he is, Bey. He told me to pack his belongings and make them ready for the caravan. He is to solve an important matter and join the caravan later. He will join the caravan you say. So Kurdoglu Bey will migrate with us. Alpargu, tell me. Your Bey does not do anything without informing you. I really do not know, Bey. He only said that it was about Suleyman Shah that was all. The cart shook him up more than we expected, Mother Hayme. You are right, Master Demir. It is good that we stopped to rest. The horses will have a chance to rest as well. May God give him health, so that he can walk while entering Aleppo. If God permits. Hayme. Bey! Bey! Bey? Come on, my girl. Stand back so that our Bey can breathe freely. Kurdoglu. Tell me, why is the Ameer not coming? I really do not know why his highness is acting like this, my Vizier. I have insisted repeatedly but he did not want to talk. But he gave you an assurance. You shall be tried justly. And I shall be personally responsible for your just trial. You may leave, Nasir. Dear God I am ready to be hurt, but don’t let the justice be hurt. Do not give the tyrants an opportunity. The tyrant may kill me if he wishes but the order that shall dignify Your name may live until eternity, my God. Turkmen brave. Ertugrul Bey. You won’t regret it if you turn around. Efendi Titus says: “The eagle is in the cage, now it is the wolf’s turn.” Great God! Tell me? Whose dog are you? Where is my brother? Where is the Shahzade? Talk! It won’t be so easy this time! Hamza are the Alps ready for the security of the migration route? They are ready, Bey. Ilyas Fakih did you talk with the families of the people who have to stay behind because of this plague? I did, Bey. I tried to comfort them but it is hard. May God never test anyone with their children. If He does, may He grant them the patience to overcome the pain. Amen. Akcakoca would this plague spread outside the confinement? Bey, these things cannot be known by looking from the outside but it seems that this plague is not spreading outside. If you see it fit as well there is nothing else holding us back from the journey. I see it fit, me may go. Then for our loved ones in the graves and for our babies in their cots as an Oguz tribe, we shall walk to our new homeland. The tribe is in enough turmoil as it is, why do you summon me here? I know Kurdoglu did not manage to kill Suleyman Shah. Do not feel sorrow, Selcan. It is soon. You shall revenge the death of your father Alpsungur. Suleyman Shah’s death will be from your hands. But first there is another evil you need to solve. What evil is that? Plague! The whole tribe shall be infected soon. You have to save yourself and your son from this evil. The ill are isolated. The animals are burnt! What are you saying? It is not over yet. This evil shall take many more lives. This evil does not have a remedy.

There is nothing else but confinement. I do have a cure. You should drink this every day. It will protect you, your husband and most importantly your son from this evil. What happened? What were you doing here, Kurdoglu? I rode my horse without rest for the safety of our Bey. Thank God, I made it in time. My blood brother, my life brother. Was it an intuition, Kurdoglu? How did you know that something like this might happen to our Bey? Mother Hayme, this dog called Bozok came to me a few days ago asking me about the death of his father. He heard Gundogdu accusing me in the headquarters. He saw me as the killer of his father. He stuck a knife at my throat. I still pitied him thinking that he is in deep sorrow, he was a boy of this tribe and forgave this impudence. But when Gundogdu mentioned that the Bey’s tent was cut with a knife God forbid, implied that he was attacked I thought about how some people might have whispered something in his ear. Then I could not stay back, so I got on my horse and rode until it was exhausted. What happened to my tribe in two days? Traitors have embarked, Alps have separated and everything has fallen apart. ALEPPO You have not even blinked an eye the whole night. I have caused great distress with the news I gave you. You are not the source of my troubles, just the opposite we learned who the traitor was thanks to you. I worked for our vizier for years, he is a very good man, he was on the right path for years But the important thing is not to be on the righteous path but not to stray for even for a second. Alright, Vizier Sahabettin had served our state well for years but this does not mean that we shall turn a blind eye on the things he did. Because of the things I shared, I feel responsible for the fate of your uncle. Sahabettin Tugrul’s fate shall be whatever he deserves. I had personally said that whomever collaborates with the Templars and becomes a traitor shall be hanged at the city walls.

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