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Thank you, despite everything, Kurdoglu. What if you were late? God has spared our Bey’s life to us , Wild Demir. The rest is not important. Well? What will you do now? Will you come with us to Aleppo? No, I have to return. I cannot leave the tribe alone in a migration journey. You are with our Shah, Wild Demir. I know he is in good hands. Thank you. See you in Aleppo. This is Turgut’s axe! And this is Shahzade’s necklace. What are they doing here, Bey? Sit down. I will tell you everything. AMANOS MOUNTAINS TEMPLARS CASTLE Yigit do not let yourself down. Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Alright, my lion? I am fine, Turgut Aga.

I am only a bit tired. Well done, my boy. Why did you chain the Shahzade? Untie him quick. My Shahzade, your cap. Have some water. These crass savages have been tactless. Having a Shahzade like you breath the same air with a shepherd is shameful. Would you like me to wash your face, Shahzade? I am Cardinal Thomas. I come from the Papacy. I am always ready to assist you. I could not sleep all night because of how these miserable people treated you. I have arranged a special room for you. I would like to serve the best I can to host you in a manner deserving of the royal blood you carry. What about Turgut Aga? Do not worry about him. They will take good care of him. Shall we go, Shahzade? Please. But we have another big trouble awaiting us. It is obvious that the things I told Sahabettin has not been heard by El Aziz. Today El Aziz, tore off the agreement saying that there is plague in our tribe. This means that the caravans don’t have a home to migrate to. Aleppo! Aleppo! May the ground split and take you in, Aleppo! This is not the time to cry and frown. I understand that Sahabettin fell victim to a plot of the Templars.

Otherwise he would not have left me alone in that palace no matter what. What do you propose, Ertugrul Bey? What is on your mind? We have to learn what happened to Sahabettin. The vizier is the only person who can help us reach Yigit and Turgut as well as solve this issue of our homeland. We cannot leave him to the mercy of the Crusader infidels. Where are we going? We are going to watch a ceremony where youngsters like you turn to real heroes. Father Son and The Holy Ghost. Father Son and The Holy Ghost. Have they become Alps now? They have become invincible warriors, more powerful and braver than the Alps. My governess I am really worried about my uncle. Can he be in some sort of trouble? You are not hiding anything from me, are you? My beautiful girl, when did I ever hide anything from you? Do not worry.
I sent the maids. We will get good news from our vizier soon, if God permits. If God permits, governess. Look, whatever the news, you shall tell me the truth. Promise me. Leila, do not worry. I told you that I would. Promise me, governess. God give me patience. Alright. I promise. Do not be sad, Esma. We set out a trap but could not succeed. I did not realize that the infidels were within us and they held my nephew in their hands. Who do you suspect, Efendi? I did not consider him at first but Nasir. Do not be scared. Do not be afraid. My brave Esma. There is no one I can trust in the palace apart from you. What can I do for you, Efendi? Just order. You need to find someone and bring him here for me. His name is Ertugrul. My uncle. Did she bring the news? Calm down, Leila. You will get ill. I am calm, governess. You promised me. You shall tell me straight up. Is my uncle well? Vizier Sahabettin has been arrested. He is to be tried. Who did this and why? Leila, calm down. Your brother. Your uncle was arrested on the orders of your brother Ameer El Aziz. Leila, Leila. You need to be calm. Come and sit here. Come on, my girl. Calm down. You need to be calm. Brother. I have to see my brother. Governess, I have to save my uncle.

Do I understand you correctly? This man called you smooth faced and you got angry. Yes, your highness. But you cannot grow a beard. Why do you get angry? Anyway, you tell me. Your highness, this smooth face came That is not appropriate. In my presence, in the presence of Ameer of Aleppo, El Aziz you shall both watch your manners. Now talk. Efendi, this man came and plucked my beard, Efendi. Is that all? Nasir. Yes, your highness? Throw both of them to the dungeon. They shall stay in the dungeon until the smooth face grows a beard. When the smooth face grows a beard, the man whose beard was plucked shall pluck the beard of smooth face to exercise the right to eye for an eye. And this problem shall be solved. Let me go, your highness! Let me go! I beg you, let me go! Please spare us. Let me go! Let me go! Nasir? Are these real? Or did you arrange this visit day to entertain me? Please know that I have no contribution at all, your highness. Your subjects came to take refuge in your justice. My dear Nasir why didn’t you tell me that these state issues are so boring. Your highness. Leila Sultan. I do not understand.

What happened to Leila Sultan? She is not well. They wait for you. I have just seen Sahabettin. He suspects you. Peace be upon you. My dear Afsin Bey. When they said that they saw you in the streets of Aleppo, I did not believe them. So the youngsters realized that I was following them. You raised them well. But I am surprised. Is there anyone left in the youngsters who know me? Please. Your fame precedes you, Afsin Bey. And the ones who don’t know, we tell what a valiant man you are. Do not say that. But we talked about you, we tell the youngsters that you are a martyr. But you are as alive as us. We were just creating a myth. Is there any news about the wise man in Ahlat, Aykutluk. It has been a while since I have to Ahlat and talk with them. But the news we received is not nice. They say that the path taken by the Seljuk dynasty is not right. Taking Sultan Aladdin from the Konya palace and burning down the rest would not be a sin, they say. I do not know what will happen. When a cloud covers the crescent, they say the night is dark, Aykutluk. But everything depends on a wind. The crescent shall shine again, you can be rest assured about that. Anyway, I want something else from you. Listen closely. Inform all your ears and eyes in the streets of Aleppo. We need to learn the fate of Vizier Sahabettin. Thank you. Leila? My sister? Brother, where is our uncle? The starry night of Aleppo, Leila. Why do you worry, my dear sister? He did not visit me for days. He never neglected me before. Are the things I heard true? My Leila. The ache of my heart. Why do you make a fuss over my uncle? He must be drowned in state work. He would visit you in a few days. Tell me the truth, brother! Are the things I heard true? Is my uncle in prison? When a slight breeze passes, you tremble like a dry leaf. Your innocent heart cannot bear the ugliness of the world.

You would be bedridden like a wilting rose. My precious sister do not think about our uncle. Brother. Is it true? Our uncle Sahabettin engaged in things not befitting to him. Unfortunately, what you heard is true, my sister. I do not believe that. How can you believe such a thing? Our uncle would never attempt a bad thing. You are mistaken, my innocent sister. Our precious uncle our wise vizier collaborated with the killers of our father, the Templar Knights. Leila, Leila. Leila. Leila! Leila! I told your request to our people, Afsin Bey. We will hear something soon. Shall we drink some sherbet and rest until then? Ertugrul? Tell me, my Sultan. Do not worry about me. I shall be fine. I know. But I burn inside as I see you in pain. You risked your own life to save me. What if something happened to you? But it did not. I am fine. When I opened my heart to you that day you denied it. You are ready to sacrifice yourself but you refrain from telling me what is in your heart. When a girl knows that she cannot attain her worldly love she yearns to reach the Godly love. Ertugrul you always told me the truth. I beg you not to hide the truth from me now. I know it is not a good sign that they are so delayed. Is there any news about Yigit and Turgut, Ertugrul? Yes. Tell me the truth, Ertugrul. Did something happen to my brother? The Templars took them as prisoners. Don’t. Yigit must be devastated.

Ertugrul Ertugrul, I beg you, save Yigit. I promise you, Halime. I will bring your brother back to you. Hatun. You shall be a bit uncomfortable but when we think about the long time you shall be spending with us it is best for everyone that your paws are under control. Where did you take the boy? Don’t you worry about him. You can be rest assured that we will look after him very well. He is an innocent boy. What do you want from him? Do whatever you want to do to me! Why do you think that we treat him badly? Cardinal Thomas who came here is looking after him personally. You should have seen them while they were watching the knights. In the eyes of the small Shahzade, there was a sparkle that is befitting of the poor warriors of Jesus. Welcome, my princess. Where is Elanora? Why didn’t my sister come out to greet me? Ma’am, Ustad is waiting for you. He shall inform you about this matter as well. Isadora! My dear niece. You are here at last. I missed you very much, dear uncle. But my sweet sister is still nowhere to be seen. Didn’t she miss me? But she was urging me to come as soon as possible in the letter she wrote to me. Where is Elanora, uncle? Governess? I am here, Leila. Close the curtains, governess. There is too much light inside. My dear girl if you could get up and walk a bit, if you could eat something you would regain your strength. You did not eat anything the whole day. I am really worried about you, Leila. Close the curtains, governess. Is there any news, Afsin Bey? What is his situation? The news is not very good, Ertugrul Bey.

Sahabettin Tugrul is arrested. He is in Aleppo dungeons. What is the reason? What is he accused with? The accusation is not known, Ertugrul Bey. But yesterday Chief of Guard Nasir and Melik El Aziz were seen taking something out. There was a maid from the palace with them as well. It might be something to do with the vizier. Are you better now, Isadora? How did it happen, uncle? How did my beautiful sister die? You know that Elanora never accepted his father’s death. And this thought had started to affect her health. Maybe she mentioned this to you in her letters. Mad girl. She had a wild idea that your father was in the dungeon. She insisted to go there and started to create ridiculous excuses to go there. And she did not want understand how dangerous the dungeon was for her. I forbade her to go there. But a day when I was not in the castle Did she go down the dungeon? One of the ferocious convicts in the hope of that he might escape killed our innocent Elanora. Is that convict still alive? No. He was executed, just like the guards who let her go in. Elanora’s death was avenged in a suitable manner. She is very tame, Efendi. But she knows her job well. One of the most beautiful girls we have, Efendi. How is this one? She can stay. This one is a genuine pearl. Words are not enough to describe her beauty. She is intelligent, skillful, educated. She has a beautiful voice as well. She can sing, recite poems and dances beautifully.

Those who watch her dance are enchanted. You can arrange the rest. You know how this axe is made, right? Yes. I know well. A heap of steel becomes an axe blow by blow, beaten up endlessly. Well do you know how miners makes the metal and how leather man makes leather? If this piece of leather on you didn’t get beaten blow by blow it would have become a piece of garbage. If it wasn’t fired, the metal in your sword would still be a rock somewhere. What about you, Ertugrul? What would happen if you were not tested? Do you know that? The problem is not only me being tested. My friends, my battle comrades, my family my tribe who trusted me. The vizier who wanted to help me. They are all in great difficulties because of me. The pain caused by this is burning my soul. Existence is a school, son. Everyone is a student. And God is the only Teacher. He manifests His Titles and test us. But distress or blessing, mercy or trouble is always from Him. Everyone lives their own exam. You need to be one of the people who pass the exam and submit yourself to Him. Then you would be the greatest warrior and the greatest hero. Is sitting around like this a test as well? God likes submission, son, not imprudence. If a brother is in a bad situation submission is to look for a way to get him out, without forgetting God. Come on, get up. Test of a valiant is not easy. And a valiant should not stop. Her room. If you don’t want to stay here On the contrary, I want to stay here. You are very tired. Rest well tonight, Isadora. Good night, my girl.

Good night. Bey I am the private maid of Vizier Sahabettin Tugrul. My name is Esma, he sent me here. How do I know that Sahabettin sent you? He told me to say “a man’s word is said directly to a man’s face” and that you would know, Bey. He wants to talk face to face with you. All state matters are left to you, your highness. And I thought that you have a right to enjoy life a bit. I hope that I was not tactless. How will you take me in? There is a secret passage that goes to the dungeons. My vizier told me. We will slip through there without anyone realizing.

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