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Thank God we meet again. What happened, brother? Nothing. I was worried about you. Are you fine, Leila? I am. But you do not seem so well. You look pale. Is there a problem? I am just fine my beautiful sister. I am fine. Who is she? A wounded girl. When the physician said that she needs to be looked after I could not turn my back. I wanted to look after her. With God’s permission, when she recovers, she can be friends with Leila. You thought well, governess.

But this news surprised me. It is known that my beautiful sister is distant to all strangers for years. I wish it was not like this so that I would not make you sad. Do not talk like that, my child. Leila is trying hard to get better. We should not remind her of such anxieties. You are right, governess. With God’s permission, this poor girl should recover quickly. She is very beautiful. God Bless. God Bless. God Bless. My Leila rose of my heart. It gives me great pleasure to see you so ardent. Where were you? You had me so worried. Governess they were really going to execute my uncle. But then he showed up.

I am very grateful to you. You jumped into a hell hole for me. Do not worry, Bey. Us Turkmens have a saying you know it as well. Those who are friends with cameleers build their door accordingly. We could not find Sahabettin and the people who abducted him. It is as if the world split apart and they fell in. At every street, at every corner you shall have guards. Give special importance to places like the lodge or bookseller where he frequented. And put extra watchmen at the gates of the city. They should not get out of Aleppo, whatever the cost! Understood? Is there any news about Afsin Bey? Haven’t you learned how Afsin Bey is, Bey? We cannot hear from him unless he wants us to. He put on his shroud and infiltrated into the heartland of the infidels. We do not know whether he’d surface in Frank territory or in a Persian city. ANTIOCH CRUSADER COUNTSHIP What do you want from God’s door, stranger? I would like to cool down a bit under the shadow of a pear tree. Afsin Bey? Saltuk Kardes. It really is you. Come on in. Come on, tell us, Saltuk Kardes. How do the days pass at the war zone? How can they pass, Bey? Amongst these icons, I recite the Ali Imran surah to conserve my belief. Fate loves the effort, Saltuk Kardes.

A day will come when the troubles you went through becomes a blessing. Did you bring me good news from Ahlat? Did the time come for the holy call of the great saddhu? No, Saltuk Kardes, the time has not come yet. But you have to take on a very important mission at the moment. Just say it, Bey. Your wish is my command. They imprisoned some of our people in the Templar castle at the Amanos Mountains. I have to go in to see how they are. There is a way. It made you so handsome. You look just like a prince. Didn’t you like your attire? No, I liked it very much. Are you thinking about your Turgut Agabey? Only he can take me to my father and sister. Alright. I will talk with my uncle for you. He surely would know where your Turgut Agabey is. No, don’t ask him. They would put me in his cell as well. Do you know where he is? He is here. In the castle. But they treat him very badly. If Turgut Agabey wanted to, he can beat all of the up. He is very strong but But what? But the knights tied down his hands and feet. Maybe your Turgut Agabey committed a big crime and that’s why he is there. Never! Turgut Agabey did nothing else but just protect me.

Did you see a man who looked like a madman? Do you mean the man who went past before you? He went that way. I have to go upstairs, Bey. We should not leave the shop empty. Bad eyes should not get suspicious. There is no news from my madmen, can you ask your madmen? Where they are, is there any news? I saw the spark in the eyes of your men, Bey. They are probably still beating up the guards outside. You can be rest assured. But I will still inquire about them. It is obvious that the Templars’ only aim was not killing me in the palace. What is behind the game they are trying to play on you? Their problem is not me. It is Aleppo. When the Crusaders invaded Jerusalem, this group called Templars came to life. They tricked the Pope and then all the Christians. They made everyone accept that they were the only guards of Jerusalem.

They collected gold and land from thousands of people. Then with greatness and permission of God, Saladin Ayyubi conquered Jerusalem and no one cared for them anymore. So now, they are trying to regain the reputation they had lost. That is why they try to spread venom and create chaos everywhere. Let them play their game. We always say “tyranny spoils the game.” We shall first clear your name from the slander you have been imposed to then we will hit them when they least expect it. For the love of Jesus. Look what happened when we thought that we got rid of Sahabettin. Did you find a clue? No. But I’m looking for them in every hole. I will find him sooner or later. I will find him and the wild herders who saved him. What about El Aziz? Was he terrified? He was. He ran away from the those killers and hid in his room. But then Then? He is in a strange mood. Don’t neglect your visits to him. Where is our Ertugrul Bey? Under the ground. Come with me. Where were you, Dogan? You know this bear, Bey. When he sees a fight, he can’t get enough of it. You were not followed, right? Can we be followed, Bey? We also have a pair of eyes on our backs. Bamsi speaks of the truth, Bey. As he broke the arms, legs and heads of the people who were to follow us You have an important job tomorrow morning.

Nasir may do anything for revenge because of the thrashing he took today. Tomorrow, you gave to go to the lodge and take the Shahzade and Halime out of there. Who is she? Where did she come from, governess? She was a guest at the lodge. I don’t know what happened to her but her wound was infected. When the physician said that she should be treated in the palace, I brought her here. Yes but why did you bring her to my room, governess? She is a poor, little girl. I hoped that she would be your friend. Leila if you are angry Not at all! But don’t you know that I don’t like to be friends with anyone? Let the poor girl come to herself first if you still don’t want her, we can take her to another room. Thank God you are fine. I was so worried about you when I heard what happened. If I came at a bad time please, forgive me. Those who hear my sighs Should ask what this noise is Those who are wise Should say it is the sound of love May my name be erased El Aziz be unheard Those who read our poems Should say a passionate nightingale Magnificent. The most beautiful poem I have heard to this day. Because the pretext was a feeling that I had never experienced before. I have grown miserable with my yearning for you. When everyone goes to sleep No. I will call for you when I am available.

I was succumbed by my feelings. I didn’t know my own place. Please forgive me. With your permission. My dear Esma. Poor girl. Bey? I found an inn on the way. Is it far away? Not very far, Bey. We will spend the night at the inn. We will think everything through and make a decision. You are very tired, Bey. You know better but you should rest a bit. Come on. I am guessing that the little prince will be more collaborative than his father. I see the treasure inside a person with just a look in the eye and I never made a mistake about this, my dear Petruccio. It is great that he found a friend inside the castle. The more people he likes from us, the easier our job will be. The chests can stay here, Marcus. Make sure that everything is ready before the monks arrive. They will be more trustful when they see the gold. We wouldn’t want to be embarrassed. As you wish, sir! How are you, my beautiful niece? I am fine, uncle. I am hanging out with the most handsome man of the castle, how can I be not fine? How are you, your highness prince? I am not a prince. I am a Seljuk Shahzade. You are right, my Shahzade.

Our tongues might slip like this once in a while. Please accept my apologies. Isadora. You were a cute little girl the last time I saw you. But now you have turned into a very beautiful young woman. A sparkling, magnificent transformation. Unfortunately I could not remember you, your highness Cardinal. So, you have seen my before. Beautiful Isadora. The last time I saw you, you were holding the hand of my dear friend Giovanni. I will get rid of Sahabettin. Then Ertugrul can be yours, Titus. Wasn’t that so? Nasir? I don’t have time for this, come to the point. Is there a new order from Ustad? Yes. Ustad wants us to start the main attack. When you run after the big glory these small unfinished jobs will hold you back. If you are talking about Sahabettin and Ertugrul they cannot even peek out from the hole they are in. You know the witness you bought and made them sing like a nightingale in court? Do you think Ertugrul will not try to reach them? My men are in all the streets of Aleppo. Even if his shadow comes out, we’d be onto him immediately. El Aziz is in our palm at the moment. Even if all those witnesses come together his highness the Ameer would still believe us. After all, I am his only savior. And Eftelya is his dear Esma. Nasir, Nasir, Nasir. When you speak like this I am reminded of Karatoygar. I hope your end won’t be like his. This is a place where God’s name is recited. The dervishes think that your manners are not befitting. What do the dervishes think about a traitor who collaborates with infidels? His highness the Ameer believes that his kidnappers are hiding in here. Don’t try to stop our search then we will not use force. Let them in. If you are a God lover, come in and have a place in our hearts if you are a denier, look from the door and turn back. Master Talk, grandson of my master.

Commander Nasir came. Some people saved your dear son Sahabettin. And our child called El Aziz has believed the things whispered to his ear and sent Nasir here. Is that so? A boy in Andalucia, with his uncle took some wheat to a nonMuslim miller. They were to give 100 kilos of wheat and take 90 kilos of flour in return. And the miller was a cheater on the scales. He weighed 80 kilos and put it in a sack. The uncle of the boy wanted what was his right. “What kind of a man are you?” he said. They started arguing. Then the argument turned into a fight. The boy didn’t know what to do. The miller and his uncle were unstoppable. The sacks got burst and they were both covered in flour from head to toe. The boy went and took a piece of stick and stood in front of them. Which one is infidel, which one is my uncle? Which one is infidel, which one is my uncle? Which one is infidel God looks at His subjects from outside and sees what is in their heart. There are so many who are Muslim from the outside by infidel inside or infidel from the outside and Muslim within. Just like our Great God states in the Bakarah surah. Those are the ones who have purchased error in exchange for guidance so their transaction has brought no profit, nor were they guided. Ertugrul Bey was right. This guy called Nasir is like a rabid dog. We need to take Halime Baci and the Shahzade out of here. That would be the best for them and for the people in the lodge. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. May it be easy on you, Gundogdu.

Do not tire Selcan Hatun too much. She carries two lives and the voyage is hard as it is. Is it your job to think about our baby? Of course, we think about our nephew. Our blood will flow in the future generations thanks to Gundogdu. I may not see our nephew become a Bey, as I am an old man but What kind of a game are you playing now, Kurdoglu? My dear son I don’t know how you came to despise me so much. Yes, I did say some words to you as well, while my blood brother was ill for the unity and future of our tribe. I even resented some of your words and replied in an unbefitting way. But you know that I love you more than I love your brother. It is your turn to become the Bey of the tribe. I want this from the bottom of my heart. I am putting everything that happened in the past and say that it was due to your youth. Here you are. This honey is very valuable. Our girl Selcan should eat and be strong. May it make our nephew powerful. Thank you, uncle. Kurdoglu is such a twofaced man! Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Our daughter Halime is in good hands at the palace now, Numan Efendi. It is time to pray for her to get better as soon as she can. You are right. But when the palace is in turmoil like this leaving her and coming here is not easy. This is the first time we are separated, maybe since her birth. That is not the only problem. Yigit. God who has put a distance between you today will of course bring you together, when the time comes. Do not worry.

If you accept I would like to go to the palace and give your name at the door to ask permission from your sister to see my daughter. Of course. Welcome, venerable Priest Daniel. Your highness the famous trader I told you about, Abu Hisam awaits to be accepted by you. Tell him to come in. Is what Nasir told me true, Abu Hisam? Do you want to undertake all our trade in the Mediterranean region for us? Yes, your highness, I do. Why should I give you such a privilege? Make me responsible for all the sellable goods of Emirate of Aleppo all its commercial ships and caravans so that I can double the income of your treasury. That is my promise, your highness. What do you say, Nasir? Can we trust Abu Hisam? Of course, your highness. He is one of the most honest people of this world. I trust the person who you trust, Nasir. Then, all the veins of commerce in Aleppo is in your hands from now on, Abu Hisam. Where is the Shahzade? Where is Halime, Dogan? You were right, Bey. Nasir came with a platoon to look for us in the lodge. Nasir came out of the lodge empty handed as well as us. What are you saying, Dogan. Speak clearly. Do you mean that Halime and her father ran away? No, Bey. But while we were away, the wound of Halime Baci got worse. The people in the lodge found a contact from the palace and brought the physician. Come to the point. Bey Halime Sultan is in the palace.

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