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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 24 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Continue until he talks. You will not even taste the joy of rotting in Aleppo dungeons. Bamsi? Dogan? Bamsi? Dogan? Ertugrul Bey? Aykiz? My Aykiz. My Aykiz. Aykiz. Aykiz. Ustad, I congratulate you. My vizier? Thank God! I thank God, for letting me see you alive. My vizier what am I doing here? What do these men want from me? Are they Are you suspecting me? Do you think that I betrayed you? Now my eyes are open wide enough to see the truth.

If you even have a doubt they I am a traitor if you have the slightest doubt kill me here at once without hesitation. I don’t care about your life or your death as much as I care about a knot in this Turkmen carpet. Now, I am listening to you. Talk. Hasn’t this Turkmen goat herder talked yet? Don’t let him die. Let me have some fun while you eat your lunch. Do not die, alright? Our fun is not finished yet. It is my turn to have fun. Just like the tick in the carpet found its home, you found your home in this barrel you Turkmen goat herder.

Tell me, Esma. Who else is a Templar other than you in the palace? What is the goal of the Templars within the Aleppo palace? I wish I die I wish that you kill me as I can’t bear the pain of you doubting me. Stop lying to me! Tell me the truth. Esma, why did you do this to me? My vizier, I did not betray you. I didn’t lie in the court, when I testified against you either I only told what I saw. I beg you I beg you, please don’t treat me like a traitor. What did I do to deserve this? Who are the other Templars in Aleppo? How is your trade, Abu Hisam? Abu Hisam.

I yearn for the day I’ll get rid of this name and these Muslim attires. But the answer to your question is positive, Nasir. Good. Anything that can be converted into money. Mines, quarries, big fields we will own them all. Slowly, slowly. While El Aziz dreams about swimming in pools of gold all the treasures of Aleppo will flow into the cool cellars of our castle. Until his highness the Ameer turns into a beggar who begs from the Templars we shall take everything he has. Then, I shall give you the good news. Ertugrul is in our hands. You will give him to me. You have to learn to be patient, my precious friend. After we use that goat herder as a bait to pull Sahabettin into our trap then Ertugrul will be yours.

Do we have permission, Bacis? Please do not say that. My children how much you hurt inside can be seen from the tears in your eyes. Not knowing the fate of those whom you wait is eating your heart out like a worm. Your pain is big. But big dreams require big sacrifices. Who sees the dream, Efendi? Will Ertugrul and Turgut be sacrificed? Once upon a time, Abraham, peace be upon him, wanted a son. He prayed to God over and over again. If he is blessed with a son, he would sacrifice the boy for Him. One day, a little drop from the eternal power of God fell on Abraham’s prayer. Ishmael was born. Then, one day Abraham saw a dream. In his dream he saw that he was sacrificing Ishmael. He told this dream to Ishmael. A son is like an essence of the father.

Ishmael was a believer like his father. He accepted. He said, “do not feel despair, father. Carry out your promise to our Great God.” As his heart rose with compassion, as his soul got ripped apart with pain he put a knife on Ishmael’s throat at a dark corner. Just at that moment, Gabriel came down with a sacrificial ram on his lap. God is a witness to that you are one who keeps his promises. Take that knife from Ishmael’s throat and sacrifice this. Thank God. It is like this, my children. Those who dream big and keep their promise need to be ready for big sacrifices. Ertugrul and his companions are passionate to see a good dream for the Muslim world who are living in a nightmare right now. That is why they put their throats to the knife like Ishmael. Knife will not be hurt from them. We hope that God, most Gracious and most Merciful will not let those braves get hurt. You scared us, Halime. I am so sorry, governess.

I made you worry. When an ache struck like that all of a sudden Are you better now? I am better, thank you. Your father is here, outside. Stop. Don’t try to get up. Governess, let us invite him in. And I shall take some fresh air. Come in, Numan Efendi. My girl. Thank God I am well, father. Father. Tell me, my girl. I am aware of what happened. I know what happened to Ertugrul, father. First Yigit, now Ertugrul. How will we get out of this bog we are in? My girl His highness the Ameer would like to see Numan Efendi. My girl. Your highness, when the whole Muslim world was in the dark you rose up like the sun above Aleppo.

I am thankful to God for this. You are a ray of hope for not only this city but for everyone who is oppressed. Don’t say that. Yes, your highness. Welcome. Come in, come close, please. You know how valuable these prisoners are for us. Titus! Everything in this world will be over, everything will be forgotten everything will be forgiven but I will not forgive you! I will never forget what you have done to us! You lowlife dog! I wanted to introduce you to two of the most precious persons of Aleppo. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, Kurdoglu. God bless, I saw you standing up straight like this I won’t care if I die now. Thank you, God. And you gave me the good news of a grandchild, son. You made me happy. We are in a bind once again, Suleyman Shah. Rahman told us. I understand. What will we do, Bey? What is on your mind? We are on a hair thick Sirat Bridge, Kurdoglu. Without falling down to hell, without giving or taking a life we have to solve this. Why did they imprison my brother? It is a game of these Crusader infidels. Templars have infiltrated everywhere.

Then we should go and bring down the sky on top of them. So many Alps have become martyrs because of these infidels. Our tribe got scattered. We almost went to war with Karatoygar. We won’t find peace until we finish them all. But Gundogdu, there tribe is on migration. We are not ready for a war. I told you that Aleppo would be our grave. Do not worry, Kurdoglu. Someone from our blood would come and take our graves from here. Now, listen to me closely. Another valuable friend of mine whom I want you to meet it Open the door! Your highness Ameer. What kind of an imprudence is this? What do you think you are doing? Nasir, I am hoping that you will give a suitable punishment to this tactless man. Of course. We have received a critical information about a topic Commander Nasir has ordered to gather intelligence.

That is why I had to barge in. I beg for your forgiveness. Commander, as per your order, we looked everywhere and we are now sure that servant Esma has been kidnapped from the palace. I don’t understand. Nasir? If it comes to it you shall break every door in Aleppo, search everywhere and find Esma, Nasir. I mean, right now. Tomorrow we shall go to Aleppo. We will either get our homeland from there or we will die! There is no other way. What about Ertugrul? We do not know what he is accused of. We shall learn and act accordingly. Gundogdu, you shall go to the moorland where we will settle. Have the tribe settle there but be ready for a war that might start anytime. Wild Demir, you ready the weapons. As you wish, Bey. What will we do now, Nasir? What if Eftelya talks? You don’t know Eftelya, Titus. She would never do anything to harm the Templars, you can be rest assured. You have still not learned that you can never be sure about humans, Nasir. We cannot risk it. We should find Eftelya and bring her back, whatever the cost. Dead or alive. We are almost sure that she was abducted from the palace, right? Did something happen in the palace that caught your attention recently? Think a bit harder.

No. Nothing. We took Ertugrul and put him in the dungeon. The rest was ordinary palace chores. What about before? Stop. Where are you taking these? His highness the Ameer and Leila Sultan’s governess Ummulhayr Hanim ordered us to change the carpets of the Harem. Guard! Bring the governess to me! Nasir is looking for Esma everywhere in the palace. He will be aware of her absence soon. Ertugrul they tortured him a bit in the dungeon. You My brother, don’t! We are not like them. We do not oppress. We do not owe our enemies anything but justice. There is one more news. Some people came to the lodge from your tribe. They said two young women and an old man. They asked the bookseller about Ertugrul. I am going. Nasir I told you to not to turn into Karatoygar. But you are drowned in courage of ignorance. I hope you can change some things before it is too late. I give you my respects, Commander Nasir. What am I doing here, Commander? Are you interrogating me? How can I do such a thing, Ummulhayr Hanim? You are the mother of this palace. How can you say that? There is only one small issue that caught my attention. I wanted to consult you about that. Do ask, I am listening. Did you recently give an order to donate the old carpets of the palace to the poor? We continuously donate the old items in the palace to the poor but I have not given such an order recently. Moreover, you know me, Commander

I do the charity work by myself without been seen. Of course we know this, governess. You are the soul of Aleppo carved from a jewel. The protective wing of Aleppo’s poor. I am sorry if I disturbed you. Please. You can go back to your quarters. Guard! Prepare your regiment immediately. To a city where Ertugrul is in chains, where even the Alps cannot escape how could you send Gokce? Selcan! Gokce volunteered to go. Have you forgotten that our women are as brave as our men? Do not worry. Nothing will happen to them. Would Wild Demir leave them and return if they were in an unsecure place? Mother Hayme, Gokce is my only companion. If she is gone as well how can I bear this pain? Do not fear. Selcan, look at me. Nothing will happen to them. Do you understand? Do not fear. My vizier, you can tell anything to this brave. He would even forget the message himself after he delivers it. There are a few men that I trust in the palace. You will tell them where we are. They will whisper our location to Ertugrul and he can manage the rest. Come on, braves. Let us load the woman. Great God! Stop! What are you doing?

We have to leave immediately. Wear the guard’s uniform. We have to hurry. Stop! Where are you taking that? What is inside it? Put it down! Great God! Aykutluk. My vizier, you go. Vizier, you go, we will take care of him. Go! My vizier, please go. Vizier, go! Come on! This way. Go inside here, Bey. God damn! Guards! Guards! He shall not even stick his nose out of the palace or I will have all of you executed, understand? Go! Halime? Where is Leila Sultan, my girl? I did not see her this morning, governess. Where is she? Girls! Search the Harem immediately. Find Leila Sultan wherever she is and inform me. As you wish. Governess, why did you get so anxious? His highness loves his sister very much. He wants to know every step she takes. What am I going to do? This is all I can do, Bey. Go down this hall. It will take you to Nasir’s room. This is a very dangerous plan, may God be on your side. As Aykutluk said, you are a brave man. Thank you. You incompetent men. God damn you all! Sir, we found two guards dead! Get out! Get out and find that man, get out! Did I make you angry? What do you want, Ertugrul? Everyone in Aleppo to know who you are! Then you have to kill me. Because nothing can break the seal of my tongue. Why? Are you going to poison yourself and die like a foaming rabid dog? I don’t think so, Nasir. You are a coward dog.

You should see your own face. It is as white as the shroud of the Sultan. You still don’t see how powerful the force against you is. They will destroy you and your reckless tribe to the last man. I am not in the least scared of you killing me. I have seen the drooling bodies of your dogs that were after me, so many times. I even lost count. I don’t think you are as devoted as those dogs of yours, Nasir. When it comes to killing you one more or one less, It makes no difference to me. Even if one hair of mine is damaged Shahzade’s daughter Halime, for whom you went all into this trouble Do you think we are stupid, Ertugrul? We know everything. If something happens to me Shahzade’s daughter Halime, her brother who is our prisoner and your Alp Turgut may turn up dead. I already took my precautions, Ertugrul. I have so many men in this palace who will take the life of Halime where Titus’ arrow had failed. I am not even counting the ones in Kayi. What happened, Ertugrul? Did you abandon the idea of killing me? Go on, kill me. Why did you stop? Kill me, Ertugrul! I will expose the people who made you do this one by one. Then may God be my witness that I shall kill you with my own hands, Nasir. )

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