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If something happens to me Shahzade’s daughter Halime, her brother who is our prisoner and your Alp Turgut may turn up dead. I already took my precautions, Ertugrul. I have so many men in this palace who will take the life of Halime where Titus’ arrow had failed. I am not even counting the ones in Kayi. What happened, Ertugrul? Did you abandon the idea of killing me? Go on, kill me. Why did you stop? Kill me, Ertugrul! I will expose the people who made you do this one by one. Then may God be my witness that I shall kill you with my own hands, Nasir. Guards! Guards! Catch him! Don’t let him escape! Bring him to me! I saw him, he is running away. He went that way! Catch him! Please do not get up. How is the sunlight of my palace? I am better, thank you. This is great. I talked with the physician as well. He says that you are better. May God bless him. He went into a lot of trouble to cure me. Governess Ummulhayr was always by my side. All thanks to you. I was waiting impatiently for you to get well. I was waiting so that instead of talking about health in this gloomy room we can walk in the gardens of Aleppo. And talk about nice topics. Poetry for example. Do you like poetry, Halime? I would have liked to read you some of the poems I wrote. As I am recovered now, I will need to leave the palace soon. I would like to be with my loved ones as soon as possible. Moreover, I have been a burden on Leila Sultan for some time. Governess? Where is Leila? You are safe here. No one knows this hideout. Who are you? I am the niece of the man who you saved. Vizier Sahabettin’s. So you are El Aziz’s sister. I saw how you risked your own life to save my uncle from the foolish decree of my brother. I am not your enemy. It is unclear who is a friend or foe in Aleppo. Only my uncle can save our city from this state. That is why I am helping you. My uncle’s friend is my friend as well. What if you are also a foe who looks like a friend? Spend the night here. I will get you out of here when the palace calms down. I don’t think I have another choice. All the exits are blocked, sir. We will find him sooner or later. Look in all holes, all cracks, understood? No one shall know that Ertugrul has escaped. Especially his highness, the Ameer El Aziz. Get out! I still see Ertugrul being taken when I close my eyes, Aykiz. We have to find a way and reach them. My Turgut if he is still alive only Ertugrul can save him. Dogan? Shall we pray, Yigit? I am going to ask you something. That man Turgut do you think he speaks the truth about my father’s death? He never lies. Alright. Now repeat everything I do. When you are going to pray, go to your room and close the door. Pray to our Father secretly. Everything that is done secretly shall be rewarded by our Father. Do not pray with empty words, like the infidels. They only try to be heard with verbiage. Do not be one of them. Because our Father would know what we need even before we say and bless it to us. Pray like this: Our Holy Father up in the sky. Thou name shall always be sacred. Amen. Welcome. Why do you say welcome as if we have good news to give them. Do not be agonized. We know about the things that happened. So you know. We wouldn’t have liked to greet you with our heads down but we faced many troubles. Turgut Alp is our flesh and blood. I said I know what happened. We should talk about what we need to do now. Aleppo has gone out of control. Vizier Sahabettin. He is a fugitive. We brought him here, as the lodge was the most secure place. He needs to return to his post for all the problems to be solved. How does this concern Turgut? As I said, Baci. Here, everything is a tangled mess. But Ertugrul Bey has a idea to put everything into order. And for this idea, he sacrificed himself. You must be hungry. You have to regain your strength. Thank you. Please do not endanger yourself for me anymore. I want my uncle to return to the palace where he belongs, as soon as possible. That is all. The guards are still running about. Try to manage with this until the morning. I will find a way to get you out of here. My problem is not getting out of the palace, it is Nasir. He is the one who sold out your uncle and us. Do you understand? In this cold weather, drink so that you can warm up a bit, my son. Thank you. With this holy duty, you deserve a place in the heaven kingdom of our Father. You come and drink some as well, my son. We have to show this sinner soul that has collaborated with the devil the path of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. Here you are, son. Thank you. Share with the others, they should warm up a bit as well. May God protect you. My brave, how are you? Drink, drink up. I will get you out of here as soon as possible, try to bear it, alright? Recite the patience invocation, I promise that I will get you out of here. Don’t. I won’t leave Yigit to them. Yigit and you will go out of this castle safe and sound, trust me. With God’s permission, in this castle I will be a martyr. If the road takes you to my tribe to Kayis one day find Aykiz tell her that Turgut for even one second did not forget you. That I bore all the pain by thinking her love at all times. Find Aykiz and tell her that I love her very much. Alright, Alfin Bey? You will tell all these to Aykiz yourself. I promise you, I will get you out of here. Drink some more. Recite patience. Patience. Dear God… Dear God… May God protect you, my sons. Ertugrul did what he always does again. Is it a lie? Ertugrul Bey messes everything up and you end up worrying for him. What should I have done, Hatun? Should I have said, nothing that happens in the tribe concerns me? All I am saying is that you are being the Bey of the tribe at the moment and that your father should know this. Will you abide them turning a blind eye to whatever he does once again? Ertugrul should pay the price of the damage he caused for these people. The great Kayi tribe. We don’t have a home, we don’t have land we don’t have plentiful food instead of thinking about these, you still think of evil, Hatun. Is it a lie? As if these were not enough you stick your nose into things that don’t concern you even when pregnant. What more can I say to you, Hatun? What can I say? The letter you have written to the Pope and Emperor Frederic is not an ordinary letter anymore, Thomas. I was just thinking what you might give to see what I have written, my dear friend Petruccio. You have learned our power. Out network of spies our financial sources and the opportunities we can present for a new crusade. Especially for you, my dear friend. What if you fail at the crusade? Would that be important after you became the Pope, my dear friend Thomas? Yigit, listen to me very well. You have to be very careful, alright? Did you understand what I said? You have to get that key from Marcus at all costs. We will overcome and solve everything, alright? You are a strong man. That is obvious. But you came out stronger than we thought. You did not collapse after everything you went through. Well done. You are like a raging bull. Like a bull challenging his toreador. You are not very talkative but I can find a topic that might interest you. Aykiz. The name you blabber while being tortured. Is she your lover? I don’t think you will talk to me. Shame. Then I am going. What do you want from me? Your father’s killer? My father. In this state? I cannot go into the dungeon but I know that there is a prisoner in there called Giovanni. There is only a Muslim man called Omer in there. I want you to ask something to that man. Whether she knows a girl called Isadora. If you can give me a reply I would do anything I can for you to escape from here. How will I give you the answer? Shahzade Yigit will help us. Vizier is trapped. Turgut is far away. Ertugrul Bey is away in the dungeons. Aykutluk became a martyr. We are left all alone here. Where are they? They are here, sir. Ertugrul? I am waiting outside. Vizier I know how much you tried to help Kayis thanks to Dogan and Bamsi. They also told us the conspiracy against you. If you find it suitable as well you should be taken somewhere where no one can reach you. Let us take you to Kayi tribe. Not only the Templars, even if the 70 kings of the Roman cities unite to attack us, they cannot take you out from there. Suleyman Shah, your offer made me more than happy but I am afraid to bring more disasters to your already distressed tribe. Let disaster come to a brave, while he is being brave it would be an honor. Rahman Ilyas Fakih take our vizier to the tribe without attracting attention. Just like written in the letter to the Jews in a way to please God with fear and respect let us pray. My holy brother, if you accept as well participating in a sermon by a monk like you, who has devoted his life to the Messiah, would be a great honor to all Templar knights. By sitting in the shelter of the Creator, the One who has the power to do anything, he takes refuge in His shadow. He is my shelter, my fortress! I say for God. He is my God, I trust Him. Because He protects you from the traps of the hunters and all deadly diseases! He takes you under His wings. You take shelter under them. His loyalty becomes your shield and shelter. Amen. Do not forget some non believers who reject the Messiah Jesus Christ have secretly infiltrated amongst us. It has been written long ago that they shall be tried! Amen! Nasir hasn’t Esma been found yet? Your highness, most probably the Templars who are collaborating with Sahabetttin have kidnapped her as well. Come with me, let us interrogate Ertugrul. When I think that my brother is in their hands, I am about to lose my mind, father. Ertugrul? Halime? Leila, my girl, what do you think you are doing? How can you help this man? How can you bring him to this room? I had to. They are looking for him everywhere. This is the only place where I can hide him. That is what I was saying. They are looking for this man everywhere. And you brought him to your own room. Did you ever think what would happen to us if your brother finds out that he is here? If my brother finds out that he is here, I would commit suicide. Do you understand me? God, Great God. I am Kayi tribe’s Bey Suleyman Shah. I came to talk to you. As you took the trouble to come all the way here, I am listening, Turkmens. Free my son whom you have imprisoned unjustly. And rehabilitate the dignity of the Kayis whom you slandered with plague claims. What would happen if we don’t do what you say? We would still settle in the lands you had promised us before. But if my son Ertugrul is not freed while a tribe is being settled there, a city would be burnt down here. Aleppo would be wasted! Alright, Suleyman Shah but what would you do if I raise my army and come to you? Whom do you trust to talk like this? When you put us in the edge of the Crusader countship we said yes putting our trust in Him and we trust Him again! Do now forget, your highness Ameer us Kayis believe in God, we trust Him and take refuge in Him. If your army is greater than Him, come. We shall be waiting in our tribe. Nasir if Sahabettin is with them, our job is very difficult. Your highness, give me permission to put them in their places. I want to be informed about every step Kayis take. Alright? I have a feeling that we can find my uncle if we follow them. The rear side of our Bey’s marquee shall always be protected strongly. The tents of the Alps shall be distributed in the outer rings. We can make this flat area ahead our training ground. The people have started to put up their tents. Shall we wait for our Bey? We didn’t come here to scratch the soil, Alpargu. We will of course set up our tents. Make sure that your Alps are ready at all times. An infidel might come out from behind those mountains or an attack from our so called religion brothers may come any minute. That is why you should be alert at all times. Hatun you are carrying two lives put it down. We can carry them. There is still a long time, Gundogdu. I cannot sit around empty handed while there is so much work to do. Peace be upon you, Gundogdu Bey. And peace be upon you. God bless you all, you have settled so quickly. Thanks to God, Fakih. Thanks to God. Aleppo vizier, Sahabettin Tugrul. Welcome, we are happy to see you. My brother Ertugrul always spoke highly of you. Thank you, I am grateful. May your new homeland be a blessing. Thank you. Bey and about the identity of the woman at the back we should ask the devil. Please. Shahzade, I will save Turgut from the dungeon in the first chance I get. You stay in the courtyard or the corridor in order not to attract attention, okay? We will have only one chance. God willing, you should not need to use this but you should have it.

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