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Catch them! Catch them! Run, Afsin Bey, run. Finish your mission. Do not leave our Shahzade to them. Attack! You two, that way! You, that way! Problem is not only Turgut. Nor it is Kayis. We fell into a big trap set for the Muslim world. Dying is a duty for all of us. It is not right to cry after a martyr. If he is living, to go and get Turgut out of that castle is our duty. But if he is dead then the duty is to take his revenge. Understood? We understand, Bey. We understand, Bey. Let us go and get benediction from Ibn Arabi before leaving. He left for Jerusalem, Bey. He said that he would pray for us. Alright. Prepare quickly, we shall leave.
One of the traitors have been killed, the other ran away, sir. We will catch him as soon as possible. Water only spends itself after a storm. Marcus, Cardinal Thomas should not know about this. Come this way. I am your only hope. Quick. Come on, my children, find that traitor! Guard all the exits of the castle! Bring him to me! If someone does a favor to me without a reason, it means I am in trouble. It is not without a reason. “Do not ask for help from infidels who have strayed from the path of God” says our holy book. Then Wasn’t Judas an apostle as well? It is not known whether betrayal or salvation comes from friend or foe. You tell me then. My uncle keeps my father in a dark dungeon within this castle. Why? Because he became a Muslim. What? Are you telling me that Ustad’s brother is a Muslim now, woman? Mohiddin Al Arabi from Andalusia converted my father into Islam. That is why my uncle is keeping him in the dungeons. My dear Isadora. Beautiful Isadora. Alone and innocent just like our Virgin Mary. I don’t think your uncle would object to, you coming to Constantinople with me. My only wish is to complete my prayers without getting out of this castle. Even if the barbarians are at your borders? Which barbarians? Kayis, Isadora. Turks.

The killers of your father. I will wait for you. It is not a problem for me. Please help me. Save me from this madhouse. My Turgut. Aykiz. My Aykiz. Turgut. My Turgut. Aykiz. My Aykiz. Why? Aykiz? Aykiz? Aykiz! Aykiz! Aykiz! Aykiz! Aykiz! My brave, get a hold of yourself, my lion! Are you well, my child? Do not let yourself go. Be strong. A girl came to me. He asked about an old man in the dungeon. His name was Giovanno Giovanna Was it Giovanni? Yes! Yes! Was the girl’s name Isadora? Yes, Isadora. How do you know her? I am Giovanni and she is my daughter. May God bless you. Do not put God’s name on your tongue. I am innocent. I am innocent! Someone must have tricked Ertugrul Bey. If you don’t tell me where my Turgut is I will kill you here. They are not touching you as you are a woman, they are not torturing you but you cannot deceive me with this naive woman act. You lowlife, you will regret the day you were born. Now tell me where the hideout of these spineless creatures called Templars is.

Tell me! Why don’t you understand? I am just a mere servant. How can I know where their hideout If I knew, for the life of your brave Do not put my brave’s name on your tongue either, tell me where Turgut is! Tell me, tell me! All I know is All I know They do very bad things to the enemies they capture. They pluck their meat out while alive and feed them to the dogs and ravens. And throw the rest into bugs. Not only for myself, I shall pray for your brave as well. I pray to God that he is not a prisoner of them. I pray to God! You are lying! You are lying! I’m going to kill you! Kill you! Aykiz! Aykiz! Aykiz! Aykiz! Tell me! I am going to kill you! Come here! You are going to die! Enough! I am going to kill you! While you die, you will wish that I do it fast! Come here! Come on! Leave me alone, father! Let me go! Let go! Know that I will be your Azrael! Know it well! I wanted you to see the beauty that I am seeing. Is there something you are hiding from me, father? Is it Yigit? No, no. I am only thinking how I can save your brother. That is all. Did we enter a Mongol tribe without knowing? What is this? Nobody looks at us and give a reaction. They probably forgot us as we have been away for so long. Ertugrul? Welcome to your new home. Thank you, father. Welcome, brother.

Thank you, brother. Thank you. Welcome, my son. When you were in the mountains all alone to become an Alp when you fought with the Mongols or when you were swinging your sword against the Crusaders I was never afraid. But Aleppo is different. I saw the betrayal there. I was very scared that they would take you away from me, not with their swords but with their treacheries. Thank God you have returned, my son. Betrayal is not only inside Aleppo, mother. Some people killed our Alps and falsely accused me. Who is that person, father? Kurdoglu. I told him to rethink his words. We shall ask him today in the headquarter meeting. Let us see whether he is insistent on his claim. Even if he is, let him say it directly to your face. Bey Kurdoglu said what he said. Those ominous words spilled from his mouth. Ertugrul, get out now! How dare you come to the tribe! You shall pay for what you did! Come out and face us! Ertugrul! This is my problem, father. Rahman allow them to come in. As you wish, Bey! How could you spill the blood of your brothers, Ertugrul? Where are our braves? Our sons are gone! Where are our lions? Why did you kill our Alps, Bey? I heard that someone presumptuous has put a smear on our foreheads. As if this was not enough, with false witnesses and fake evidence he added more lies to his lies! If he was not aware of what he said, the sin is on him. But if he was slandering on purpose a day will come where his throat would meet my hand. What is the claim? That I killed the Alps whom I fought side by side against the pagan Mongols and the infidel Crusaders. And what for? For nothing. Slander makes a brave hard. It strengthens his faith.

But for some brothers believing this slander is what really hurts my heart. And that hurt does not go away. The truth is that God is Great and The Sole Avenger. If there is still someone who believes that this slander is true he can pick up my sword and cut off my head right here and now. I would not even move a hair. Instead of breathing the same air and stepping on the same ground with them I would prefer to die. And my blood is halal to them. Well done, Titus. If you succeed in this What does Titus say, sir? He wrote that it is time to make Ayubis and the Seljuk fight with each other. El Aziz and Halime. He invited us to their wedding that shall last 40 days and 40 nights. Did you find that spy? There is no way out for him. Sooner or later, he shall get out of the rat hole he hides in. In the 99 names of our Great God, Who creates with only saying “let be” Who fills our hearts with faith. In the name of God, most Merciful and most Graceful. Please While I was laying on my sickbed the unity and solidarity of our tribe was damaged. It is so sorrowful that on one side my sons on the other side my blood brother accused each other in my marquee. When dark clouds gathered above our tribe instead of standing straight and keeping silent they started arguing like women! My son Ertugrul was accused of killing the Alps of our tribe. What nonsense is this? First, I would like to solve this matter. Tell us, Kurdoglu.

Bey, we are thankful to God as you have recovered and leading us once again. While you were fighting for your life in those hard days your son Gundogdu, broke the rule you have set and sent Ertugrul to Aleppo. As I did not want your rule to be overruled I sent some men after Ertugrul. And they were all slaughtered. And I thought it was Ertugrul’s doing. But, when I personally went to see our martyrs with my own eyes I saw that they were killed by the Crusaders. And this is the evidence. Gundogdu. Bey your situation was critical. Someone had to lead the tribe. I put my trust on the dream you saw and sent my brother to Aleppo. The rest is known. We had to deal with the false accusations of our Emmi. My words are the last words in this tribe! No one can say a word on top of me! No order can be given over my order! Let this be known! How can one be accused without thinking twice and without evidence, Kurdoglu? If my time comes to an end in this mortal world what will you turn this tribe into? I am forgiving you for one last time. From now on, if you act against the tradition you will not have a tribe to sleep in. Now, let us hear you out, Ertugrul. Tell us. What is the situation? There is a price to pay in drinking water from the poisonous well called Aleppo. And we shall pay more than what it is worth. But if we do not clean this poisonous water the Muslim world will be swept into a catastrophe. The Crusaders are preparing for a new campaign. That is why the Templars are trying to clear the road to Jerusalem. They try to eliminate the Beys, tribes and statesmen whom they see as a threat. We must clean Aleppo at all costs. What does your tongue say, Ertugrul? Are we to solve the problem of great big Muslim world? While we can’t even find a quarter to spend the winter you talk to us about cleaning Aleppo.

If the cries of the oppressed would fill the skies if everything that is sacred to us, our tradition, language, religion our homeland, will be trampled upon by the tyrants what is the point of having a wintering quarter or not? I saw that, us coming to these lands is not without purpose. We will either live, without letting the tyrants crush these lands or be erased from history if we bow our heads like cowards in front of the tyrant. That is the situation, father. What should we do then? Our brother Turgut is imprisoned. Aleppo is worse than imprisonment. We have to make a will, gird our swords and clean both of these worlds of tyranny. That is the situation. Ertugrul speaks of the truth. From now on, our swords shall be ready for battle at all times. We shall take a thousand lives of those who take one life from us! That is my final word. Turgut Agabey. Yigit. We will save you from here. I know, Yigit. I know. Now listen to what I have to say. You know the niece of Ustad? You mean Isadora? You have to tell her what I tell you. It is very important. Child, get away from there. Tell her that she is right. The man in the dungeon is her father. I said get away from there! Go and take him away. He became a Muslim and took the name of Omar. She has to help both of us. Do you understand, Yigit? His highness the prince should go inside if he wishes not to be beaten up. What did you think you were doing, my girl? Do you know what Ertugrul risked to kidnap that woman out of the palace? What if she died? Who goes in the front stays in Damascus, those who go in the back stay in an inn. That woman sees this place like an inn. You don’t beat her up because you are men, you are brave. You treat this lowlife woman like a royalty.

I know the language she would understand. Let me do what is needed. Stop right there. Alright, you got your wild side from me. But, you should have gotten the patience of your mother. Ertugrul Bey is back. We will see what will happen. The situation is very complicated. He will of course find a way to save Turgut from that castle. Father, how do you know that my Turgut still lives? That they didn’t throw him in a ditch after killing him? How do you know that they didn’t let him rot in that ditch? Do we have permission? Come in, Bey. Turgut is alive, Aykiz. If Turgut is there, why are you here, son of a Bey? Does it suit a brave to sit in his tent like a nesting bird? Aykiz! Don’t stop me, father. Let me say him a few words, maybe I can knock some sense into him. I said Aykiz! Wild Demir let her spill the beans she has been holding inside. Did you forget my Turgut just so that you can go after Halime? You can deduce a good meat in a plate, a brave in a war and a friend from their advice. If Turgut is still alive I would bring him back. If he is dead I would make them pay. But I would not a shed a tear after a martyr. Let this be known, Aykiz.

If you ask me why I haven’t made them pay yet the answer lies in the woman you tried to strangle last night. The matter is not about entering the devil’s den, it is about finding it. My problem is finding that den. Turgut is a part of me, even more than my heart. Let this be known. If my brave is alive, bringing him back if he is dead, putting him in a grave is your debt to me. I sent you to death so many times as if it were a celebration. I entrusted my Turgut into you. If you rot the flesh of my Turgut in the lands of the infidels my hands would be on your neck in this world and beyond, Ertugrul Bey. And you let this be known.

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