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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 28 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

If Turgut is alive I will bring him back. But if not, if he is dead I’ll make them pay for it. But I would not weep after a martyr. You should keep this in mind Aykiz. If you ask me why I haven’t made them pay until today the answer is hidden in the woman whose throat you squeezed last night. The matter is not entering the devil’s den.

It is finding it. My aim is to find it. For me Turgut’s life is as valuable as mine. You should also keep this in mind. Your duty is to bring my hero back if he is alive or to bury him if he is dead. How many times have I sent you off to death as if to a wedding? I trusted you for taking care of Turgut. If you let my Turgut’s flesh rot without a burial prayer I would hold you responsible for it in both worlds, Ertugrul Bey. You should keep this in mind. My apologies my Bey. Seeing you safe and sound is more than enough for me. Have seat.

I’ve never felt this kind of difficulty in my life. I’d know what to do if I were faced with 40 wars, 40,000 enemies but this is different. Look my daughter. You should continue this game with Yigit, till I get some help. I should go and explain everything to Ertugrul Bey. Our salvation is with Kayis. It is no longer possible to move forward in the castle.

Are you going to escape? What about my brother Turgut? -They are going to kill him. -Hush. This is obligatory my Shahzade. I must leave this bloody place and get some help immediately. Would there be the new without the old, and the good without the bad? Is it only Ertugrul that caused us all the trouble? Did you not see how arrogant he was when he entered the tent? Placing a sword in the middle of otak, saying “cut my head off”… Your brother has become the bastard of the system. The bad he does is seen as if he did good. Oh for god’s sake, enough Hatun! When I look at you I see a sluggish man as naive as a man can be. Hatun, what do you want from me? What is bothering you? I see the fog on a mountain, a snake in sight Gundogdu. Your brother Ertugrul, whom you love dearly is on your back like a scorpion and ready to sting when he is done with you.

When will you realise? These are all Seigniory games. Enough! Enough! I am sick of your Seigniory games. You talk like you do not know Oguz customs. The person who will become the Bey is the one who deserves it. If I deserve I will, if Ertugrul does, he will. That is it. My only concern is to get this nomad group out of trouble. Your only concern should be giving birth to your child. Sister. Gundogdu Bey was furious. What happened? He is just an incongruous coward. Gokce in order to obtain what is ours, you must go to bed with Ertugrul. Sister, what are you talking about? I know what I am talking about. Before Ertugrul leaves, you will do what you have to do. But first my beautiful and foolish sister be a woman.

A woman. Do you understand what I say? Be a woman, and take your man. Otherwise you will rot in this nomad group. -Sister… -I said go Gokce. Go, go! Hush. Hush. I will pray for my Han For that, the black mountains Shall not collapse The tree of shadows shall not be cut The beautiful river of blood Shall not dry The tip of your wings Shall not break Your destiny Shall not put you in despair Your white horse’s legs Shall not sprain My Bey. They are going to the tent to force that woman to speak. So we should find a way to visit the Templar’s castle, Alpargo. They are our neighbors now, aren’t they? There is a saying: “Neighbors need each other’s ashes.” If you are planning to be a bitch like Baybora just tell me so that we know. If you are going to show the white feather, just leave me alone now. Leave and herd your goats.

We are on our way my Bey. We always keep our promises. You’d better Alpargo. You’d better. Ertugrul? You are surprised to see me, aren’t you? Thank God I have seen you safe and sound my Bey. You are the only one who can save me from this disgrace. What a coincidence, I thought the same thing for you. Don’t do this, my Bey. How could you think like that about me? I am just an ordinary odalisque. It is the same talk since this morning. She didn’t say anything else. If you weren’t a woman, I’d know how to make you speak. You made so many sacrifices to catch her bu she did not speak Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul. All those years you have been looking into my eyes and betraying me? Ata Bey, we need her alive. Did you think we would allow you to come from the steppes of Asia and settle down in our holy land? We won’t stop until we bury you in the desert like all the other Muslims on earth. You, horde of bastards! You will all die! Do not worry. I will make her speak, sooner or later. Even if it requires me to cut my own tongue with my teeth I would do it but you will not hear a word from me. You are not going to make me speak Ertugrul. O God! O God! Staying in Aleppo did you no good Bamsi. You forgot how to fight.

So you think you can beat Bamsi with moves like that? You big head Bamsi, big head Bamsi! The heroes are feeling alive. Go on Bamsi! Come on Hamza. Knock that big head Bamsi down! God is one and only, Bamsi! It was me who first suggested going to Aleppo first. I went mad when my father told me you were going. You should have seen me. I felt like a child who stole his older brother’s toys. But now I know my father’s dream came true. Thank god. Perhaps none of these would have happened if you were the one to go to Aleppo. None of us will ever know this Ertugrul. But there is something that I am sure of. Whatever the cost is, we must find a way to remain at this heavenly land. Otherwise the Kayi Tribe won’t survive. They would exterminate us. The only place we can go is the desert after all. Neither our animals nor us can survive in the desert. So, we need to find a way to get over these what the hell they are called, the Templars.

This land will never be truly ours, brother. We will not find peace until we establish our own state on our own land. So as soon as possible, we must give these Templar’s game away which works against not only us but also the whole Muslim world. How will it be possible? For the sake of Ucler, Yediler, Kirklar my poet tell us about our peer Ahmed Yesevi so that all our hearts could warm. So that we can feel our holy prophet may God honor him and grant him peace is with us. As I am burning with The love of Muhammad I am madly deeply following The path of Muhammad As I am burning with the love of Muhammad I am madly deeply following the path of Muhammad All the Islamic ummah is thankful And praising Muhammad I pray endlessly to God the almighty For there shall be no love in my heart other than Muhammad’s As I am burning with the love of Muhammad I am madly deeply following the path of Muhammad I choose to be possessed By madness for Muhammad And I, Yesevi the sluggard Beg for mercy from Muhammad As I am burning with the love of Muhammad I am madly deeply following the path of Muhammad As I am burning with the love of Muhammad I am madly deeply following the path of Muhammad Ertugrul. Halime. Ertugrul.

I’d like to talk to you. I am listening Gokce. I am not sure if my words would be appropriate on these hard days but our sorrow gets deeper since we both are quiet. -I… -Ertugrul. If you excuse me, I just want you to listen to me. Neihter your parents’ decision nor anything else I care about. There is something I want you to know. I have been in love with you since I was a child. All my life, I have always loved you. You can say it is a foolish or childish thing. But it is what it is. I will not let Halime or anybody take away this beautiful pain within me. If necessary, I will wait for you till the day I die. While your heart is burning with the dream of that Shahzade’s daughter my heart will be burning here with you. This is my reality. And I will not let anybody take it from me. I don’t want you to feel sorry or pity me.

I just wanted you to know all about it. That is it. May I come in Sister Gokce? Come in Aga. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. You and Ertugrul grew up together before my eyes. While I was bringing two hearts up I wasn’t aware they were bitter. I have always loved Ertugrul all my life long. I was loving him even when my father’s blood was all around the otak because of Suleyman Shah. I loved him even I knew he was not so keen on me. He did not even notice me. I was worthless than his horse’s tail. Even though, I loved him. I loved him till that girl, he did not even know or recognize arrived. It is fine that you don’t love him anymore. I wish it was so. Now, I am hurt each and every other day. Woe, my heartsore Sister.

The bastards you were protecting came here to kill you. Will you go on protecting them? Since it is a war they are after they will get what they want. Since they want to exterminate us we will fight till we all die. Tell me Bamsi where do know this man from? Your memory is impressive! Remember, we were chatting with Ibn’ul Arabi and then this merchant came, he sat with us. Aha! He came when Ibn’ul Arabi was talking about the devil. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. I am looking for a man named Kurdoglu. Would you tell me where he is, Blacksmith? I would but you might curse me when you find him. Excuse me? I am not good at your language. It is okay, you needn’t understand. You see that tent? He is over there. Thanks. I was wondering where you have been. So, now we are like neighbors. So I came to say welcome. Welcome to you also, Titus. Ebu Hisham. Your presence is a pleasure for us Ebu Hisham. We completed all the arrangements.

The Alps are positioned around the nomad group. Rahman, they sneaked in the nomad group twice. They spread the plague. This became a miserable place. If they sneak in for the third time I will hand not only you but also all the guards.. …over to the Reaper myself. Do you hear me? May we come in my Bey? My Bey, I brought you the most honorable merchant of Aleppo, Ebu Hisham. He is welcomed here. But when did you get to know the honorable merchants of Aleppo, Kurdoglu? My Bey, while you were busy dealing with the troubles Ebu Hisham came to visit our nomad group. It was a difficult journey, but you have arrived here safe and sound. Your presence is a blessing for this land. Thank you, Merchant. Thank you! The souks of Aleppo will be very lively with the goods of your nomad group. My desire is to work togetger to give joy to your souks and Aleppo. We wanted to visit you in Aleppo, but we could not find any traces of you.

I was away for finding new goods for a long time. You shared your bread with me. I can never forget your good fellowship. We are the heralds of the Ameer of Aleppo. We have come to talk with Suleyman Shah. Heralds have come from Aleppo, my Bey! Let them in. May I have your permission to leave? Come on, Commander. We have come to inform you about the order of his highness Ameer of Aleppo El Aziz. I am listening to you. “I order you to leave this land, which you have occupied through craft and force, in three days. Otherwise, you should know that my army will slaughter you all with their swords, Suleyman Shah. This is my last warning.” I suppose there is someone important in that tent. An dangerous woman is staying in it. How many soldiers does he have in his army? Even the number of his palace guards are over than the number of our men, father. Praise to God, we are like in heaven. The Templars at night, El Aziz in the morning. We must find a way to convince El Aziz. My Bey, I learned that my brother’s nomad group is in the Seljuk border.

We can ask for help from him. You know, he would give his life to you. I know. He would do it. He would also come with his soldiers but this is our war. We must find another solution. We must solve this matter without shedding any blood. There is a way, father. Thank you. Enjoy it Ertugrul Bey. I am going to visit El Aziz. Are you aware of what you just said, son? I am aware, father. I am going to bring one of our guests with me. The Templar’s spy, who he thinks is an odalisque in the palace. Are you going to take Esma to the palace? She can not deny the tattoo on her nape. If we can manage to take her to the palace soundly we will be able to give the Templar’s game away. My Bey, while we were trying to get rid of Kara Toygar trouble we bumped into Nasir trouble. Unless we kill Suleyman Shah and his sons God knows what other troubles we will bump into. So what are we going to do, my Bey? We will do what needs to be done, Alpargo.

What ever needs to be done. Finally you have the courage to confront me, huh? You used that sorcerer whore called Yiva to kill my baby, Kurdoglu. And then, you killed Yiva. She deserved to die, just like you do. You broke our deal, Selcan Hatun. When I went to kill Suleyman Shah, you sent your husband after to kill me. You’d kill two birds with one stone. I did not realize how inept you are. Anyway, as your baby is still alive we are not that late to make peace. Yes, if we collaborate… What do you want from me? I want my father’s revenge to be taken, Kurdoglu. I was also there when your father’s blood was dripping all around from Suleyman’s sword. I did everything to stop him. But Suleyman is a ruthless man. Your father was more than a brother to me, Selcan. So, you will do what needs to be done, Kurdoglu. What about Gundogdu? We will also talk about it when the right time comes. Now, you have a task to complete. An important task which you have to complete without messing up. Ertugrul is going to Aleppo, and he is taking that woman with him. Where are they going to? To the palace.)

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