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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 29 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Now, you have a task to complete. An important task you have to complete without messing up. Ertugrul is going to Aleppo, and he is taking that woman with him. Where exactly are they going to? To the palace. I am coming with you to Aleppo. Brother. At least one person should stay in the nomad group with our father. If we can not take that woman there soundly we will no longer have a father or a nomad group to return. As soon as I finish this task, I will be going to the Templar’s castle. Do you know what you are talking about, son? If Turgut is alive I must bring him back. But if not if he is dead I must take his revenge. It is not that easy to go in there.

Let’s say you got in. You can’t go out. I request that you write a short letter to those bastards. It is not decent to drop by without letting them know. They should know that I am coming in order to make necessary preparations. The good guest is the one who informs first. These are the best textiles I have seen. It has been years since I saw colors as vibrant as these. Especially these rugs and carpets God bless. Actually I wasn’t expecting them to be this good, Mother Hayme. Thank you, Ebu Hisham. It is the same technique that our ancestors used throughout the centuries. Without changing it, without any cheats. That is why you have a good reputation where ever you go.

Although I heard that things did not go so well for you in Aleppo. I have just arrived from Aleppo. Everybody is talking about the things a Kayi Bey’s son did. He delved among the entire city. Anyway, let’s get to business. Those things do not concern me. You certainly deserve the price you asked. It is the reward of your labor. However, the famine affected everybody. If you excuse me this is the last amount remaining. If you accept we can have a deal today for 640 gold coins, not for 800. Although Suleyman Shah sent you to me I must consult our Bey.

Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Ebu Hisham, if you excuse me, I will take you to our Bey. You can deliberate this subject with him too. Let’s go. I have good news for you, Titus. I am listening to you Kurdoglu. Ertugrul is going on a journey with his Alps tomorrow. Where are they going to? The woman who works for you, what was her name Esma. They are going to take her to Aleppo, to El Aziz. Did something happen, uncle? We are going to have a guest soon. So, come on Ertugrul. I’m waiting for you to come. The Master should know that Eftelya is being taken to Aleppo by Ertugrul. When will you tell me the things hidden inside you? Is not, what we both gone through for days, enough? I beg you to talk to me, father. Halime.

El Aziz told me that he wanted you as his wife. What are you saying, father? I decided that this is the right thing for all of us. This is the first time I am asking something from you. You must accept this proposal not only for yourself but also for the goodness of your brother. Gundogdu. Where are you going? To Aleppo. Ertugrul was supposed to go. We decided to go together. No way! I can’t let you leave nomad group. Our Bey has regained his health, Hatun. The matter is not your father, it is Ertugrul. What did Ertugrul do again? He is a sinister man, who brings trouble to where ever he goes. He will also cause you unexpected troubles. I do not want you to go with him. All right, enough! I am fed up with your sickly behavior.

I beg you, please do not go. You can never know what will happen if you follow him. Gundogdu, I beg you. Do not leave me alone with my baby. Do not do this to us. I beg you, please. Hatun. I have to go for you, for our baby, for our nomad group. I can’t leave Ertugrul alone. No. I don’t want you to go. I beg you, do not go. Please don’t leave us alone. Don’t go please. Hatun, enough! You can’t go! I say, you can’t go, Gundogdu! Gundogdu, stop. You can’t go, I beg you! Let go of me! No, Gundogdu! Let go of me Selcan! Hatun! I beg you, don’t go! Please don’t go, Gundogdu! Selcan? Father. Father. Father. Father. I beg you father, do not let Gundogdu go.

Stop them, I beg you. Selcan, what happened? No, you can’t let them, father. You can’t let them go. Do not let Gundogdu march on to die! Selcan, what is all this muttering about? Is there something you know but can’t tell? Just say it. Is there something that you know, something you heard or you suspect? Father. Speak I say! Speak! You annoyed me and now you are silent. Tell me what is bothering you? Speak! What happened to my sons? Amanos Mountains The Templar’s Castle How many knights are you taking with you, Marcus? Twelve, sir. They are waiting for me by the hillside. Good. Godspeed you like Jesus and the apostles. Thank you, sir. Eftelya must die, Marcus. Not only her, but also Ertugrul. If you succeed in this we will have the control of all the Kayi tribe in our hands. Eftelya does not have to die, sir. Now her true identity is revealed.

If she lives, all of us would be under threat. She was our precious and loyal sister. Unfortunately, this is the decree absolute. God would grant her what she deserves in His heaven. I want Ertugrul’s head, Marcus. It would be great if we invited Suleyman Shah to dinner and served his son’s head as a welcome gift. Hope nothing is wrong, Kurdoglu. Why are you standing there like a poplar tree at this time of the morning? Go your own way, Wild Demir! I am already worn out. Just tell me if you need anything. I would prune your branches, I would water you. I can even fertilize you if you like. Selcan, take it sweetheart. Selcan, my beautiful bride. What happened? Tell me. Who upset you? What are you afraid of? Just tell me. Is there a malice on our men going to Aleppo? If there is, just say it so we can find a solution. Your man, my two sons are on the way. Come on, just tell your mother. The road to Aleppo had turned into the river of blood, mother.

Our heroes were drifting along. All the mountains all the hills were erupting with flames. Blood was everywhere, blood! Then I jumped in the river of the blood. Then I looked in each and every other face of our heroes. I looked for Gundogdu’s dead body, mother. Blood was everywhere. No man has ever seen this much blood. Selcan. My beloved daughter was this just a dream? It was much much real than a dream. I saw Ertugrul’s dead body. It was drifting along. God forbid. La ilahe illallah Muhammeden resulullah Selcan, come on, let me take you to your tent. Come on sweetheart. Bey, I will be right back after taking her to the tent. Do not bother, mother. I am fine. I can go by myself. I am fine. I’m fine. What is wrong with her, Hayme? Are we supposed to deal with her lunacy as we have so much things to worry about? She is pregnant, Bey. It is not easy. She is with a child and doesn’t know what is coming next. Living is hard without knowing what tomorrow will bring. Her man went to Aleppo. Who knows what other problems she has.

These things are upsetting her. Keep an eye on her. Nothing is predictable. May God help her. I got stunned seeing her like this early in the morning. What do you think you are doing? There is a saying: “Don’t go on a journey with a woman’s mind.” So it was true. Gundogdu went with that bastard. You must not let this ruin my family, Kurdoglu. How come? Only Ertugrul was supposed to go with his Alps. My Gundogdu convinced his father in order to go with them. They are aware of the troubles this mission may cause. Suleyman Shah has sent Hamza with them. Do not worry. I will do anything I can. Kurdoglu! Are you not going to tell me who is involved in this? The less people know, the safer we will be. Both of us. Sister, what was he doing here? He came to comfort me after hearing what happened. What comfort, sister? Gundogdu is on the way to Aleppo with Ertugrul. I have got loads to do and Aykiz is not around. Where is she? Permission to come in, Selcan? Come on in, Master Demir. Good morning. Thank you. We were about to eat breakfast, join us.

Thank you. Next time, if God permits. I’m looking for Aykiz. I couldn’t find her so I thought she might be here. Why are you asking us? Are we meant to stay together all the time in this accursed nomad group. If you excuse me Master Demir! Forgive us. My sister is a little bit nervous. For what? Hope nothing bad has happened. Gundogdu Bey went to Aleppo with Ertugrul. Okay, girl, okay. Master Demir! Master Demir! Eftelya is escaping, sir. Let’s move! We might lose their tracks in the forest. Tell the men, they must chase the Kayis. And we will chase Eftelya. Our main target is Eftelya, don’t forget. Then you join us. Aye, sir! Come on! Aykiz. What have you done, Aykiz? Master Demir. What is going on, Wild Demir? Aykiz, Mother Hayme She took her weapons and left. Be calm. Did you check the drill field? She may be there. I did. She is not there either. Well what is on your mind? Obviously, she went after Ertugrul Bey, to find Turgut. What will you do? Obviously Aykiz has grown up, Mother Hayme. Bey ordered me we are in a state of war.

I am not going to leave The Bey or the nomads alone in these conditions. I won’t lock the door and go after my daughter who is crazier than his father. May God save them all. I have got loads to do. Excuse me. Aykiz has shown the courage to go after her man. My sons are with her. Don’t you ever worry that she will be in trouble. We can’t go further with the horses. Over there, sir! Run! Every night 50 Alps should lay an ambush on these two hills alternately. El Aziz’s troops won’t attack at night time, Bey. The night ambush is for the Templars. They are not that brave to attack during the day time. You can expect every malice from them in the darkness of the night. What about El Aziz’s troops? What shall we do for them? The children and the elderly shall gather in front of the marquee. The women shall be located across the river to protect them with their pikes.

If El Aziz’s troops try to pass across the river or the bridge the women should defend with their long spears. Tell Wild Demir to prepare long spears for them. Aye, Bey. As a matter of fact, if El Aziz’s men reach to the center of the nomad group and start to fight with our women we’re in deep trouble. Bey the warrior women started their pike training. You may all go back to your duties. Aykiz has left for Aleppo after Ertugrul. Oh, Love. Conquers all! O God! Oh my beautiful sister. We were both raised by the Master. We worked together. We grew up together like we were siblings. I wouldn’t want this to happen. Who are you? Suleyman Shah’s son Ertugrul. You can speak our language. So you’d better start speaking! I have a lot of questions for you to answer. Then, you have to work hard to get the answers from me. With pleasure. No problem for me.)

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