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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 31 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

What is this important matter, Artuk? Bey, I have served you for years. I think that I have done nothing wrong against you. Alright. I know that what I am going to say will not hurt you. My job is to telling the truth. Tell it, Artuk. What is it? I am saying that you have abandoned Seigniory. They do not feel your power in nomad group anymore. You do not have your old eyes. It seems that your word has become obsolete. If that continues, you will not only be able to merge with Kayi but also Dodurga nomad group will fall apart. Why do you think like that, Artuk? Bey, Aytolun Hatun and Tugtekin have a free hand in nomad tent. They have right to rule but they do not have any right to be a Bey. If they talk on behalf of you neither their nor your rule would have an influence.

What I mean is you must take the law in your own hands immediately. Immediately. Do not commit a murder, Kocabash. You do not worry. I will do what is necessary, Bey. When you came to nomad tent to meet Ertokus Bey that night Kocabash stormed into our tent. He has said that he saw an uncanny shadow in nomad tent. He supposedly came to our tent to protect us. We thought it is apprehensive to be suspicious about Kocabash until then but… We have also rescued him from Mongols. Is it possible that was him, Bey? If you are after a big hunt, you sacrifice little preys. Maybe it was also a game that you saved him. It must be around here, right, Bey? Yes, he was talking about here. We must give our lives to protect it. What do you mean I cannot find Tangut? What do you mean I cannot find Tangut? Where the hell did he go? Find him! He may have ashamed of himself because he couldn’t catch a crippled man. He may have felt insulted. Tangut will make you pay a heavy price for your words, Turk. Even death cannot take anyone’s life before get my permission.

You should know this! Baycu Noyan. Efrasiyab “The Merchant”. So you came back from nomad group. Tell us. Did execution order of Ertugrul set Turks against each other? We are nearly there, sir. Gundogdu will have the final strike soon. Then maybe bravest warriors of world will join your ranks. Like Abdurrahman. Like Hamza. Bring wine for me and Efrasiyab. We have a lot to talk. Find Tangut and bring him here. Our livestock would perish if we leave immediately as Mother Hayme said. Do the necessary. I beg you, Bey. Do not force us to migrate in the dead of winter. Our wounds are still open. You do not worry. We will do what necessary. Okay. Migration? So you heard it. Bey I know that Mother Hayme is mad at my father. And you have problems. And you are right about it. You and your mother are carrying a large basket of eggs on your back. However burden on my father’s back is completely different. My father is responsible for lives and goods of not only Dodurgas and Kayis but also Bayats, Avsars, Karkins, Bey. While they are talking about Ertugrul Bey has kidnapped the bravest commander of Seljuk and killed his soldiers what could my father have done? I apologize, Bey. I have poured out my heart to you suddenly.

It is no problem. I was going to collect some herbs. I should get back to it. Excuse me. Of course. If you want to pour out someday I am a good listener. You should know this. Alright. It is wonderful. Thank you very much, girls. They are so beautiful. May it be easy, Hayme. Thank you. Daughter of the one of the women is going to be a bride. She wants you to go to her tent and pray for them. Let me check these first then we can go. -Why do not we go now? -Why so rush? They will take her trousseau. They are waiting for us. Let’s go then. May it be easy. Listen, son. Community would fall apart on the day when they do not embrace their brave one. Heads would be legs and legs would be heads on the day when Beys do not embrace their brave ones. It is the day of devil that has no tongue when those who see bad things but do not say anything and when those who do not fight for justice. Yes, brave ones? What is it? You will come with us, Wild Demir. Gumustekin Bey will interrogate you.

What interrogation? -It is about helping murderer. Listen to me, son. Ertugrul Bey is the only alive son that I have. You are talking about him as if he is a brutal killer a traitor who betrayed his state. I am just an aide, Bey. Come with me. Turali. You wait here. Let’s see what does this uncanny Gumus want. Noyan. As if the ground swallowed him up. So he has more time to live. -What will we eat, Geyikli? -I have made pastrami. Bamsi would have died for pastrami if he was here. Especially Bamsi. Bey, I swear to God I have never thought that I would miss a bear. Bey. Could you solve it? We must find someone to read these immediately. As I understand, Ertokus Bey has specified the roads that is going to be used before the war against Mongols. -Peace be upon you, brave ones. -And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Come please. Any room for me in your table? You are patron. We would not have table without you. Come please. Come, Dogan. How did you find us? Heart’s voice of brave ones can be heard from anywhere, Turgut Alp. Thank you. -Please. -Thank you. So you are Wild Demir! You are the famous blacksmith who makes irons come around. Irons come around, Bey but those hearts which went blind will not be in same line. Yes? What do you want from me? Answer to justice. Justice? To whose justice? Of course my justice! Fine. Ask me so I answer.

Would you tell me Ertugrul’s location if I ask, Wild Demir? I see. Your justice seeks Ertugrul Bey. Listen, Bey. If Ertugrul Bey would have betrayed to his state customs and marquee I would have put his head on my anvil and crush it with my own hammer. I would not have cared. I’d not have consulted you or that worthless piece of order that I do not respect at all. Where is Ertugrul? Your son-in-law Turgut Alp and the other one, Dogan Alp. 12 traitors who fled from nomad group and other Alps who joined them. How did you manage to train all those many traitors? And you, Bey? Which field’s crop are you? I am a really patient man, Wild Demir. But patience and everything have an end. You will sing like a bird anyway. Okay? Are you looking for me, Bey? It seems you have problems as I do. What is your problem, Goncagul Hatun? My problem is my father, Bey. I know how he risks his life for this nomad group, for our Sultan. I also know that how merciless he is against people beside him for the things he believes in. Your father’s duty is tough. It is not about it, Bey.

What is it then? Sometimes he is merciless against people beside him. Even against me. Forgive me, Bey. I went too far and spoke too much. No worries. He offended you and Mother Hayme because of your brother Ertugrul Bey. You forgive him, Bey. He is a good man, believe me. Everybody knows his respect and love for your deceased father. -You also know it. -Thank you very much. What is your problem? I went too far again. Who am I to ask your problem constantly? As if I can find a solution for it. What I can say is “May God does not give any problem and make us look for solutions.” No, Goncagul Hatun. No worries. There is no way to solve my problem with conversation. You do not bother yourself. I do not know your problem but you never know who has the solution, Bey. While life is so short, do not let your problem become bigger inside you and do not let the destiny burn you. You have nice words. What is it? What do you want? You will come with us, Halime Sultan. It is Gumustekin Bey’s order. Let’s go. Wonderful. Welcome, Mother Hayme. It is an honour. You are so beautiful.

May God bring you together with your lover. May God make you live happily ever after if God permits. Amen. Mother Hayme. -Mother Hayme. -God damn it. -What is it, Dumrul? -It is Gumustekin Bey. They took Wild Demir and Halime Sultan. What do you mean they took them? What is your brother up to? That is so impertinence. My brother does not do anything without justice. Do not go crazy before learning the truth. I hope what you said is true. If not everyone and everything in this nomad group shall fall apart. Dumrul. Tell Alps that we are going to tent. Yes, mother. Stop! Let her go! Let Halime Sultan go. I said let her go! It is Gumustekin Bey’s order. We cannot let her go. I said let her go! Or my sword will drink your blood like sherbet. What is going on, Hayme Hatun? Do you rebel against your state like your son? Rebelling against cruels is in our blood, Gumustekin. And making traitors kneel down is in our blood, Hayme Hatun. What is happening here? Put down your swords.

Put them down! Put them down! Do not you ever think the results of drawing swords to each other? Put them down! Hayme. What is going on here? Gumustekin put Wild Demir into cage tent. And I guess that was not enough so he wants to put my daughter-in-law Halime Sultan, too. What does it mean, Gumustekin? Every one of them is really important information, Ertugrul. What is it about? Ertokus Bey kept tally of these lands. “Which tribe has how many Alps?” “Which tribe is ruled by who?” “How many soldiers will be given for war against Mongols?” And he specified a route for marching of Center Army. Any news about my brother Sungurtekin? Yes. He wants to kill Ogeday and want to rejoin you in a short while. If God permits we come together again. If God permits, son. If God permits. What is your intention? Everything we do is meaningless until we find the traitor in nomad group. I will go to nomad group and take action tonight. Thank God! Ertugrul. There is not much time to expected dawn. There is not much time to resurrection. Dark nights will be over and world will have peace. Be patient a little more. Try hard a little more, son. What did we say? Destiny loves endeavor.

Alps dismissed. Go! What is it, Gumustekin? You are punishing others in nomad group without my permission. Why are you so nervous, Korkut Bey? When did Gumustekin do something injustice so you are roaring at me? What crime did Hayme Hatun’s daughter-in-law Halime Sultan commit so she was captured in her own nomad group? I would not care about my father if my father acts as an accomplice with murderer of statesmen. Halime Sultan sees Ertugrul secretly. Even it was, you cannot take anyone without my permission. Alright! If Sultan Aladdin asks why did you slip murderer through your fingers I would say that Korkut Bey did not give permission. Gumustekin. I understand your anger. Too many brave soldiers have died. One of the most favorite commanders of Sultan has been kidnapped. However we need proof. Halime Sultan and Hayme Hatun is doing something behind your back, too. They have complaint about you and me to Sultan Aladdin. Their intention is to make him meet with Ertugrul. It means they know his location. Right, Hayme Hatun? Is he telling the truth, Hayme? Since he is so sure he must prove it. If I prove it will you give Halime Sultan and Ertugrul with your own hand? I will. But now you will release Wild Demir and my daughter-in-law Halime. As you wish, Hayme Hatun. You are free. Gumustekin Bey said you can go. But you do not leave nomad group. Your only intention is turning nomad group into hell then. My God! Save us from this fire as you have saved Abraham from Nemrut. Coward! He is still defending his niece after everything I have done for him. He is allied with Hayme. I told you so. He is too weak against Ertugrul. He may be afraid of him.

No matter what we must finish it. Korkut must die on short notice. What? Are you afraid? -No. -What then? We must bond two nomad groups very tightly so we would not fall apart when Korkut died. What are you thinking? There is not much time for Gokce and Tugtekin’s wedding. We may have a double wedding. Then nobody can stand in front of us. What if Korkut continues to be a trouble for us? I would not allow it. He would not be a trouble any longer if I make him worse than dying. How can you be so sure about trusting Gokce? She wants to use Tugtekin in order to take love revenge on Ertugrul. She is in love with Ertugrul then? And where is Goncagul? She is busy with stealing Gundogdu’s heart. Bey. -What is it, Dumrul? -Wild Demir and Halime Sultan. What about them? It is Gumustekin, Bey. He tried to take them into cage to interrogate them.)

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