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I said I would take my revenge, brother. Rest in peace in your grave, Bisol. Untie him. Kneel down! If you want your magic water, kneel down. Welcome among God’s brave servants, son. We have two martyrs. We have to obstruct Shahzade’s daughter and El Aziz getting married. Whatever it takes for it, must be done. Understood? You will do whatever it takes, huh? If only every other villain who has betrayed their state was as brave and supporting their state as you, Afsin. Ertugrul Bey. Follow me. I am so sorry that I have tattled on you and my daughter Leyla to His Highness El Aziz. Forgive me. I talked to my daughter Leyla, and also to my brother His Highness Halebi. They told me everything. They helped me realize my mistakes. That’s why I volunteered the mission of taking you into the palace myself upon His Highness Halebi’s request. Don’t worry I will take you to Shahzade Numan. But, no one should know that I took you into the palace. Nasir took the precautions in the palace to the highest level.

It is even impossible to breathe in the palace. We must be very careful. I hope what you say and what you have in mind are the same. Or you would be putting not only Leyla, but also all of at risk. Including El Aziz, whom you brought up. Sir, the Seljuks are involved in this. They must have learned that you are getting married. They had ambushed Ebu Hisham’s men who are bringing the Shahzade in order to obstruct it. How did the Seljuks learn about it? How could they set such a trap in my city? Treachery is streaming in the veins of my city instead of rain. My enemies know my most confidential secrets. Is the little Shahzade fine? He is fine, sir. He is ready to come into your presence. Tell him to come. My Shahzade, here you are. My Shahzade. Welcome to my palace. Can I see my father and sister? Nasir. Tell them to get our little Shahzade ready.

Let’s bring him to his loved ones. Aye, sir. My Shahzade. After you. Let’s go. Ertugrul! Seeing you are alive made me so happy, son. Thank God! Thank you. I learned what happened. Halime and El Aziz’s… Hasn’t your daughter come? She was sleeping. I did not want to wake her up. I can imagine that this is not be easy for you. But, as you would appreciate, the final decision is my daughter’s. I didn’t give a decisions without consulting her. They are trying to drag you into a big trap. Not only you but also the Seljuk Empire and the Islamic world. Don’t you think this proposal is noteworthy just before the Crusades? What trap? What are you talking about? This is nothing but a set-up by the Templars, my Shahzade. The great love you feel for my daughter makes you talk like that, Ertugrul Bey. And I respect that. I am a believer devout enough to know that the most sublime degree is love. But, as I said, my daughter will make the final decision. A game is being pulled on you by using your daughter

Think about the catastrophes that will follow. The game they are willing to pull on to set Seljuks against Ayyubids… Enough! Damn their conspiracies and their states! Yigit is my son. Decision is my daughter’s. Based on our relations in the past, I request you to get off my and my daughters’ backs. Go away. If you ever dare to appear before me again I will surrender you to El Aziz myself. Yigit! Sister! My Yigit! I have had a delicious feast prepared for you. In the honor of our little Shahzade’s liberation from the Templars and of course, of the Seljuk and Ayyubid Dynasty’s union. Here you are. Faster, faster! Please, help yourselves. I shouldn’t have sent Ertugrul alone to the palace. He wouldn’t listen, Bey. He does what he wants to do. Tell me about it, Dogan. When we were little.. Hey man, when did you grow up? Did I hear a mosquito buzz, or what? So, when you were little… We used to herd the flocks at that time. Three jackals came. So crazy, their eyes were furious. Like a well without an end, they were looking so dangerous. They caught the calf. And this Ertugrul… We said: “Give up, they have gone”. He did not listen. For five days and nights he kept running after those jackals in the freezing cold of winter. So we said, “This is Ertugrul”. He did not give up and found those jackals. Suleyman Bey was so anxious. When Ertugrul was back, he appeared before Suleyman Bey.

His father said: “Son, what have you done?” Ertugrul Bey replied: “Bey,” he said. “Today three jackals come, take the calf. They are rapacious, the other day they will come to take their mother Sarikiz. And before you know it they become frequent visitors. ” Why did you tell us this story? Knowing what sacrifices he made for the calf I considered what sacrifices he would make for his comrade Turgut and for his loved one Sister Halime. So? So, I am filled with comfort, brother. Damn their conspiracies and their states! Based on our relations in the past, I request you to get off my and my daughters’ backs. Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem This temple is the Prophet Muhammad and Umar bin Al-Khattab’s gift for us the Muslims. This site is our virtue and honor. Jerusalem is our heart and our heart is Jerusalem. For God’s sake, El Fatiha. Euzu billahi minesseytanirracim Bismillahirrahmanirahim. Fa la menna hu. La ilaha illallah. La ilaha illallah. Illallah. KAYI NOMAD TENTS The time has come. Be quick. Is everything all right? Yes, sir. We are ready. Good. There is blood on your face, sir.

I came across an obstacle. I cleared it out of the way. You know what you are going to do. You will wait for my sign. We dragged the Alps at the marquee and the bridge to different directions. You will enter the marquee with my sign. You will come upon two guards and the head of the marquee Rahman only. Finish them off quietly and fast. Whoever is in the marquee, kill them all. Your target is Suleyman Shah and his wife Hayme. You will not surrender the marquee until the new Bey arrives and settles in. Aye, sir. Oh God, give me strength. We have fallen into the blind shafts in the dark nights of Aleppo, Aktolgali. My heart is on fire. What rain or river may quench this fire? What weapon may be the remedy for my despair while the jackals prey on my young gazelle, huh, Aktolgali? Your participation in this humble dinner I host in the honor of our little Shahzade’s rejoining us, honored me. I can read my prospective wife Halime Sultan’s happiness from her eyes. Thank God, Nanny, God has shown us this day. Now if you excuse me, I want to give a small gift to Halime Sultan for accepting a pitiful servant like me to be her husband. I had this necklace brought from India to give to the woman I had been looking for one day. That day is today. What about my brother Ertugrul? Halime are you fine, daughter? Your nose is bleeding. Excuse me. Do not go alone. Leyla shall come with you. It is not a serious thing. I can handle it myself. Forgive me, Ertugrul. Forgive me.

Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Son, you look so sad. Hope nothing is bad. The doors are being slammed on my face. The remedy is getting far away from me. The sky has turned into a cage falling down on my chest. The wise call your situation as “qabz”. Sometimes God gives discomfort to his devout servants. Wisdom is the child of patience. There is no tutor greater than patience for a person. The seed which is not willing to let it’s shell rot, can not bear fruits. Son, do you know who Hizir is? I have heard his holy name. I pray to see him one day, to kiss his hands and to get his blessings. My mom always prays for Hizir to be my companion. Hizir was a soldier in an army jihading for the sake of God. The army got stucked in between somewhere. Enemies on one side, extremely high temperature and thirst on the other. They were all going to die. One of them had to risk death to find water, for the others to be saved. Whereas, in the state of despair, the mind abandons the head. The brave turns into a coward. The strong’s hands weaken, eyes go blind.

While others were talking about who should go for water Hizir started running. He hit the road putting his life at stake. He reached the water supply. When he came back with water people realized that this water was something of a different kind. The water he brought was the “Water of Life”. Hizir found the water people had been looking for ever. Do you know what the “water of life” is, son? I do not know. ”Water of Life” is the water which makes you immortal. While this body is dying the soul that drinks the “Water of Life” becomes immortal. “Water of Life” is the faith. ”Water of Life” is love, son, love! It is the thing that turns a person into a human, the dead into alive. It takes a person closer to God. So, what happened then? When they realized that the water was the “Water of Life” they forgot about the danger and started looking for it. But none of them could find it. Because the “Water of Life” is a gift from God almighty not for the ones who go after it, but for the ones who want to reach God with love and faith by serving all God’s creatures. You reach the “Water of Life” by serving the people. Get up. Shake off the soil on you.

Resuscitate like how a man arises from dead. Do not sit and wait for Hizir to come. Be the Hizir for the people in despair. Bring the “Water of Life” to the ones who are thirsty for faith. Your mission is this. “Surely with that hardship comes more ease” (Inshirah Surah, verse 6) Surely with that hardship comes more ease. Alps! You two go and continue to guard there. What did you do about the guards on the bridge? Did you clear out marquee? Yes Bey. I sent out my Alp. We also sent out the ones on the bridge. There are only two guards at the gate. This task must be finished tonight, Alpargo. Tonight it must be finished. It will, Bey. Otherwise, the Kayis will vanish off the face of the earth like a seed in the camel’s rumen.

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