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Fire! Fire! If I am after his position as a Bey What is going on? No need to panic. Why do you care about my panic? Check out what’s going on, hurry! Come on! That glorious day has arrived. That day has arrived. Hit the drum! Alps! Surround the tent! Hurry up! Surround the tent! God damn it! Move! Sister! What is going on? God’s justice has delayed again, Gokce. There is a fire in one of the stables. Which one? The one near the merchant’s tent. Be careful Rahman. This may be a trap. Aye, Bey! Where on earth did this fire come from? The drums roll. We can not attack the marquee anymore.

Everybody is alert now. Get rid of your Alp uniforms. Hide the weapons too. Help them put out the fire. We must not draw attention. Aye, sir! God damn it! Bey! I smell a rat, Kurdoglu. Put all the Alps in alert. Tell them to secure the nomad tents in full fig. Aye, Bey! Bloody oldster! What happened? The fire ruined everything. How can a fire break out in this weather? Dundar. Suleyman’s son Dundar? He should have died. What are you talking about, Titus? Did you hear that? The hounds of hell. They are coming. Their voices are the same as my brothers. Sooner or later they will perceive your smell. Shut up, you evil woman! Not only will they chew your meat to pieces they will also chew your brain and soul to pieces with their sharp teeth. I can feel it. Here. They are also here, even in this dargah. I can feel them revolving around us. They will find you. And when they do they will throw your amputated body into the pits of hell for the eternal torment waiting you. You cannot escape from the hounds of hell. There is no escape from them, Turk! No escape! If we die shall my white bearded father’s place be in heaven.

Shall my white haired mother’s place be the skies. As long as the God’s gift of hope survives God shall not let us go astray. You pity your sinister fate. Bey have you seen Dundar? Isn’t he in his bed? No. Maybe he went out for the fire. But his bed is untouched. Rahman! Yes,Bey! Have you seen Dundar? I asked if you have seen Dundar! He went out to meet with his friends. What do you mean he went out at this time of the night without my permission? I thought, he is a young man He went out suddenly so I just couldn’t say anything. Oh God! God give me patience! Find him immediately! Bring him here! Why are you so anxious, mother? It is just a fire in the stable. Does a fire break out in the stable in the winter? Obviously, somebody did it. Who would do such a thing? Don’t you know the situation we are in Selcan? Can’t you see that they are trying hard to intrigue us? I shall go and have a look. Bey be careful, will you? Dundar! Dundar! Son, son! Bey! Son! Dundar! My Dundar! My son! Dundar, my son! I am going to call Akcakoca. What do you want Kara Toygar? We both want the same thing, Afsin. We have a mutual goal with you now. We can never have a mutual goal with you. It does not look that way to me, Afsin. I know everything, my former comrade in arms. Everything. And so does Sultan.

We know everything you went through since the first day Ertugrul came in the presence of El Aziz’s Governor Sahabettin. Who might have done this, Atabey? I found Dundar near the hayloft which was on fire. He might have started it. What does this mean? Do you hear what you say? In my opinion, he sacrificed himself in order to save the nomad tent. He might have wanted to warn us to prevent another danger. Rahman! Yes, Bey! Bring merchant Ebu Hisham to me! Now! If it weren’t for Ertugrul I would give way to the Templars who were trying to settle in Konya. In that case they would all be under my patronage. Mine and Sultan Alaaddin’s. Yes, you have spoilt both mine and the Sultan’s game. They would be leaking information to their emperor and the Pope by the help of pigeons .but only as much as we wanted them to. But the swarthy young man of Kayis spoilt our game. And you helped him. I do not feel like believing you, Kara Toygar. I do not care a bit that you believe me or not, Afsin. We are both after the same thing. What is it? We both know that El Aziz’s and Halime Sultan’s marriage would start a new Turkmen riot.

Nasir and the Templars would use the Shahzade. Anyone who loves their state would approve of this while the Crusaders and the Mongols are at the door. Bey. Suleyman Shah is looking for Ebu Hisham. You go out, Alpargo. Do you think the oldster has found out? He is the most dangerous man you can ever meet. What shall we do? If you run away, he will find you. You are nothing compared to 100 Alps. He will skin you alive. Wait. You helped them extinguish the fire. Then I came and took you. Kurdoglu. If his cub hasn’t died, that means we are all in deep trouble. If the boy speaks, it will be disastrous for us. Come on, let’s go. I heard you were looking for me. The hayloft which was on fire is near your men’s tent Ebu Hisham. Yes, Bey. It was too late when we saw the fire. They went to bed early because we would hit the road early in the morning. When they woke up with the noise, they immediately tried to extinguish the fire. I also did what I could do about it. And did you notice anything suspicious? No, Bey. Bey. A timber fell on Ebu Hisham while he was trying to extinguish the fire. If you excuse us, I will take him to Akcakoca. Akcakoca is here, Kurdoglu. Hope nothing’s bad, Bey? Somebody attempted to kill Dundar. What are you talking about, Bey? It was Dundar who set the hayloft on fire. He saved the nomad tent from a big disaster.

May God heal him. He shall get better soon. Is there anything we can do? I am sorry to say that I have had your belongings searched as a precaution. A servant’s precautions are recognised by God, Bey. No need to apologize. Put your mind at ease. You did what needed to be done. Leave the nomad tent immediately with your men. We are expecting an attack. I will not feel comfortable unless I provide your security. May God bless you for considering our wellbeing. However you please. Kurdoglu. Yes, Bey? Get some men to chase them. They shall follow their every step. Tell them not to get too close to them. Aye, Bey! Gokce. Thank you Mother Hayme. I know you want to know what I am going to say. Our boy Dundar is young, strong. He is at the exact age to become an Alp. He is strong as stone, God bless. We believe deep in our hearts that God almighty will provide remedy and we must pray for this. The sword impact he took may not be lethal but there is another matter that concerns me. The blow he took when he fell. That is my major concern. What do you mean, Akcakoca? Briefly his body can endure the sword’s impact. But But his brain his brain Akcakoca. Just say it. So let us all know. The impact he took on the head may have damaged his mental skills. Perhaps, from now on, our son Dundar may have a long and painful life to suffer while sleeping to death. His Highness Halebi went to Aleppo. The dargah is leaderless now. We shall complete this task today whatever it takes. Lives of the dervishes’ in the dargah are at stake because of us. We cannot handle if anything happens to the dervishes because of us. What would we say to Ibn’ul Arabi then? Shall we Ertugrul? We have to go immediately, brother. You are not coming. Brother, don’t do this. Ertugrul, they will not let you in the palace. And if they do, they will not let you out. It is better if I go as an ambassador.

What happened in the palace? That spoiled brat Dundar ruined everything. He warned the nomad group by putting the hayloft on fire. He is just like his Brother Ertugrul. I will come back again, Kurdoglu, to finish this business off. Dundar must die. If he speaks it will be your job to kill Suleyman Shah. And as far as I see, you are not strong enough to do it. What about El Aziz? His army is about to hit the road. I did whatever I could. You should do whatever it takes to stop El Aziz’s army! I hope your Bey agrees to surrender. Have a blessed day, my Brother Kurdoglu. May God speed you, Ebu Hisham. My daughter, more beautiful than the moon, crazier than me. My brave daughter who took her weapons to go after her man, the nightmare of the cowardly. Welcome! Glad to be back. Father I located where Turgut is being held. Did you go there, daughter? I did, father. All right, daughter. Let’s go to our Bey now and tell him what you know. Permission. I have been waiting for you to come.

I saw how you were waiting for me to tell to tell you everything. This is what you get if you collaborate with men who cannot even kill a kid. We are trying to to harvest the crops without getting our feet in the mud. Get your feet in the mud then! Get in it up to the neck! At that case you will feel my support. So that is how much you trust me? We share the same destiny now, Kurdoglu. We will get what we want or they will have our dead bodies eaten by vultures. Ebu Hisham will come back again. What is his selfinterest in this? We are practising on the same target. Be careful, Kurdoglu for the arrow you shot shall not turn back and strike you in the buttocks. It is time for you to leave. Aykiz has arrived. I shall listen what she has to say. Alpargo! Yes, Bey? Take two men and go after him. Do not get too close to him. Ebu Hisham knows that you will be following him with two Alps. Return without arousing the suspicions of Alps coming with you. Suleyman will interrogate them too. If he finds out that this is a plot He suspected Ebu Hisham for once. That bloody oldster would not stop until he solves this in his head. Now go! I saw that the Templars’ castle is impenetrable even with a massive army. Like the Assassins’ castle in Alamut? Yes, Bey. The real evil is in Alamut, Bey. That demon is called Hassan alSabbah. It was that demon’s men who murdered Alp Arslan and his son Malik Shah. Those Templars learned everything they know from them. One of them poison the Muslims by putting idolatry in the book of God and the others poison the Christians with what they have learned from them. One is no better than the other. That castle can only be accessed with a trick. We must discover that trick and enter that castle as quickly as possible, Bey. If Turgut is still in that castle, it is our duty to go and rescue him. AMANOS MOUNTAINS THE TEMPLARS’ CASTLE A willpower strong as steel. If I had 10 knights like you, Jerusalem would have been ours already. From now on I will call you Judas.

Your name among us will be Judas. Judas. I am giving you the name of the apostle who betrayed Jesus. In order for you to never forget who you are. Judas. Get him ready. I will show our new knight around the castle. May God curse your hands. What was your problem with this kid? What did Akcakoca say, Mother Hayme? He said that his wounds would heal slowly. He said he was young and strong. Mother Hayme. But but till the end of his life I have a request Mother Hafza. I am listening to you, Ertugrul Bey. The palace nanny, Ummul Hayr is the sister of your husband Halebi. You visit the palace frequently. Can you tell Halime Sultan that I would like to talk to her and bring her to the carpet shop? This is very dangerous. Not only for you but also for that girl. I know. But if I cannot talk to her it will be a disaster for all of us. I will go to the palace for you. But if she does not want to come I cannot force her. God bless you, Mother Hafza. Now excuse me. Why did you do this, sister? Are you aware of the difficulties he dealt with just for you, for us? Are you aware how Brother Turgut suffers in the dungeon for saving us? How could you do this, sister? I had to, Yigit. For you, for my father I wish you had let them kill me with Brother Turgut. I beg you, do not speak like that. Do you know what you did, sister? You killed Brother Ertugrul. Believe it or not, Halime Sultan. The destiny is such a thing. What are you doing here? I came to rescue you from the bed of that idiot El Aziz. I am your only friend in this palace, Halime. You are a despicable bloodshedder!

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